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March 12th, 2018 by admin

The box that it comes in is simple and functional, it has a plastic casing inside the box which displays the butt plug through a window in the side of the cardboard, I found that this is also a great little storage box for when the toy is not been used.

I took the Orbite Pleasure Plug out of its box and was surprised at how soft it felt, its got a kind of soft tactile feel to it, it is made from TPE which is a sort of plastic, its not Jelly, but it is pourous so this toy should not be shared, if you are planning on sharing this toy for hygiene reasons I would advise that you cover it with a condom. It can be safely used with any lubricant even silicone which is great for an anal toy as silicone lube is the best lube to use if you plan on wearing a plug for a longer length of time.

61dYprbyQuL._SL1360_When washing TPE toys you should only use hot water and soap or a good quality antibacterial sex toy cleaner, you cannot boil these to sterilize them and you cannot put them in the dishwasher.

The Orbite Pleasure Plug as a flared base which is also a suction cup, it is soft and flexible, in my opinion it could do with been slightly larger than it is, and I am not 100% sure what benefit having a suction cup on the bottom of such a small toy is to anything. However, the suction cup works well, you can stick this toy to any smooth surface and it will stay put no problem, it has a good strong amount of suction.

The Orbite Pleasure plug is as wide as it is long, it’s a lovely round plug, perfect for beginners and more seasoned users alike, it’s nice and flexible and the perfect weight for anyone want to wear it for long periods of time. At just 6cm in length from base to top and totally clear this is a butt plug that is not going to scare your partner if you suggest giving it a try.

Overall, I thought that the Orbite Pleasure Plug was ok, I like that its clear and that it is nice and light and flexible, been able to use it with any lube is also a plus, but I am unsure about the base, I don’t think that it really needs to be a suction cup as it is so small and I would feel better if it was a bit larger.

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March 12th, 2018 by admin

The Playsensation Ultra plug is packaged in a cardboard box with a clear plastic insert to show the plug in all of its black beady glory. On the back of the box there is some information about the plug and how works is and how it should be used.

The plug is made from super soft flexible silicone which should only be used with a good quality water based lubricant; you should avoid using any silicone products with this plug as it may damage it. It is waterproof and can be submerged for cleaning; the bullet is also removable so you can use it on its own as a multispeed bullet if you wish.

The bullet takes 1AAA battery which slots into the body of the vibrator, it has a single button operation and is 5 speed, the speeds are

  1. Low
  2. High
  3. Pulse
  4. Long escalating pulse
  5. Gradual increase in speed and then a quick pulse

51lJhvISzJL._SY450_To turn it off again you can either scroll through the settings to the end and it will go off or you can hold down the power button for a couple of seconds. Both ways work equally well, I personally found it quicker and easier to scroll through the settings. We found that even when it is on high that this is a really quiet vibrator and it is something that we wouldn’t have any problems with using if a shared house or even maybe a hotel room should you wish to take it away with you.

The Playsensation Ultra Plug is shaped with the three balls on the insert able section and one ball on the part which should sit on your perineum, I let my husband test this one out as it appeared to me to be aimed more at the male market than the female, this isn’t to say that it wouldn’t be suitable for a woman to use, but the shape is perfect for prostate massage and the ball that sits on the outside is shaped in a way that presses in just the right place for a man.

My husband’s experience of the vibrator when he tried it was really good, he has tried a few of these types of toys and he was really impressed with the way that this one feels. The vibrations flow down the full length of the toy and can be felt against the prostate perfectly, he found both the shape of the toy and the strength of the vibrations worked really well for him. He liked the beads and the way that they are different sizes as this gave a different sensation for him when he was inserting and removing it, the loop on the end is excellent for removing the toy and for preventing it from travelling as it the ball that sits on the outside. He said that the material feels lovely and soft when the toy is been used and although it is flexible its not to flexible. In his opinion this toy is very well designed and it is in his words ‘a keeper’

The play sensation plug is nice and easy to clean as it is waterproof and you can remove the vibrator and clean it all separately if you wish to ensure that you get it all clean, there are no annoying seams or anything that you need to be careful of when you are using or cleaning it.

Overall this is a really good vibrating butt plug by XaXa Xoom the material that it is made from is of excellent quality, it feels lovely and soft and smooth. Its vibrations are good and powerful and they travel down the full length of the toy. It is nice and easy to clean and is good for use during sex or for solo play. In short if you are looking for a prostate toy that is good quality and doesn’t break the bank then you won’t go wrong with this one.

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March 12th, 2018 by admin

The idea been that the review would be up before Valentine’s day, but then I got sick and ended up in bed for all the wrong reasons so it is slightly later than planned. Anyway excuses aside, the Valentines Dildo arrived in some nice plain packaging wrapped inside in some nice red tissue which I have reused in the photographing of the piece, with a plastic wrap to keep it hygienic and basic instructions/information on a heart-shaped card on the base of the toy.

cp3_valThe dildo is made from some very high quality silicone, it’s not sticky like some silicone dildo’s can be it is nice and smooth and soft and feels nice and warm in the hand, the silicone is flexible and as the video below shows this enables it to be flexed and bent easily making it feel very natural when it is been used.

The base of the Valentine Dildo is a lovely heart shape which complements the heart pattern that is on the toy, The Sh! Women store logo is stamped into the base. This nice flat base means that this dildo could easily be used with a strap on fitting snugly in an o’ ring and staying securely in place, it also means that it can stand proudly on the side when not been used looking magnificent.

In my opinion the Valentine Dildo is the perfect size for beginners and more experienced users alike, it isn’t to big so it feels very natural when it is been used but at the same time it’s not so small that you, it has some lovely delicate bumps on it and a slight curve which seem to work really well against the g-spot the size and shape also make it perfect for anal/strap on use this really is a good all-rounder. From my experiences of trying this dildo out, purely for research purposes of course I can happily say that it works for me.

The Valentines dildo should only be used with water-based lubricant and should be stored away from other silicone toys/products as silicone will react with silicone and you will end up with a melted dildo mess instead of a beauty of a dildo if you do, there are no electrical parts on this dildo so it can be washed nice and easily in hot soapy water, it is always best to wash toys before and after each use just to be sure that you don’t have any bugs on there that you don’t know about.

Overall the Valentine Dildo has to be one of the best silicone dildo’s that I have had the pleasure of reviewing for a long time, the quality of the material that it is made from really is second to none, the packaging was not over the top, meaning that there wasn’t any potentially embarrassing evidence to destroy. It is a really good size and shape and can be used in a number of different ways, I liked the shape a lot it felt very natural to use and the flexibility of it really meant that you could get the most out of it without worrying that you might damage it. It is super easy to clean, no storage pouch with it but other than that I can’t fault this dildo.

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March 12th, 2018 by admin

It arrived in some lovely discrete packaging and unlike most of my review items which I tend to leave until I am ready to review them before testing them out, this one was straight out of the clear plastic box which it was in.

Inside the box in some plastic molded packaging is the dildo, this is the white version but the Echo dildo is available in other colors and a Tantus branded bullet vibrator, this bullet is more or less the same as the rocks off vibrators of the same size. It takes an N battery to it has some power to it unlike other bullet vibrators which take the cell type batteries and not only lack power but only last a short time before the batteries need to be replaced.

The bullet slots into a hole in the base of the dildo, the dildo can be used with or without the vibrator inserted into the base and the base is flat and round enough to be suitable for use with a strap on or anally without any fear of it getting stuck or lost anywhere that you might not want.

9952-01WPThe bullet is a very tight fit in the base, you need to really push it to get it in the dildo, I used a bit of water based lube to help it slip in there, once it is in you can turn it on and off by using the single button on the base of the vibe, the bullet is single speed the speed that it has is pretty powerful and the vibrations transfer through the silicone very well, better than other toys that I have tried which are of  a similar design, I guess that this is due to how tightly the vibrator fits into the dildo and the added power of having N batteries rather than cells. The tightness of the fit of the bullet also means that it is a bit tricky to get it out again, but with a bit of patience and some gentle (or not so gentle) persuasion it will come out again.

The dildo is made from 100% medical grade silicone and is totally body safe, it is waterproof and submergible, you can use it in the bath or the shower and wash it in the dishwasher, in boiling water, in a bowl of soapy water or with some good quality sex toy cleaner, so no excuses for not having a clean toy here. The Tantus Echo is not suitable for use with silicone lubricants as it is made from silicone and it can react with it and cause it to become damaged or misshapen.

The Tantus Echo had caught my eye because of the unusual ribbed effect on the top of it, the ridges are far apart enough and deep enough to feel amazing when it is been used, I was right to have this on my wish list for so long, the ribbed effect is very effective and like all of Tantus’ Dildos the silicone is lovely and smooth and has some flex in it, meaning that you can be a little rougher with it than you might otherwise have been if it had been made from glass or some other firmer material.

Overall I am really pleased that I got to review this Vibrating Dildo set from Vibrations Direct, the size and shape of it worked really well with my body, feeling amazing and leaving me shaking all over, the silicone is really good quality, the vibrator is nice and quiet and the grooves are just lush. I like how easy it is to clean and how it can be used with or without the vibrator inserted and it has a good flared base which makes it safe for anal use to.

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March 12th, 2018 by admin

The first thing that you notice about this dildo when you take it out of the box is its weight, it is a weighty dildo, feeling very substantial, I think that this gives is a very solid feel and a feel of quality. The next thing you notice is the feel of it and the lovely coloring; it feels lovely and smooth in your hand, really tactile, the ribbing sitting nice in your fingers.

btt10912x-500Weighing just under 290g it really is worth its money in its weight alone. You also notice the silicone band around the top of the dildo with a metal badge on it, this is to give it somewhere for you to grip onto when using the dildo and it completes this task very well, as it is made of metal adding lube to the toy soon leaves you in a very slippy but fun situation. I think that this band adds to the look and feel of the toy.

This toy has some lovely ribbing, this ribbing not only looks great but it also feels amazing when used against your g-spot or when been used anal, making it almost the perfect toy for Men and Women.

As this is a metal toy, it is fantastic for temperature play, just pop it in the fridge for a few minutes before play for cold or in some warm (but not hot) water if you like it a bit warmer, this toy is metal and it will change temperature very fast, do not place it in very hot water before use, it will burn you.

When used cold I was surprised by how long the toy stayed cold, I expected it to warm to body temperature quickly but it stayed cold for a good while, changing the way it felt as it slowly warmed up to body temperature.

This is quite a small dildo, it’s not too slim but I think that it is quite short in length good for anyone who isn’t keen on deep penetration. Also good if your partner is using it to play with you as they are not going to push to deep by accident and hurt you, as it is metal there is no give in the material.

The dildo comes with its own satin storage bag, always lovely to have something to store it in which is going to stop it getting mixed in with your other toys, coming to any harm or been spotted by any prying eyes. The bag is quite a bit bigger than the toy but fits its purpose.

Overall, I love this dildo, it has a lovely look and feel to it, it is great for solo and partner play, anal and vaginal use, Male and Female players, easy to clean with soap and water, completely waterproof.

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March 12th, 2018 by admin

cupCakes-Big05This is the Shiri Zinn Cupcake, it is a vibrator shaped like a cupcake….  yes that’s right, I just said vibrator in the shape of a cupcake, don’t believe me…  well here it is

It comes in this cute tin, which seems a little 50’s inspired with its red and white polka dot design and sharp white font. The tin is just the right size for the cupcake and makes a fantastic storage case for it, protecting it from any dust or dirt that it might come into contact without its protection; it also helps add to the appearance of a cupcake rather than a vibrator.

The cupcake is about the same size as a muffin that you might get from the supermarket but it is not edible, even if it does look good enough to eat.

To insert the batteries the top twists off and the batteries are slotted inside the middle of the cupcake, it takes 2aaa batteries, the top is very easy to put on and take off. I am always pleased to see a sex toy that takes batteries that are easy to get hold of and this one even came with a set of batteries already in it, which is always a bonus.

To turn the cupcake on there is a button on the base, just press it and it begins to vibrate you can flick through the various settings by pressing the power button repeatedly until you get to the setting that you want,   there are 5 different settings, a couple of speeds and a few patterns, to turn off the Cupcake you hold down the button for a couple of seconds. The vibrations seem to travel through the whole of the cupcake but are concentrated in the base as that is where the motor is.

I would have preferred the vibrations to come through the cherry, to me it just seems like that would be the logical place for the vibrations to be concentrated, but alas it is not the case with this vibrator, even though you don’t looks much of the power between the motor and the top of the cake, it is noticeable that the vibrations are more powerful around the base of the toy.

The cupcake is not waterproof or splash proof and should be cleaned using a damp cloth with some antibacterial cleaner, it should never be submerged in water as this will just break it, I personally prefer my sex toys to be waterproof mainly for cleaning purposes rather than for use in water.

The cupcake is made from silicone and as such it should not be used with silicone lubricants or stored with any silicone products as it could react with it and this would damage it, I really like silicone as a material as it is body safe and unlike jelly which is porous and can never be cleaned properly the silicone in this cupcake can be cleaned thoroughly with sex toy cleaner and will always be safe to use.

There is a little leaflet inside the tin with the cupcake which tells you more about how it works, and even recommends a battery brand for it to work at it best.

Overall what did I think? well to be completely honest, it seems like a bit of a novelty item the sort of thing that would be a great gift for a hen night or a birthday party, something naughty and cheeky but nothing offensive, it is bound to cause a giggle or two at any hen party, but as a sex toy it didn’t really do much for me, I couldn’t really get over the shape of it,  the fact that it is a cupcake design, the vibrations didn’t seem strong enough and they are not concentrated in the right spot for me.

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March 12th, 2018 by admin

vibe-therapy-discover-silicone-double-dong-f04b4f004-b4-01.9I opened the package to see double ended dildo in a box with see through panels, the box is well designed, simple without any nasty pics of half naked women which always put me off.

On the back of the box is a basic description of the toy and a clear picture of the dildo with the measurements of the dildo on it.

The dildo itself is 34cm in length and pretty thick to at 4.5cm, it has a spiral effect on it which when it is been used feel great against the G-spot.

This is not 100% flexible but it does bend. It has a soft kind of slightly hollow feeling to it, the central part feels like it has a solid plastic tube inside it which means that when you bend it it creases around this. Due to this if you wanted to use this for double penetration for solo use you cannot do this, it just doesn’t bend enough for that.

The dildo is made out of 100% medical grade silicone and it is waterproof as it has no electrical parts in it, this means that it can be used in the bath or shower and that it is super easy to clean to. It also means that you should avoid storing it with other silicone toys or using it with silicone based lubricants as they could react with it and cause it to melt and become misshapen.

I used this as a double ended dildo with my Oh and even though he is male we both found it very enjoyable. It is something that as a couple adds something to sex that we were surprised to say that we both enjoyed, the length of the dildo is just about right for two people to be able to use it and the flexibility is right for this to. It’s not so soft that it makes it difficult to use but it is not so firm that it feels uncomfortable.

Overall: we really like this double dong, it is nice and thick but not huge, it has a nice firmness about it, it’s flexible enough for dual play but not flexible enough for solo Double penetration play. It’s nice and easy to clean and the packaging is good and clean.

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February 16th, 2017 by admin

The Pipedream Icicles No. 34 strap-on rabbit vibrator had caught my eye the minute I saw it pop up on EdenFantasys. Not only is it made of a material that’s easily sterilized, durable, and makes for good eye candy, it also promised a powerful 10-function bullet for “mind-blowing sensations and wall-banging climaxes”.

This isn’t my first strap-on vibrator. No, I had bought my first one about 5 years ago. I still have it (the one on the right), but I don’t use it anymore. TPR is porous and harbors bacteria, so my freaky little butterfly/bird-looking pal just sits around as a review mascot for me. The main reason for me wanting the Icicles No. 34 was as a replacement for it.


The rabbit thing that reminds me more of a butterfly is hand-made from borosilicate glass. It’s non-porous, easily-sterilized, and can last a lifetime. There are a few impurities, but nothing on the surface. If your glass toy has a scratch, nick, chip, or anything that feels sharp, DO NOT use it. It could do some very bad internal damage, so send it back or get a new one.

The bullet is made from clear, bright pink ABS plastic. It’s phthalates-free, latex-free, and non-porous (although I would be careful since fluids can get trapped where the wire meets the bullet and remote).

The straps are made from hot pink elastic. They’re very stretchy, and seem fairly durable. Each has a set of metal snaps. No information is given on what metal they are.

Compatible Lubricants

Any lubricant can be used with this toy. Aside from maybe needing a little lube to insert this with, you probably won’t need much.

Texture / Design

The glass is smooth and seamless. There is no texture to the surface of this toy.

The Pipedream Icicles No. 34 is designed like a rather odd-looking butterfly, with the wings having holes in them to attach the elastic straps. The ears, or antennae, are short and rounded, and vibrations from the bullet don’t carry through to them at all. There is a rounded, bulbous end to this peculiar creature, which could possibly provide stimulation to the perineum, if the vibrations actually traveled through the glass decently. The thin, rather long phallus isn’t very filling, but the vibrations do travel through it a bit better than the rest of the toy.

I’m wondering if part of the problem of the vibrations not traveling through the glass well has to do with the fact that the bullet is inserted into a ring on the other side of this strange creature, not inside of its body. Perhaps that would help a little bit. Another downside to that ring that holds the bullet is that it makes it awkward to sit while wearing this thing.

The bullet and controller are fairly cheap-looking. Although the control has notches that would make you think they light up to let you know which mode you’re on, they don’t.

Also included are four straps. There is one really long one, two long ones, and on short one. They attach to the toy via snaps and hooks. Details and assembly instructions can be seen in the video further down the review. The are fully adjustable via little plastic buckles similar to those on bra straps, and are very stretchy.

Size / Details

  • Length: 5″
  • Insertable Length: 3″
  • Circumference: 2 3/4″
  • Diameter: 3/4″
  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Powered By: 3 AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Waterproof: No
  • Length of Leg Strap (Min): 14”
  • Length of Leg Strap (Max): 54”
  • Length of Hip Strap (Min): 22”
  • Length of Hip Strap (Max): 78”


EdenFantasys always ships discretely. Their packaging is plain and states nothing about the contents. The return address is always “Web Merchants”.

Packaging, Assembly, Controls and Vibration Demonstration – watch a detailed video of the actual packaging for this toy, how to put it together (since no instructions are provided), and get a feel of how the vibration patterns and noise levels are.

Wear / Experience

After having put together everything, I attempted to put the toy on. If I try to wear it like the model is in the picture to the right (which is on the inside front flap of the packaging), the phallus rests along my labia, and the rabbit ears are at my pubic mons. I have no idea why they decided to photograph her wearing it this way.

I can adjust the straps and glass toy so that the phallus is inserted, but the whole toy still wants to tip forward and out. The only real way to get it secured in the proper position is to give myself a wedgie with the leg straps, which brings the toy back and up towards my body, like it should be. Despite the weight of the glass, I’ve had no issues with this sliding down.

I can’t say I’m very pleased with the way this wears, or the comfort of it, since I have to give myself a wedgie. The noise levels are terrible, and the vibrations are barely felt. If I actually experienced some sort of stimulation, I would write about, but I haven’t at all.

Noise: 4/5 Set to the highest vibration level, the Pipedream Icicles No. 34 is about as loud as my microwave, maybe worse. Even when used separately from the glass toy, the bullet still sounds like an angry killer bee with a microphone.

Vibrations: 1/5 The vibrations from the bullet just don’t carry through the toy well at all. No matter what setting I have it on, it’s all barely even felt. While the vibrations can be felt slightly through the phallus when held – can’t feel a damn thing when it’s in me – the rabbit ears don’t carry the vibrations at all.

Used separately from the glass toy, I suppose I would give the bullet vibe a 4/5. It’s pretty strong, but it’s really buzzy. Also, I’ve noticed that it starts feeling pretty warm after a few minutes. That makes me a little nervous.


The packaging suggests to removed the bullet from the glass toy and wash carefully with Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. However, this does not seem sufficient to me. What about the elastic straps? Those most certainly need to be cleaned to prevent the growth of bacteria.

I would advise you to remove the bullet from the glass toy, and wipe that down with toy cleaning wipes or a toy cleaning spray.

For the glass part, there are a number of ways it can be cleaned: soap and water, 10% bleach solution, and boiling. When it comes to boiling, be careful not to cause temperature shock. I usually leave my toys in the water until it heats up, to avoid the risk of them cracking due to extreme temperature changes. Glass female sex toys can also be run through the dishwasher on the top rack, but I don’t think it would be safe to so so with this one.

You can wash the straps with a little soap and water, then leave them to dry.


Since the foam that this toy comes in does make a nice cradle for the glass toy and accessories, it wouldn’t be bad to store it in. Otherwise, my other suggestion would be to get a nice padded storage pouch for it.

Although glass is tough, any scratch, nick, or chip can easily cause internal damage. Be careful where you store your glass toys, so that they don’t incur any damage. Always inspect your glass toy before use, and handle it with care. If you see any scratch, nick, or chip, discontinue use.

Also, always remove batteries from vibrators before storage. Not only does this make your batteries last longer, it also protects your toy from the corrosive damage of battery acid, if batteries are left in the toy too long and go bad.


I can’t say that I’ve gotten any enjoyment out of the Pipedream Icicles No. 34, other than it being eye candy. The vibrations are very noisy, and don’t transfer through the toy well at all. Even at the highest intensity, the vibrations are barely felt through the glass. I had high hopes, but they were dashed… I have nothing against glass toys, but this one was a total dud. EdenFantasys has plenty of other strap-on vibrators, so I suggest you check those out instead.

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November 4th, 2016 by admin

ami-reeducation-du-perineeHaving a set of kegel exercise toys, to me, is so much better than just having a bunch of random ones (which I do have and don’t use much…).

The Je Joue Ami is a set of 3 kegel exercise toys that gradually increase in weight to strengthen your muscles. Unlike repeated kegels with one toy, which increases your endurance, you can gradually increase the weight to build up PC muscle strength, increase orgasmic sensation, decrease incontinence, and stimulate the G-spot.

That is what I was looking for. True, you are strengthening your PC muscles with a regular kegel toy, but your muscles will get used to that after a while and just start building endurance. It’s time to turn your vagina into a muscle-bound jock!

What I find interesting about these three amigos is that none of them are the weights that are mentioned in the instruction booklet. I have a postal scale and decided to weigh each one to see how accurate the description was.

Je Joue: 1.65oz/47g Je Joue: 2.75oz/78g Je Joue: 3.73oz/106g
My scale: 1.9oz/54g My scale: 2.5oz/71g My scale: 3.49oz/99g


Interesting that the Ami 1 weighs more than it should and the others weigh less than they should, huh?

Even though it is a bit of false advertisement on Je Joue’s part, it doesn’t really matter. The Je Joue Ami is still a wonderful set and has replaced all of my other sex toys for women.

The First Ami:

Ami 1 wasn’t much of a problem for me. I’ve already had practice with a single kegel ball, but this guy definitely has more weight to it than my previous toy.

This is a great kegel toy for beginners. The silicone is fairly plush, but I can tell that there is a solid capsule inside; and I can feel the little marble rolling around in it while I’m using it.

It didn’t take me long to work past this Ami, but I’ve had kegel practice before.

The Second Ami:

Ami 2, although bigger than the third, has a medium weight to it. As for design, just think of it as two of Ami 1 connected by a flexible canal in the middle.

You can completely bend this Ami because of the flexible middle. It easily and comfortably nests inside me and is big enough to get at my g-spot.

Although I haven’t had a g-spot O with this Ami yet, I’m working on it! Since the weight is about 16g heavier than the Ami 1, I can tell I’ve been getting a better workout. I know I’ve over-done it a couple of times and gotten myself sore because I just want to keep going.

The Third Ami:

Although I don’t think I’m ready for it yet, I did try it. It’s interesting to have something this heavy in me. If I had started off with this, I don’t think I could have kept it in.

It has the same sort of shape of the Ami 2, but is a little smaller. The barbell shaped isn’t quite as pronounced with this Ami, but the middle is still flexible enough to bend this little guy almost in half. He’s still just as comfortable as Ami 2.

The only thing is, I can’t feel the little marbles rolling around in it while it’s in me. If I shake it in my hand, I can barely feel them move. I can definitely feel the movement of the marble very well in Ami 1 and Ami 2, though. I’m betting it’s just because Ami 3’ compact size doesn’t give the marbles much room to roll.

Using an Ami:

First, you’ll need to locate your PC muscle. You can easily find it by trying to stop the flow of urine while going to the bathroom. Don’t do this too much or you’ll get a bladder infection! (Also, make sure your tank is empty before doing kegel exercises, too, for prevention of bladder infections.)

Now that you’ve found that, you’ll need to insert one of the Ami toys. Lubricate it well with water-based lubricant and slide it in. If it tries to pop back out, you may need to push it in further. Each Ami should rest comfortably in you with the string dangling for easy removal.

There are a couple different exercises that Je Joue suggests, but you can just wear them around the house or whatnot and still feel the nice vibrations that the little marbles create while rolling around inside them. Use any Ami you want with these exercises. (You can also do these exercises with any other kegel toy that you may have.)

Exercise 1: Lay down on your and insert your Ami. Squeeze your PC muscle for a count of 5 to grip Ami and release. Wait 5 seconds and repeat for a set of 10.

Take a 1 minute break, and then start up another set of 10. After that set, take a 2 minute break and do your last set of 10.

Perform this daily and, when it gets too easy, try three sets of 15 instead of 10.

Exercise 2 (a bit more advanced): Sit on the edge of your bed or a chair and insert your Ami. Squeeze your PC muscle, then gently pull on the string of your Ami for 5 seconds, trying to keep your Ami inside you. Relax for 5 seconds and repeat for a set of 10.

Take a 1 minute break, and then start up another set of 10. After that set, take a 2 minute break and do your last set of 10.

Perform this daily and, when it gets too easy, try three sets of 15 instead of 10.

Material: Smooth, seamless, matte-finish silicone and ABS plastic. The only part that is ABS is what holds the loop to the Ami. Don’t worry, ABS plastic is completely body-safe.

Lubricant: Use only water-based lubricants on your Ami. You’ll find after a while of having one in, though, your body will start producing it’s own lubricant. Kegel toys tend to make me pretty wet.

Cleaning: Je Joue recommends washing your Ami in warm water and antiseptic soap. And also say, if you would like to, you can boil them but only for 20 seconds max. to prolong the usable life of your Ami.

Sizes (excluding the loop):

Ami 1: 4.37”
Ami 2: 6.14”
Ami 3: 5.66”

: The Je Joue Ami comes in a nice little box that’s ready to give as a gift! Just untie the ribbon to reveal your kegel toys, then pull on the ribbon inside to lift them up and access the instruction booklet.

I always keep my Je Joue boxes for storage. They’re just so nice!

Rating: 5/5 I love the Je Joue Ami set! It definitely gives me a good workout and my orgasm do seem to be getting stronger. I’m not sure what I’ll do with my other kegel toys. Maybe I’ll put them up for swap.

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October 19th, 2016 by admin

DeLight-Click-N-ChargeThe Fun Factory DeLight is a vibrator that is intended for simultaneous internal (g-spot) and external (clitoral) stimulation. It used to come in a plastic case that was used for charging as well as storage. That has been replaced due to Fun Factory’s new Click ‘N’ Charge technology. According to their website, that means that it’s now quieter and has a longer-lasting motor. I don’t have the original, so I can’t make any comparisons.


Length: 6″
Insertable length: 4″
Circumference: 4 1/4″
Diameter: 1 3/8”
Weight: 1 lb


A video by Fun Factory so that you can see how the design of this toy is supposed to work with the body.

I don’t have any problems with the size, other than the bump for clitoral stimulation not lining up with my clitoris. If I want the hook to line up with my g-spot just right, the clitoral stimulation bump ends up about half an inch below my clitoris. This can be remedied with a little rocking to intermittently get it closer.

The hooked silicone end is perfect to reach my g-spot. I tend to get on my knees and keep my tush in the air while using the DeLight, wiggling and rocking it to orgasm. The silicone isn’t as stiff as I thought it would be, so it may not be ideal for those who are used to the firm pressure of something solid like glass.

Depending on the size of your fingers, you may have a slight issue fitting them through the loop. Mine are fairly small, but two barely fit through the loop. My husband can only fit one fit through it.

: Although it was designed for g-spot and clitoral stimulation, I see no reason why the Fun Factory DeLight could not be used anally for prostate massage. I have heard of this being done, and I would consider this toy anal-safe, due to the shape of the curved handle. Because of this toy’s curvature, you shouldn’t have to worry about it getting lost in the rectal cavity and having to take a trip to the E.R. to remove it. Since the DeLight was not made with anal penetration in mind, though, I advise you to be careful.

Because the connection of the plastic to the silicone may be difficult to completely sterilize, I do suggests a condom for anal use, and a condom if you plan on sharing.

Waterproof: The DeLight is only splashproof. That means you should not submerge it. It can be used in the shower, though.

Material / Texture:

Material: Plastic / Silicone (latex and phthalates-free)

Compatible Lubricants: Use water-based lubricants only with the DeLight. Silicone-based lubricants can damage silicone toys.

Texture: The plastic is very smooth and glossy, while the silicone has a velvety matte finish.

The silicone is a bit plush, and can be bent. It’s got a slight seam running down the middle, but it’s soft and not noticeable. I can feel the seam of the silicone to the plastic with my finger, though, and have noticed that a small crevice appears if the silicone is bent just a bit, making it easy for lubricant and bodily fluids to get trapped. For this reason, despite being able to sterilize plastic and silicone, I wouldn’t recommend sharing it. If you do, make sure you clean the toy very well and use a condom with it.

I haven’t had any issues with anything building up, but I tend to be a germaphobe and imagine the miniscule amount of bacteria not getting cleaned up and doing harm.

Cleaning: Since it’s splashproof, you can simply wash it with soap and water, or with a toy cleaner or wipe.

Storage: You could store the Fun Factory DeLight in it’s original packaging, if you wish. The little cradle inside the box keeps it safe and prevents it from moving around, while the box keeps it safe from dust and whatnot. Keep it out of direct sun and extreme temperatures. Never let your toys touch, lest they end up fusing together.

Power: Click n’ Charge (rechargeable)

The initial charge can take up to 6 hours (what the instructions say) or 12 hours (what the website says) before complete. Plug in the Click ‘N’ Charge adapter and then attach the magnetic plug to the DeLight. During charging, the plug will glow red, and the control panel will emit a pulsing red light. Charging is complete when the red light turns off.

Noise Level: I can hear the DeLight under the covers on the highest intensity setting, but it’s barely even audible through a closed door. If I wasn’t listening for it so intently, I wouldn’t have noticed it.

Vibration Level
: The vibrations are decently strong, but my Yooo seems stronger. The highest level isn’t enough to get me off in a few minutes, but that’s not what the Fun Factory DeLight was designed for. This is a vibe to take your time with, not a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”.

To me, the vibrations feel rumbly yet buzzy. It’s a little difficult to explain… My hands don’t get that itchy feeling that buzzy vibes give them, yet the vibrations aren’t rumbly enough to provide too much more than surface vibrations; the vibes do resonate a little past the surface, but it’s not like how it would feel with the bass pumping on a stereo. I love being able to feel the music move through me… but I’m getting off topic.

The curved silicone end transmits the vibrations the best. I can’t feel them as much on the handle end. If I turn the toy around and hold it by the silicone hook, I can feel the vibrations feathering out from the edge of my palm and into my wrist slightly.

Modes/Patterns: The DeLight has 8 vibration intensities and 3 vibration patterns (depicted in the video below, along with visuals of the packaging). I quite like the patterns because they’re a continuous flowing pattern. Instead of something like “buzz buzz stop buzz buzz stop” you get more of a rollercoaster effect “buzzzZZZZbuzzzZZZ”.


The Delight is a nice toy, but it’s not going to be for everyone due to the fact that people are just shaped differently. Depending on your body, this may or may not line up with both your g-spot and your clitoris. I had to work with mine to figure out what would be the best position and techniques for me to use with it.

Also keep in mind that this toy offers a softer pressure on your g-spot than something more solid like glass would. It’s not that it’s squishy, it’s just really slightly squeezable and bendable.

Other than that, Fun Factory DeLight is rechargeable, quiet enough that your roommate won’t hear it when you’re in the other room, it has a wide range of speeds and intensities, and the controls are pretty darn easy to use. It does have a lot going for it. I’m still not sure how I feel about the vibrations, but I think it’s just because I’m used to my little powerhouse Yooo.

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Princess Babydoll with Matching Thong from Escante
April 15th, 2016 by admin

Okay, ladies, repeat after me: plus size makes plus perfect. And it’s true. You should remember that your husband loves you for who you are and not what size you’re wearing. Sure, it would be great to have a 24-inch waistline but not having one won’t ruin your marriage. If you want to be sexy inside the bedroom, that’s easier said than done and you won’t even have to book an appointment with a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. The first thing you have to do is to choose one of the absolutely sizzling lingerie designed specifically to shape and boast your generous curves.

Princess Babydoll with Matching Thong from Escante

Princess Babydoll with Matching Thong from Escante

Every princess outfit must be done in pink and you got that with this set. Pink always makes women pretty, fragile, and feminine and it also inspires men to be more aggressive and protective at the same time. A potent combination in the bedroom, that’s for sure.

But this beautiful two-piece set also includes a transparent black mesh with a lovely pointelle design. If pink makes you sweet, black makes you forbidden, and both equates to forbidden pleasure, which men can never get enough of.

There top also comes with adjustable stretch straps to ensure a perfect fit for every woman, flirty heart embroidery that will tease and tantalize your husband, and a babydoll shape that will show off your greatest assets. The matching thongs are an equal delight, featuring the same pink-and-black combination.

With this set, you can be both the seducer and the seduced.

Leather Lace-Up Corset with Matching G-String from Allure

Leather Lace-Up Corset with Matching G-String from Allure

Take control of your man and everything that goes on in the bedroom with this powerfully sensual leather ensemble from Allure.

Show your man that a timid mouse can also be a tigress in bed with this two-piece set. The corset is made of absolutely genuine leather that’s nice and soft to touch but also presents a tough look that will tell your husband just who’s going to do the ordering tonight. It’s a convertible design that comes with adjustable stretch straps so you can decide just how much cleavage you want to show off. Then again, those straps can also be taken off completely if you want to go all-out. Don’t worry about the corset falling (not that such a thing is a huge problem) and having your breasts spill out: the corset also comes with excellent boning to ensure that your curves are displayed to their greatest advantage.

For a twist, the lace-up closure is done in front while the back offers a quick zipper release if you want to abandon your domineering role and enjoy wild and abandoned sex with your husband right away. The matching g-string is but a tiny triangle that shows more than it hides. This set doesn’t come with thigh-high stockings, but if you’ve got the budget to spare then those are must-have accessories to go along with this set.

Babydoll and Coat Set with Matching Panty from Escante

Babydoll and Coat Set with Matching Panty from Escante

Here’s another failproof babydoll combination from Escante. This time, you can do a bit more torture than usual with the addition of an ultra-sheer pink coat with lots and lots of flowing stretch lace in front and coat cuffs. Let your imagination run loose with this coat. It’s a great accessory when you’re doing pole dancing, lap dancing, belly dancing or just a plain straightforward striptease for your husband. Take advantage of how the coat swirls and sways around your hips as you move. You can also use it for bondage play if that’s what’s on the menu for tonight.

As always, the beautiful babydoll top comes with adjustable stretch straps. It also provides underwire cups to give your cleavage an extra push, which is always something to be appreciated even if it’s not needed. The matching panties are simple and tiny – easy to tear apart if your husband gets deliciously out of control.

Reversible Corset 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl

Reversible Corset 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl

This fantastic lingerie ensemble offers you two sets for the price of one. The first set is an all-black ensemble that tells your husband without mincing words that you mean business in the bedroom. Reverse the outfit and you’ve got a lavishly sensual all-pink combination that promises an addictive combination of romance and passion.

The corset is made of satin and polyester and completely non-stretch with sturdy boning to shape your body into a perfect hourglass figure. On one side, it’s all smooth and silky satin while on the other side, you get some texture with the scroll pattern. Alluring embroider is stitched along the bust line to draw your husband’s gaze to where it’s needed.  The corset has a lace-up back and a hook-and-eye closure in front.

Also included in the set are thigh-high stockings, matching thongs, and detachable garter straps.

Stretch Lace Babydoll with Matching G-String  from Dreamgirl

Stretch Lace Babydoll with Matching G-String  from Dreamgirl

Finally, offer your piece de resistance when you serve your husband dinner in bed by wearing this smoking hot black lingerie set from Dreamgirl.

Whereas other lingerie sets tease and entice, this set leaves little to the imagination. It follows your plus perfect curves faithfully. It’s completely made of mesh and lace, with a V-neckline that’s deep enough to give your husband a free sample of what delicious sweets you have to offer. Criss-cross detail is provided for the back while the matching g-string panty is a no-fuss garment that’s meant to be eliminated as quickly as possible to get to the main course…or dessert, whichever you prefer to call it.

The Second Element for Success: Confidence

All these outfits are hot, hot, hot, but you can only do them justice if you wear them proudly. These outfits are made for you so own them! Have confidence not only because you’ve got the best ensemble in town but also because you know your worth as a woman and that value can’t always be measured in terms of inches and pounds. If you carry yourself proudly, if you think yourself a beautiful and sexy woman, then anyone who looks at you will think so, too. That’s the power of believing, and you’ll know it when you try it!

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Envy Animal Print Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri
April 8th, 2016 by admin

You can never be too old or too plain to wear a beautiful and sexy bra and this is the kind of attitude you need when you come to your marriage bed. Too often troubles arise between married couples simply because of insecurities. If you have been feeling neglected or unappreciated lately, consider looking inward before blaming your husband outright. How about pushing yourself beyond your usual limits and boundaries tonight? Start by getting rid of your unflattering lingerie and putting on some of the world’s sexiest bras.

Playboy Giselle Underwire Bra from Playboy

There’s probably no better teacher on how women should be sexy than Playboy, which is probably the way most men had been initiated into the world of sex and passion. If you want to feel sexy about your body without having to undergo liposuction, sometimes all you really need is a change of wardrobe – and that includes underwear!

Consider the Giselle Underwire Bra from Playboy. There are two ways to look at this. Firstly, you could be cynical and think only someone with a body like Giselle could wear this kind of bra. But then again, you could also think that this kind of bra could make any woman’s body look like Giselle’s. If you try it for yourself, you’ll realize that it’s the latter that’s true.

There are a lot of things to love about the Giselle Underwire bra. First of all, this bra was designed to be worn as a sexy strapless, which allows you to wear this even with tube tops. A strapless bra is also a great turn-on for most men, but if you need something strapped, don’t worry because this also comes with customizable straps which you can wear traditional style or in a halter or criss-cross style, whichever way you think is better.

The lined cups have a seamless design made of stretch nylon for a perfect fit. You won’t have to worry about any show-through either. Also, the Giselle Underwire Bra uses contrasting shades of pink and black that makes you seem like a lovely innocent bride who could turn into a femme fatale in any second. And last but not the least, you’ll notice that there’s a Playboy Bunny rhinestone icon on your bra cup to make you feel at your sexiest. After all, could there be anything – anyone – sexier than a Playboy Bunny?

Envy Animal Print Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri

Envy Animal Print Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri

The brand name should say it all for you. One look at you in this sexy bra and your husband would definitely be singing that tune. There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about this bra. Everything about it is meant to reduce your husband into a slave of passion, ready to do everything you command him to do.

If support is your greatest concern when it comes to bras, you’ll get that. Besides excellent underwire support, this bra also offers foam-lined cups for the ideal shape of breasts, regardless of your size. The front straps are also completely adjustable to ensure you have the perfect fit. And speaking of sizes, this bra can suit anyone between 32B to 38DD.

The leopard print lets your husband know that you won’t be taking ‘no’ for an answer. You want to be the one on top in all ways for tonight, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be willing to negotiate. On top of the leopard print of your bra is a sexy scrap of black criss-cross mesh that’s purely seductive, one that tells your husband you’re willing to be seduced as well.

Enchantment Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri

As this product’s name suggests, it’s the kind of underwear you should wear in a night meant to fulfill fantasies. If you’re out to celebrate something that’s made your dream come true then don’t you think it’s time to come out of your shell and grant another of your husband’s wishes? Don’t you think he’d love to have you surprise him in an alluring outfit for bed instead of your usual cotton PJs? Sure, they’re nice and comfy but you and your husband didn’t marry each other because you found each other nice and comfy, did you? You married each other because there was huge, wild spark between you and that’s what you can have back with the Enchantment Underwire Bra.

The Enchantment Underwire bra doesn’t just offer underwiring but push-up pas as well for an enhanced cleavage to further enchant your husband. If you don’t wish to wear it as a strapless bra, the set also offers a set of clear straps you can use for a halter or criss-cross style.

Although it’s made mostly of non-stretch microfiber, the Enchantment Underwire bra comes in a wide range of sizes so there’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect fit for your size.

Chloe Push-Up Bra from Affinitas Intimates

This kind of bra is something you should wear if you want to show your husband that the girl-next-door he married has a wild side that’s begging to be released…and that’s going to happen tonight.

There are lots of things going on with the Chloe Pushup bra. For support, it has removable pads, underwiring, and side boning. Its hot pink and black colors are a potent combination, especially when you mix it with the lace-up ribbon on the sides. If you want to complete your good girl gone bad look, you can also check out the matching Chloe Hipster.

Beauty Lace Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri

If you are thinking of making an all-out transformation then you will need the Beauty Lace Underwire Bra, which is also produced by the wonderful Oh La La Cheri. This ultra-soft and mesmerizing bra is made of sheer stretch nylon lace in the lightest shade of purple, the color of royalty. In your case, you can prove that you’re the queen of your husband’s bed. Darted seams provide all the support you need and the satin bow in the middle nicely complements the crystal pendant on the very center of your bra.

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Stretch Mesh Bustier 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl
April 1st, 2016 by admin

Only an unimaginative wife wouldn’t have a sexy bustier included in her wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 1, 10, or 20. Everyone looks good in a bustier because they’re designed to mold your body into the ideal shape. It can add curves or give you a trimmer outline, whichever is needed. If you’ve got a special night coming up with your man, there’s nothing better you can do than show up in your bedroom with a sexy bustier. That’s sure to give him enough hints on what to expect for the rest of the night.

Stretch Mesh Bustier 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl

Stretch Mesh Bustier 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl

This three-piece set is one of the sexiest bustier designs you can find that won’t require you to shed your inhibitions too much at the same time. If you’re the modest or conservative type of woman but you also want to show your husband your more daring side then this is the bustier for you.

Unlike other exotic bustier designs, this set from Dreamgirl could practically double as an evening outfit – the kind you’d wear when you’re going to one of the swankiest nightclubs in town. In fact, there are probably many other evening outfits that reveal more than this three-piece bustier set does.

This all-black set consists of a bustier made of stretch polyester to fit most figures and boning to provide structure. The bustier has a low, halter-styled neckline, accented with rhinestones, to reveal a sumptuous amount of cleavage. The rest of the bustier is made of lace embroidery and mesh lining to reveal more tantalizing glimpses of your skin. The back is secured with a laced-up ribbon tie.

To complete the look, you have a simple and tight black miniskirt and matching thongs.

Sheer Strapless Lace Bustier with Attached Garter Belt by Escante

“Bring back that lovin’ feeling…” You probably know the song. Perhaps you’ve even sung it together with your spouse one time or another. Certainly, it’s a sentiment most couples – even new ones – are acquainted with. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. When you get into fights, when you grow old, when you find something that reminds you of the past, there’ll always be moments when you do want to bring back the past. Because that’s how the past is: they’re always lovely to remember and definitely lovelier when revisited…with the right reason and at the right time and place.

Now, if it’s your wedding or honeymoon night that you’d like to revisit or maybe even make over because it was less than perfect, you can do that with Escante’s bustier set.

This bustier set is a sight to behold, the ultimate feminine concoction made of entirely white lace that’s absolutely sheer in the right places. Naturally, it has boning to give your body the same nubile shape you had when you said “I do” to your husband. There’s also ruffled trimming along the bust line for a touch of seduction and innocence combined.

The bustier is very much easy to wear with a side zipper closure. It’s something you can quickly throw on if you’re planning to surprise your spouse at night. The set also comes with a g-string panty and thigh-highs to complete your look.

Floral Garter Bustier with Matching G-string from Elegant Moments

This sizzling hot set must come with a warning: it’s definitely not for the faint of hearted. Come to think of it, there should also be a warning for its user: not for those with even a modicum of shyness.

This all-black set is made of a bustier, thong panties, and thigh highs. Sounds ordinary so far, doesn’t it? But one look at the bustier will let you know that it’s one notch above the rest. This bustier shows more than it hides as it’s made of sheer mesh entirely with a couple of strategically placed floral patterns.

The way the bustier is designed allows the more daring to forego wearing the thongs entirely. You can simply proceed with clipping the garter straps to your thigh highs and you’re all ready to give your spouse the most adventurous night of his life.

If you’re thinking of purchasing this set, please be aware that Elegant Moments only offers this in one size. Thankfully, though, the stretchable fabric used for this set makes it a viable fit for a variety of figures.

Cut-Out Bustier Set with Matching Thigh Highs from Escante

If our third option isn’t shockingly sexy enough for you then what you’re probably looking for is this cut-out ensemble from Escante. From the term ‘cut-out’ alone, you probably have a good idea already of what you’re going to get with this lingerie. But don’t worry – what little that’s there is enough to make your husband desire you like he hasn’t ever done before. In fact, if he sees you in this bustier anywhere outside the bedroom, don’t count on reaching the bed before he starts taking it off you.

The cut-out lace cups are made of exquisitely thin scraps of lace. They hide what needs hiding the most, but…it’s not as if your husband will have a hard time getting lace out of his way, and that’s exactly the idea we’re looking for, right?

The back of this bustier is just as tantalizing with spaghetti straps, sheer mesh covering only the lower half of your back. Your derriere, however, is completely exposed because this G-string is made up of nothing but the thinnest lines of fabric, capable of only holding things in place until it’s time for them to say goodbye. Pull on the matching thigh-highs and you’re all dolled up to make your husband’s fantasies come true.

Suggested Props

If you are using the bustier for a naughty role-playing game in the bedroom, you might want to accessorize your look with a few useful props like a whip, a feather duster, or a pair of handcuffs. Bedroom toys are also ideal to use, but only if your husband won’t view them as a third party in your marriage.

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Slimline Passion Wave Jack Rabbit Vibrator
March 3rd, 2016 by admin

Who in his or her sane mind would refuse a chance to enjoy an orgasm that’s twice as strong as the usual? What about a vibrator that can stimulate you in multiple ways? These are just a few things you’re entitled to enjoy with dual vibrators – your very best friend because it can keep you from adulterous thoughts and putting a sex marriage at greater peril. And when your husband’s feeling adventurous, dual vibrators can also toss in a bit more fun to the marriage bed.

Passion Wave Stimulator

Passion Wave Stimulator

This passion-colored device is great for couples of all types. Its ergonomic design provides users with a nice and user-friendly handle that makes the device perfect to use in all kinds of sex play, regardless of whether you’re on solo mode or with your partner. Its neck come with pleasure-inducing ridges and the entire shaft is enhanced with ripples that rub the walls of your insides exactly the way you need it to. The tip has a round and bulbous shape guaranteed to make you sigh. Last but not the least are the rabbit ears, which are positioned perfectly to stimulate your G-spot.

The size is nothing to scoff at either. It has an insertable length of 5 and ½ inches as well as a total length of 10 ½ inches for easy control. Its circumference of 5 and ¼ inches also guarantees a nice and tight fit for all users.

The Passion Wave Stimulator also offers an incredible range of features designed to give you the best stimulation you need for the kind of release you want, whether you’re in the mood for a quick burst of pleasure or a long, drawn-out orgasm.

You can select your preferred speed and type of wave for vibration, all of which are easy to configure with push-button controls. There’s also another button to give you control over the direction the vibrator would be taking.

In terms of use and safety, you’ll be glad to know that you won’t have to live without the Passion Wave Stimulator even when you’re taking a shower as it comes with a waterproof design. It is also entirely hypo-allergenic and phthalates and latex free. As it’s made of TPR, use of condoms is advised.

Waver Ocean Rabbit Vibrator

Waver Ocean Rabbit Vibrator

With this device, the waves of pleasure have never gotten any longer or higher. Similar to the Passion Wave Stimulator, every inch of the Waver Ocean Rabbit Vibrator is designed to maximize your pleasure, from the perfectly round head down to the long shaft with its swirl ribbing and the pleasantly pointed rabbit ears. At eleven inches, this lovely, ocean-colored sex toy won’t disappoint, especially considering that it also possesses six inches of insertable length.

Also similar is its waterproof and TPR construction, which makes the Waver Ocean Rabbit Vibrator very easy to clean, requiring only mild soap and rinsing in warm water. You can also use a toy cleaner but just remember that TPR products cannot be disinfected with sterilization or using boiling water.

The best thing about the Waver Ocean Rabbit Vibrator is no doubt its light-up indicators, which make the device wonderful to use at night or in total darkness. The lights let you know at what speed your vibrator is currently operating and adjust accordingly.

Decadent Indulgence Rabbit Vibrator 3

Decadent Indulgence Rabbit Vibrator 3

As it’s a product of California Exotic, its brand alone is enough for anyone familiar with sex toys that the Decadent Indulgence Rabbit Vibrator is sure to live up to its expectations. The third generation in the family, Decadent Indulgence 3 also comes with a lovely pastel pink design and a wonderfully supple and soft TPR construction. And as you should expect from any Decadent Indulgence vibrator, this device also comes with a fragrant scent that can only excite your hormones further.

One of the best features of Decadent Indulgence 3 is its rotating tip, which provides exquisite stimulation for the clitoris. And just to make sure your clitoris gets the action it deserves, there are also elephant trunk and ears attached to the body for tri-point stimulation. Along its veined shaft, you’ll also find three mind-blowing rows of rotating beads that operate nonstop until you’re out of your head with pleasure.

The control pad is equipped with glow-in-the-dark buttons and an instant on/off switch if you need a shortcut for beginning or ending your wonderful journey to sexual pleasure.

Add in five different vibrating functions or types, 10 speed levels and 10 different grades of rotation speed, you get more than 300 different ways to please yourself using Decadent Indulgence 3. Considering all that, you do have to admit that this device is decadent indeed, which is just the way you like it.

Slimline Passion Wave Jack Rabbit Vibrator

Slimline Passion Wave Jack Rabbit Vibrator

There are a lot of things to love with this efficiently designed sex toys. Firstly, it comes with a cordless, multispeed and multifunction operation, which gives you total control on how and when you want to reach your climax. It’s perfect for beginners, with a manageable length of five inches and a circumference of a little less than 5 inches. It is also safe to use in or with water.

This device is made of TPE, which gives it extreme durability and flexibility. It is also best used with water or silicone-based lubricants.

Krystal’s Strobing Bunny – G-spot and Clitoral Vibrator

Krystal's Strobing Bunny - G-spot and Clitoral Vibrator

The clitoral bunny has 7 functions: 3 levels of vibration, 1 level of escalation and 3 progressive patterns of pulsation. The crystal clear, beaded g-spot shaft has 6 independent speeds of rotation and a brilliant array of strobe lights.

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The Shark
August 1st, 2015 by admin

The Shark! is the first double dildo from Bad Dragon, and was launched as a beta test toy. Buy one, review it, and get some money back for providing your opinion. The minute I saw it, I had to have it. The design had drawn me in, and I was very curious and eager to see how something like this would feel. I had reviewed double dildos before, but nothing quite like this.

My shark came in a bright green and soft firmness. You can customize BD toys with all sorts of options such as various degrees of firmness, whatever color silicone you can dream of, various sizes, suction cups, and even cum tubes. Since this is a beta, not much was customizable, other than the firmness and color.


My BD toys always come in boxes just big enough to fit the toy inside. There’s never anything stating the contents, and the company name is nowhere to be seen. What you’ll find on the return address is the name “Jan Mulders” instead.

Inside was toy encased in a poly bag and cradled in purple tissue paper, along with the a beta tester team pin and a sample disc. On the bottom of the toy was a sticker stating that the toy was made in the US.

Size / Details

Okay, sizing for this toy is a little odd. Small means that you’re getting one half of it, and medium means that you’re getting both halves. Or, at least that’s what was being considered at the time. I got a medium, as that was the only one available during the “beta test” sale. There hasn’t been an official final release of this, and it’s not available for purchase since the beta ones sold out, so sizing could change, depending of in they do any redesigning.

Anyway, below you can see how it looks compared to a normal coffee mug. BD did offer these for sale at one time, but they haven’t gotten them back in stock since. It’s kind of a shame, since mine accidentally got broken at the handle… It’s super-glued in placed…

  • Length from Base to Tip: 7”
  • Inserteable Length: 5.5”
  • Max Circumference of Single Dildo: 4.5”
  • Max Circumference of Dildos Doubled: 8”
  • Circumference of Head: 3.75”
  • Diameter of Base: 5.25”
  • Max Diameter of Base Including Side Fins: 11”

Material / Firmness

This toy is made from pure, body-safe medical-grade silicone. This means that the toy is hypoallergenic, phthalates-free, latex-free, odorless, and tasteless. It can easily be sterilized and shared between partners.

BD’s silicone is customizable according to three different grades of firmness. I chose Soft (3), but you can also request Medium (5) or Hard (8).

If I were to get another one, I definitely wouldn’t get it in the Soft firmness again. It’s just too soft and flexible. I do regret that I didn’t ask for Medium firmness, as per usual. Why did I ask for Soft firmness? Well, I figured it would be more comfortable when trying to get both of those dildos into my vagina, plus my butt tends to prefer softer toys. While it’s true that is comfortable, it makes it a giant pain to attempt double penetration (anal + vaginal, and double anal more so than double vaginal).

Compatible Lubricant

I would not use anything other than water-based lubricants with this toy. Silicone-based lubes can bond to silicone toys, leaving a sticky, gummy mess. This is either due to poor quality in the silicone-based lubricant and/or toy. If you are set on using silicone-based lubricant, do a patch test first on the bottom of the base. Leave a drop on there and wait to see if things start to feel tacky. If they do, scrape that junk off and wash the toy thoroughly. Never use that lube on this toy again.

Texture / Design

(If I put it on my head like a hat, I look like an alien bug thing.)

The entire toy has a semi-matte finish, which is soft and smooth. There are a variety of ridges, bulges, and large flaps. The texture is mostly on the sides of the dildos facing towards the middle, and wraps around a little to one side. From the other side, you can’t really see the texture as much. The dildos are slightly turned so that some of the texture still remains on the outside, if you decide to push them together and use them as one dildo. The ridges don’t really help them stick to each other, if you decide to use them as one dildo. If lubed, they will slip and slide against each other.

You can see the texture, and details such as the urethra, a little better below. Although the ridges look prominent, the texture isn’t abrasive in the least. Also, although the head looks pointy, it’s so squishy that there’s no way it would hurt.

The texture between the two dildos is interesting, and it does add just a little, if I decide to rock around while riding this toy.

I can’t really say that the “fins” on the side really do anything for me. I think they’re mostly just for aesthetics. You could use them as handles, but they’ll be too slick to hold onto if you have lube on your hands.

The base is large and heavy enough to where it won’t really move around. If you leave this toy on a smooth surface, it’s likely to form a suction-like hold and stick there. That only goes for setting it down on a surface, not trying to stick it up somewhere. If you try to stick it up somewhere, there’s no way it will stay.

I never do anything really but ride this toy, since it’s easier for me. I’ve found the best place to put it is on the edge corner of a chair. Trying to use this with one hand is too tiring, and trying to use with with both hands is kind of awkward.


I was a little disappointed in the construction. It looked like it hadn’t been trimmed properly. Near one of the urethras, I found a tiny pearl of silicone. It was easy to clip off with a cuticle scissors, but it seemed a bit careless.

Only one side had this issue. It was really the only issue with quality that I found. At first, I had thought there was an issue with the dildos flopping to one side but, after looking at the product picture again, decided it was fine.

Otherwise, this toy is made of high-quality silicone, and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Double Penetration (Anal + Vaginal)

My first attempt at double penetration with this toy took over an hour and included lots of cussing, multiple positions, some silicone dick throttling with even more cussing, and a very strong urge to chuck the thing across the room. I was determined, though. After much frustration, I finally got the thing in both holes. Was it worth it? Yes and no. The payoff was excellent, but I just wanted to take a nap for hours after, and ended up stiff and sore the next morning (leg and arm muscles).

Vaginal Use

Single – A single dildo of this toy is a little on the slim side, compared to what I’m used to. The ridges feel nice, but one side isn’t enough to give me that really full feeling or provided any g-spot stimulation.

Depending on which direction this toy is used, you’ll get a different sensation. When using only one side, I always turn the toy sideways so that the other side either at my clit or anus. The two dildos aren’t really close enough for me to really rub against the second one, but it does provide a little bit of sensation during the ride. I’m tempted to say that two people could use this at once, as I think it might provide enough space between the dildos. Since I can’t test that, and since I think maybe part of that is due to me being so dang small and not taking up any space, I can’t really say for sure if that would work. Turned the other way with the other side at my anus, I would like to say that it slides over it and produces extra stimulation, but I’d be lying. Because the dildos slightly tilt to one side, there’s really no chance for rubbing stimulation between the cheeks to occur with no problem.

Double – As with double penetration with one dildo in each hole, double vaginal penetration is a little tricky. Even with each of the dildos held in one hand to line them up with my vaginal opening, I usually have to use another hand to make sure both tips go in. If I don’t, one dildo will go in, while the other just bends and slides right off instead.

I will say that it’s very filling and nice to ride. A word of caution for those with long labia, though, they have the possibility of getting caught between the two dildos and being pinched or tugged. Definitely not a great ending to play time, and enough to keep me from wanting to use this toy that way.

Anal Use

Single – Single use for anal is basically the only method I can achieve with this thing. Trying to get both sides in me at once is enough frustration to make me almost explode. Much like single vaginal use, I prefer to have the toy sideways, so that one of the sides is at my clit. The ridges feel wonderful, and a single dildo of this toy is really about the size that I’m most comfortable with for anal.

Double – It’s difficult enough for me to get both dildos to actually go in my vagina at once, and that’s not because I’m not experienced with larger toys; these things are just to soft and flexible. There’s no way I can get both in my butt at once.


Due to all the nooks and crannies, I prefer to send this toy through the dishwasher (sans detergent) or boil it for 5 minutes in a pot large enough so the toy doesn’t touch the sides. These methods, along with wiping with a 10% bleach solution or even using baby bottle sterilizing mix, are generally the best for sterilization. You could also use a mild soap and water. I would advise having a soft toothbrush handy to clean all the crevices.


I would store this toy upright in a place where it would not touch other toys, or gather lint or hair. Do not leave this toy in a place where it could be squished during storage.


I’m pretty sure if I had asked for the medium or hard firmness, this toy would probably be much less frustrating for me, in terms of double penetration. It’s still a pretty versatile toy. I doubt I’ll be using the two dildos together as one in my vagina, as the risk of pinching is way to high for me, and I don’t want to have to deal with that again.

So, to sum things up:

  • Anal + vaginal penetration = so frustrating to get in due to firmness, but possible and pleasurable
  • Single Vaginal = easy and pleasurable
  • Double Vaginal = labia pinching
  • Single Anal = fairly easy and pleasurable
  • Double Anal = not happening due to firmness

I’m not sure when the final version of this will be released, but I’ll keep you all posted! In the meantime, click below, or any of the green text, to go check out what else Bad Dragon has to offer!

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Tosu Two
May 1st, 2015 by admin

About a month ago, I had stumbled upon a link to the Tosu Two from the Bad Dragon forums. After reading through the description, I just had to try it out.

MEO describes the Tosu Two as “the smallest, virtually self-contained fucking machine in the world”. It’s a butt plug that is based on the principle of physics known as Newton’s Cradle. Many of you are probably familiar with the popular desktop toy to the right.

The Tosu Two has a tunnel that is filled with special precision-manufactured balls. These balls receive the momentum of the colliding ball and transmit it just like Newton’s Cradle, but the last ball can’t transmit the momentum and is set back into motion. The result of this is elastic thrusts where the kinetic energy and momentum are retained. For more sex toys reviews visit our friends from

General Info

Size: Length 140 mm (5 1/2″) x 50 mm (2″) Diameter

Tosu Two next to my Black & Decker kettle. They look lovely together, since they match so well. Would it be discreet enough to leave in the kitchen? I might be able to pass it off as a kitchen gadget… (I know, I’m weird.)

Weight: 1lb 3oz (556 grams)
Material: Aluminum (aeronautical grade)

Using the Tosu Two as a Butt Plug

Me: There’s just no way I can accomplish such a feat as fully inserting the Tosu Two. I’m just too petite, and my butt just can’t handle something that large that is completely solid. I think I got maybe about an inch or so of the tip in, but then I just had to give up. For your reference, that’s me holding the Tosu Two. Keep in mind that I have tiny hands and my wedding ring is a size 4.

The Tosu Two was intended more for my husband’s use but, of course, I wanted to try it out.

Hubby: Admittedly, the Tosu Two is much bigger than my husband has ever had. That being said, I don’t blame him for being intimidated by it, at first. After a good amount of working up to being able to accept the Tosu Two’s girth with some other anal toys and a lot of lube, we did manage to get it in him.

Needless to say, it’s very filling. He said it felt like a sort of pop, when he got it in all the way. That was probably due to the difference in size between the body of the plug and the neck that connects it to the base. A bit more of a taper would have helped. Due to the abrupt edge before the neck that connects it to the base, this may shock the sphincter muscles. He said it was a bit of a pain getting it out the first time. I think he’s learned to relax and take his time more after that first time.

Doing me doggie style with him bent over me so that he’s on all fours too is the best way to keep the little balls inside the Tosu Two rolling. With the proper thrusting, he said he could feel the balls moving inside the Tosu Two and causing a tapping sensation against his prostate, which is quite different from the vibrators we’ve tried out for his prostate stimulation. He hasn’t been able to climax with just this, but it does make sex and oral more intense for him.

There is a slight learning curve. You just have to figure out the perfect angle to have your butt at, and the perfect speed.

Using the Tosu Two as a Dildo… I will admit that it takes some warming up to get the whole thing in, but having the Tosu Two in my vagina with the vibrator at my clit is wonderful when orgasm hits. Because of the skinny neck before the base, my vagina sort of forms around it and that helps pull it in with every contraction of my muscles, therefore making orgasm even better. Pair that with the girth and I’m on cloud 9. This is stationary masturbation, though, with the Tosu Two acting as a vaginal plug.

I’ve tried kneeling on all fours on the bed with the Tosu Two in me, trying to rock the balls to deliver that kinetic energy deep inside, but my rhythm sucks. I can get it going perfectly for a little while, and then I get out of sync. It feels similar to my Fun Factory Smartballs, but the rolling of the balls in the Tosu Two is much stronger… and much louder. It’s actually excellent for kegels, but only when I’m laying down or sitting. It’s a little too heavy for my muscles to fight gravity and hold onto it. It would be really cool to train up to be able to do that, though. I may have to make that a goal of mine.

Noise: Metal against metal makes a decent amount of noise. Even when the Tosu Two is in me, the noise isn’t muffled much. If you have roommates and you don’t want them to know, or your apartment walls are thin, you may want to take the amount of noise it makes into consideration.


Since the Tosu Two in nonporous, you can just wash it with soap and water. Let it dry thoroughly, then store it in a safe place where it won’t get dented or scratched.


Included in the packing is a small black pamphlet of cleaning instructions in various languages, a sheet with the product description in various languages, and a card advertising their EZ2 FUCK lubricant. There was also a loose leaf catalogue of some of their products that was kept together by the shipping invoice.


Me: As a dildo, I adore the Tosu Two. It’s the perfect length, girth, and shape. As a butt plug, though, I can’t use it. It’s just too big; and I’d really love to try it anally… 100% fuck energy in my butt and my husband in my vagina? Yes, please!

Hubby: Despite having a good time with it, my husband says he could use the smaller size. It’s just too much for him to handle, right now.

I’m a little disappointed that I misjudged the amount that he could take, but in no way do I regret getting this size, since it makes such an excellent dildo for myself. That being said, I may need to add the Tosu One to my review list for him to use on a regular basis instead of the Tosu Two. Plus, I really would love to try it anally.

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Fun Factory Wanda Stub
March 28th, 2015 by admin

I had never really seen a good close-up of the Fun Factory Wanda before, so opening the package up was an interesting experience.

*looking inside the box* “It has eyes! Wait…it has eyes?” *takes Wanda out* “And eyebrows! Seriously?”
“It has eyes? Lemme see.”

*hands it to hubby* “See?”
“So it’s a worm? That’s an interesting thought.”

“What? Ew! No! Now you’ve got that in my head!”

Yeah, strangely enough, I love the idea of tentacles wriggling around in me, but the idea of a worm invading an orifice makes me a little freaked. However, Wanda isn’t realistic and I can push the image of a real worm out of my head because of the cartoonish look it has. Isn’t it cute?

Still, the smirk he had when he said it was an interesting idea was a little disturbing. Well… maybe if he thinks that’s an interesting idea I could start to feel a little more comfortable with finally letting him on my tentacle fetish… Or I could just pretend Wanda is a tentacle instead of a worm. Yeah, that works. That definitely works…

Wanda is one of the many green sex toys at (“green” meaning environmentally friendly, not the color) Reading through the package, Fun Factory makes a statement that Wanda is a stub and it’s up to me to decide whether to use the stub vaginally or anally. Okey dokey then.

Looking through all of the lubes on my nightstand (That picture is old. There’s lots more now), I decided a thicker lube would probably be better. Thinner lubes tend to bead up and run off smooth toys. I figured since Wanda was taking a trip to Tushie Town, a lube suited for anal would be most appropriate. I used Sliquid Sassy Booty.

I lubed Wanda up, gave it another look over and figured maybe I’ll just go ahead and try it vaginally before shoving it in my keister. I tried, it failed. The basic shape of Wanda just doesn’t feel right vaginally no matter which way I twist it. Having learned that, I set to inserting Wanda anally.

That went really well. In my experience, it feels best with the face pointing down towards the ground instead of up towards me. You may want to turn it around and see what feels best to you. Don’t worry about turning it around while it’s in you. Wanda is made of a very flexible and soft silicone, so it’s very gentle on your insides.

Wanda’s head is small (about the size of hubby’s pinky finger) and the bulges are gentle and easy to get past. There’s a very slight texture difference between the bumps and the spaces in between. The bumps are actually just a bit smoother. I assume the smoother texture is to allow them to slide in more easily. I haven’t been able to make it past the third bulge. I think that this is due mostly to the large base. I can’t squish it close enough between my cheeks to get the last bulge in. I do like the shape of the base, though. It makes it easy to hold on to.

Sliding in and out with plenty of lube, it didn’t take much imagination to pretend Wanda was a tentacle instead of a worm. Needless to say, I loved it. Still, I think it feels best when hubby’s handling Wanda. Straddling him cowgirl-style works best as he alternates between thrusting himself and thrusting Wanda in me. That caused some shuddering. And being the concerned hubby he is, he always asks me if I’m ok when I shudder. The shuddering is a good thing, a really good thing. Still, he gets concerned no matter what I tell him. Sweetie.

Material: Made from pure Silicone (If cared for properly, it will last a lifetime). That means it’s hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate-free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable, and completely nontoxic! Wh007!

Lube: For the most part, you should just use water-based lubes with silicone sex toys to be on the safe side. Some silicone-based lubes can cause silicone sex toys to melt and degrade.

Cleaning: soap and water, toy cleaner, toy wipes, boil for 3 minutes, submerge in a 10% bleach solution, or place it in the top rack of the dishwasher

Storage: Store in a place free of dust and not touching any other toys

Harness-Compatible: Yes.

Packaging: No problems. Fun Factory’s packaging is always simple and tasteful. Be sure to recycle your packaging! Sometimes Fun Factory’s packaging also has tiny magnets to secure flaps. They’re insanely strong, so I always dig them out of the cardboard and use the as magnets for our fridge.

Summary: 5/5 Wanda is a great anal probe for me, but the shape doesn’t work well for vaginal penetration. I have no qualms with just using it as an anal probe, though.

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Trojan Vibrations Tri-Phoria
February 7th, 2015 by admin

Some of you may remember my giveaway for Trojan Vibrations last month. They also sent me three vibrators, which I’ve been working on reviewing. The Trojan Vibrations Tri-Phoria Vibrator is a small, somewhat trumpet-shaped vibrator (which makes it easy to handle) that is equipped with three interchangeable tips; one plastic, the other two pure silicone. Trojan, of course, is more well-known for their condoms. However, they’ve been introducing quite a bit of vibrators to their line lately.

General Info

  • Waterproof
  • 5 speeds, 3 pulse patterns
  • Powered by 1 AA battery
  • Size: 5 x 3.2 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 9 oz.

Materials – Silicone & Hard Plastic

Most of the vibrator is made of hard plastic. The only bits that are silicone are two of the tips. This toy is phthalates-free, latex-free, and non-porous.

Hard Plastic Stimulator Tip

If you’re familiar with the classic Pocket Rocket, I’m sure you’re familiar with the design of this tip. The middle bump is supposed to pinpoint stimulation on the clitoris while the other bumps provide stimulation that surrounds it. I’ve never been big on Pocket Rockets, so this really isn’t my thing.

Silicone Flickering Tip

Despite what the directions have this tip labeled as, and what reviews I’ve seen on Amazon have said, this tip doesn’t flicker. At least, it doesn’t live up to my idea of flickering. It also surprised me to see people saying that this is better than oral that anyone could ever give. Umm…okay… Yeah, it’s flexible and sort of tongue-like, but it’s nowhere near being as flexible as a tongue. Of the three tips, this one does carry the vibrations the best, though.

Silicone Domed Tip

I liked this tip the least. It really doesn’t seem to carry the vibrations as well as the other two tips do. Unless I really press this tip into my clit, I don’t feel much at all. The ribbing on this tip is also very subtle, and it’s not easily felt. There’s a little bit of give to the material, but not much. I really have to pinch it to feel any give.

Noise Level

Set to the highest intensity, the Tri-Phoria rivals my husband’s electric shaver. The lowest setting is about as loud as his little trimmer, and can be heard through a closed door.

Vibration Level

It’s got a decent amount of power, maybe a 3.5 out of 5, but the vibrations are buzzy. Compared to the deeper vibrations of the G4 Big Boss that I reviewed, this vibe just doesn’t cut it for me.


In my opinion, toy wipes would probably be the best method of cleaning. You could, however, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. Since it’s waterproof, you could also just wash it with soap and warm water. Be sure to remove the tips, so you can clean every bit of the vibrator and tips.


The Tri-Phoria comes with it’s own storage pouch for safe keeping. I would recommend using the storage pouch over other methods of storage. Do not let it come into contact with other sex toys (melting can occur when toys touch for extended periods of time), and don’t expose it to extreme heat or cold.


I’ve tried to like the Tri-Phoria, but it’s really not my cup of tea. I really only like one of the tips, and the noise from the buzzy vibrations is just so distracting. The controls irritate me a bit, too. Plus, the packaging was one of the most obnoxious I’ve had to open, given my 4 years of reviewing sex toys. Other than that, the materials are safe, and it’s easy to clean.

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Heart’s Desire Warming Massager
January 28th, 2015 by admin

The Heart’s Desire Warming Massager made by Classic Erotica is designed to add a warm touch for a more sensual massage. It’s a reusable liquid heart-shaped pouch that turns to a warm solid with the click of a little metal disk.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really wanting the Heart’s Desire Warming Massager for massage purposes. Well, not entirely. Acquiring a reusable, portable, hand-warming thing for the Winter was also on my agenda.


The packaging is fairly simple. A printed sleeve with some information and the product picture is wrapped around the outside of a white box, which holds the massager that is sealed in a clear plastic bag. Be careful cutting open the bag, so you don’t cut or puncture the massager. Although the packaging does make the massager look like it has text and lingerie screen-printed onto it, the massager is devoid of any design. Although I like it better without anything on it, as it is more discreet, the packaging should accurately represent the product.

The packaging doesn’t state anything about the material. It’s also faking being bilingual. On the front, you’ll see the word “reusable” in English and French. The only other French on this packaging is to state that the item was made in China. None of the instructions or warnings are written in French, everything is in English. So, what exactly was the point of including two snippets of French, if the more important information isn’t translated, as well? English is my mother tongue, and I don’t speak French, but this really irks me.

The instructions on the packaging are fairly well-written, and the warnings seem to cover pretty much everything. However, instead of 130°F (54°C), the instructions say 129°F (54°C).


The box says nothing about the material, but EdenFantasys product page says it’s PVC, and I wholeheartedly believe them. You can definitely tell… Phthalates stink, ahoy! This thing smells like a new shower curtain, and my head just doesn’t appreciate something like that.

After a little research, I found out that the massager is filled with sodium acetate and water. If the massager ever leaks, you don’t have to worry. Sodium acetate is non-toxic, and is also used as a food additive.
So, yay that the contents are safe, at least. Can’t say the same for the heart pouch.


At 5” long x 5” wide, this massager is actually about the size of one of my hands (I have small hands..). It might be a nice size for most to use for massage, but it doesn’t really fit in the palm of my hand. It’s a little bulky for me.

How It Works

This massager is what is considered a sodium acetate heat pad. It contains both sodium acetate and water. Sodium acetate is great at supercooling, and “freezes” at 130°F (54°C). It can exist as a liquid at much lower temperatures, and is very stable. Once that little metal disk is clicked, though, it forces the molecules into a solid state. At this point, the rest of the liquid hurries to solidify, too. This spikes the temperature up to 130F.

Below, you can see the little metal disk, and the massager in the process of solidifying.

You can boil the massager for 7-10 minutes (however long it takes to fully return it to a liquid state) and melt all the crystals that formed. If you don’t melt all the crystals, they’ll just reform without even clicking the disk. Wait until the massager has cooled completely before boiling it. Carefully remove it with non-piercing tongs and allow to cool before using again. Do not microwave this thing. After it cools, you can just click the metal disk and turn the massager into a warm solid again.


Watching the crystals form, after clicking the disk, is actually very entertaining to me. Maybe I’m just easily amused, but I find it interesting. It takes maybe about 5 seconds for the whole thing to solidify, but… it’s not solid. Instead of something rock-hard, like a warmer I had tried before, this thing remains somewhat soft. It’s almost like pressing on partially compacted snow.

The warmth lasts about an hour before it seems to start fading. It’s not super hot. Although the instructions state to test the massager out on a small area of the body for comfort, prior to full application, I haven’t found too hot for comfort. Really, I’ve taken hotter showers.

It’s alright for massage, but the edges are a little on the sharp side. They’re like the edges of clamshell packaging, only softer. They shouldn’t be a problem, for the most part, but I felt I should mention it. Also, I would use some massage oil, or some sort of lubricant, to make gliding it over the skin easier. Since it’s PVC, it’s compatible with any massage oil or lubricant.


First of all, I’m not keeping this thing. I wreaks like phthalates, and I can’t stand it. It works as intended, but the material isn’t very safe. It’s also not as warm as I had hoped for. This is getting packaged up and is going right out the door. Plus, the packaging’s failed attempt at being bilingual, and the lack of information about the material irk me.

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Dotted Delight
January 7th, 2015 by admin

I can honestly say, the main reason I asked to review the Dotted Delight is because it reminds me of a tentacle. Just the way it curves and the way the dots are placed makes me think naughty tentacle thoughts.

The first thing I noticed when I took my Dotted Delight out of the box was that the color is off. Instead of purple with a metallic red sheen, my Dotted Delight has more of blue metallic sheen to it. I’m sure coloring does vary due to the nature of metallics, but red and blue are quite a difference.

Really, the coloring is beautiful, but I feel that the product picture is a misrepresentation of what the Dotted Delight really looks like.


The Dotted Delight is silicone. The bullets are ABS.


Only use non-silicone-based lubes on the Dotted Delight. Silicone-based lubes can melt and degrade silicone toys.


The Dotted Delight is your average silicone dildo, firm but bendable. It’s not very plush, but you can give a squeeze.

The base and half the length of the shaft are covered in little raised dots. Remember those candy buttons from your childhood? They’re about as big as those are. They may look a little rough, but they’ll be fine with a good coat of thick lube. The rest of the Dotted Delight is smooth and shiny.


Dimensions: 7″ x 1 1/2″ (17.78 cm x 3.81 cm)

The length is fine, but I’d like it a bit thicker. The first time I tried out the Dotted Delight was when my husband suggested it during sex after a day trip last week. The sex was great, but the Dotted Delight just wasn’t big enough to satisfy me and I had to go back in the bedroom for something bigger. Really, that’s a bit of my own preference, though. It’s about the size of an average dildo. Also, I wouldn’t mind the dots at the base jutting out a bit further to make it easier to grind against them.

The shape works well for g-spot stimulation, and anally for prostate stimulation.

Harness Compatible

Yes, the Dotted Delight is harness compatible. Would I recommend it? Well, you wouldn’t want to leave the bullet in the base if you’re planning on using the Dotted Delight in a harness. Since the bullet sticks out, that’s going to be pushing into you every time you thrust into your partner. Not fun. It would be best to only insert the clitoral bullet, but I have a feeling that will probably get in the way, too.


In the base, you’ll see two spots for bullet vibrators to be inserted.

The Clitoral Bullet: This bullet delivers a decent amount of vibrations through the dots but starts to weaken past them. Since the dots can be a little awkward to position to grind again, the fact that the clitoral bullet sticks out helps with clitoral stimulation.

The Base Bullet: This bullet delivers vibrations through the base of the Dotted Delight, but doesn’t carry them well to the head. More stimulation is felt around the vaginal opening than at the g-spot.

Both waterproof bullets are 1-speed and average in intensity, nothing special. The silicone muffles the vibrations fairly well, so it’s at about the same sound level of a cell phone.


The packaging is bright and clean; no naked people or cheesy sayings. It’s a simple clam shell plastic package with plastic insert that holds the Dotted Delight and its bullet in place, and a shiny green insert that lists all the basic information.


Dotted Delight: use a mild soap and warm water, toy cleaner, wipe with a 10% bleach solution, boil for 3 minutes, or place it in the top rack of the dishwasher

Bullets: Since they are waterproof, you can use soap and water, a toy cleaner, or wipe them with a 10% bleach solution.


Always store batteries separate from vibrators to prevent corrosion damage from expired batteries. Store the Dotted Delight away from dust where it won’t be touching any other toys.

My Opinion

Overall, the Dotted Delight is a decent toy, but there could be some improvements for me in terms of girth, vibration levels, and how far the dotted area on the base sticks out. Also, the color issue bothers me a little still.

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Cole, the Dane Dildo from Bad Dragon
November 11th, 2014 by admin

I have to admit that I immediately fell in lust with Cole. It was something I absolutely had to review from Bad Dragon. Because it has a thicker, shorter shaft than Razor, I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult for me to take the knot, and the thickness of it looked perfect, not to mention how awesome the Hot Poker color looked in the product photos.

You can customize Bad Dragon toys in pretty much any way you can think of. There are four sizes, three levels of firmness, and whatever coloration your heart desires. You’ve also got the option of adding a cum tube, so Cole can squirt you with Bad Dragon’s Cum Lube.

My Cole is small, medium (5) firmness, and has the color option of Hot Poker. Keep in mind that my hand is tiny. I wear a size 4 wedding ring (which could still be sized down a bit), so sex toys I hold generally look huge.


Colors: Anything you can imagine

Sizes: small, medium, large and extra large (A full size chart of detailed measurements for all sizes is available on the product page.)

Density: Comes in soft, medium, or hard. Mine was medium, which means the tip is nice and soft. Don’t let that point fool you.

Cum Tube: Available for medium, large, and extra large

Harness Compatible: It depends on what size you’d get, but mine certainly is.

Anal Safe: Yes.

The coloring is gorgeous, and even more impressive in person that I thought it would be. From the product pictures, I though the Hot Poker color option was just plain pigmentation. Wrong. It’s actually pearlescent, which adds a whole new dimension to the coloring. Also, since it reminds me so much of a tequila sunrise, I just couldn’t help myself…

It’s a bit difficult for my camera to really pick up on the beauty of the pearlescence, but it seems to have done a decent job of capturing it on the base. To the left, you can see how the pearlescent swirls shimmer in the light. Since the bottom of the base is glossy, it’s much easier to see there.


All Bad Dragon toys are pure silicone, meaning they are phthalate-free, latex-free, and completely body-safe. Since it is non-porous, this toy can be shared, but should be sterilized before sharing, unless you plan on putting a condom over it. Beware that lubricated condoms are often lubricated with silicone-based lubricant, which can damage silicone sex toys.


Use only water-based lube with Cole. Silicone-based lubes have been said to damage silicone sex toys. Bad Dragon does carry Cum Lube, which mimics the look and feel of cum, but the formula has parabens. Just a warning for those who may be sensitive to those ingredients.

Texture / Firmness

Cole has a few softly accented veins, and a visible urethra. There isn’t much of a lip to the head, which also means that the frenulum is hardly visible. There’s a plump corpus spongiosum leading down to the knot. As for the base, there are a few wrinkles, but no other texture that would mimic hair or anything. The whole toy has a matte finish, and a very light texturing that makes the surface soft and sort of skin-like.

I choose mine to be made in the medium firmness. As mentioned earlier, Bad Dragon is able to make three grades of firmness in their silicone toys. I can squeeze and bend it easily, but it has some resistance. It can easily stand on its own, and its not floppy in the least bit. If you’re trying to determine how soft/hard medium firmness is, make a muscle and squeeze it with your hand. That’s what it feels similar to for me, but I’m no body builder.

Vaginal Use

Cole has quickly become one of my favorites. In the short time I’ve had it, I’ve lost count of how many masturbation sessions it’s been in. The small size that I have is about the size of a typical dildo and works well with my petite frame. I’m only 5’1” and 98lbs, so I can’t take much.

Lubing Cole up is no problem. All of the water-based lubes that I have cling to the surface nicely, due to the slight matte texture. The pointed tip is actually very soft, and makes insertion easy. I’ve had no issues with it jabbing my cervix. The tip is very soft, and easily squished by just one of my fingers. Don’t let it scare you.
Upon first insertion, and for about a dozen or so thrusts, I can only get Cole in up to the knot. I’m not complaining, though. The stimulation that my labia get from the pounding of the knot trying to enter me is wonderful. And the pop when the know finally goes in? Oh…my…goodness… Knotting this toy is what keeps me coming back to it again and again and again… I should have gotten a more canine-ish dildo a long time ago. The knot works beautifully to massage the walls of my vagina, and is very filling. And yes, at just the right angle, it can stimulate my g-spot.

The base is fairly compact, which makes it easy to hold onto, and keeps it out of the way when a clitoral vibrator is wanted. It’s also easy for my husband to control while thrusting it in me. Occasionally, he’ll have me lie on my back, then he’ll straddle my chest so I can suck him off while he’s thrusting a toy in me. Having him in control and forcing the knot in me was definitely eye-opening. Really good sex that night…

Anal Use

I have to admit that neither of us have been able to knot Cole anally. It’s just too much for me, and hubby just doesn’t have the patience. Getting the 3.5” before the knot in, however, is very easy and comfortable. The pointed tip makes it easy to guide in, and the firmness is just right to be comfortable for either one of us. I can’t say that it’s much for prostate stimulation, but it does provide a little for him. He’s a rather large man, 6’5”, so you might want to take that into consideration.

Compared to Razor

In the email announcing Cole’s release, Bad Dragon compared it to Razor, so I thought it only fitting to do a little comparison myself. The Razor in the photo below is from Bad Dragon’s Adoptions Page. It has a slight gouge out of the head where the urethra is, so that’s why it was being discounted. All toys on their Adoptions Page are only slightly imperfect, so they couldn’t be sold at full price. That means you can get some really good deals for only minor imperfections. Anyway, it’s a medium, which isn’t usually the size I go for. Why the medium? Well, it has a cum tube, and I figured I might as well get the extra feature since it was on sale. (Review to come later.)

Of course, it’s not a perfect comparison, since Razor is medium and Cole is small, but I think you get the general idea. Actually, if you take a look at the size chart on each toy’s product page, you’ll see that a small Razor is much smaller than a small Cole. A medium Razor is closer in size to a small Cole, as is evident in the photo above. You can see there’s a similar head shape and vein pattern. The upper shaft on Cole has more girth to it than Razor’s, although Razor’s knot is more bulbous.

Cleaning / Storage

Warm water and soap, top rack dishwasher-safe, wipe with a 10% bleach solution, boil for 3 minutes, or even use baby bottle sterilizing mix.

I recommend boiling it or placing it in the dishwasher over other methods. There’s nooks and crannies where bodily fluids or lube may be tricky to get out.

Dry the toy with a lint-free cloth or allow it to air-dry before storage. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it out in the open, as it can gather lint or dust. I generally make fabric pouches out of swimsuit material, and then store my toys in the pouches wherever they won’t get squished. Do not store toys touching each other.


Cole came sealed in a plastic bag in a discreet box with lots of packing peanuts to keep everything safe and purple tissue paper. The return address on the package said “Jan Mulders”. There was nothing to make it obvious what was in the package. Also, the box it came in was about as small as you could get without squishing the toy. It’s nice when companies don’t waste packaging.


Cole is everything I’ve come to expect from Bad Dragon, and even more. Although it hasn’t swayed my vote one way or the other, the pearlescent coloring is definitely a bonus. As always with my toys from Bad Dragon, Cole was skillfully made and is just the right size and firmness for me. And the design is something I could gush about for ages (in every sense of the word “gush”). The knot is definitely easier to take than that of Razor’s, and the length and girth of the shaft work well to my advantage.

Cole has definitely gotten a lot of use, so far, and has plenty of play time ahead. If you want of your own, you can click the banner below.

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Elden, the Faerie Dragon Dildo
September 29th, 2014 by admin

Elden, the Faerie Dragon is a pure silicone, totally customizable dildo that is actually a toy designed by a forum member and brought to life by Bad Dragon.

You can customize Bad Dragon toys in almost every way imaginable. This particular toy comes in three sizes, three levels of firmness that can be custom mixed, and whatever coloration your heart desires. You can add a suction cup but, due to the complexity of the base and shape of the toy, you can’t have a cum tube added.

My Elden is size Small and a Medium (5) firmness. It was on Bad Dragon’s Adoptions Page as a Surprise Me color, so it’s mostly sort of a royal purple with a splash of lilac on one side of the base.

Just so you know, I wear a size 4 wedding ring. My hand is tiny, and this is basically about the size of my hand. The shaft below the head is actually only a little bit wider than my thumb. I’d say it’s about the size of my husband’s size 10 thumb.


Colors: Anything your heart desires. They can do splits, fades, and all kinds of awesome color jobs.

Sizes: small, medium, and large (A full size chart of detailed measurements for all sizes is available on the product page.)

Density: Comes in Soft (3) , Medium (5) , or Hard (8). You can also do splits of those, which means a harder core and softer outer layer.

Cum Tube: Not available for this toy.

Suction Cup: Available for all sizes

Harness Compatible: It depends on what size you’d get, but mine certainly is. Small is a little short for harness play, in my opinion.

Anal Safe: Definitely. And in the Small size that I got, it’s great of a butt plug.


All Bad Dragon toys are pure silicone. That means they’re all phthalate-free, latex-free, and completely body-safe. Since it is non-porous, this toy can be shared, but should be sterilized before sharing, unless you plan on putting a condom over it.

If you plan to put a condom over it, keep in mind that lubricated condoms are often lubricated with silicone-based lubricant, which can damage silicone sex toys.

Of course, there’s no smell or taste. Also, it warms quickly to body temp, after being inserted. If you want to warm it before that, just place it in a bath of warm water. Be careful, though, you don’t want to get it too hot.


Use only water-based lube with Elden. Silicone-based lubes have been said to damage silicone sex toys. Bad Dragon does carry Cum Lube, which mimics the look and feel of cum, but the formula has parabens. Just a warning for those like me who are allergic to parabens.

Texture / Firmness

Elden has a semi-matte finish and is loaded with different textures. Each side shaft has a series of ridges that travel down it, accompanied by somewhat scalloped edges that lead down to a dotted knot. Below the knot, the tendrils (not visible in the picture to the right) run down almost to the pebbly base.

Medium (5) firmness is very similar to how to the amount of squish my arm has when I try to make a muscle. The shaft can easily be bent in any direction, but it doesn’t flop over when the toy is stood up. The firmness that I chose prevents the pointed head from poking me in an uncomfortable manner. It’s easily squished.


If you’ve been lusting after a knotted toy, but they’ve all looked too big or had too abrupt of a knot, a Small Elden might just be the toy for you.

The pointed head with a somewhat defined urethra is only slightly bigger than the shaft, which tapers into the knot. Of course, there’s a nice amount of space between the knot and base to be able to properly knot this dildo.
The base is rather modest, and nice to grind against. To me, the size of the base and the amount of squish that it has makes it very comfortable to hold onto.

The various textures can be seen in images throughout this review.

Vaginal Use

Alright, Elden in size Small definitely isn’t the size I’m accustomed to for vaginal penetration, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still enjoy it. The pointed head and slim shaft make it very easy for insertion. In Medium (5) firmness, the tip is quite squishy and doesn’t poke at my cervix at all. Since the shaft tapers into the knot, it makes it fairly easy to take. It’s still a little bit of effort for me, but nowhere near the amount of time and warming up it takes with some of my larger knotted toys from BD.

For the most part, I prefer to have the side with the “tendrils” (those things that look like antennae that start at the knot and go down the shaft to the base) towards my g-spot. This, paired with the ridges on the shaft, provides some extra stimulation. I don’t quite notice those textures as much, if I turn the toy around. I’m sure if I bought this in a larger size, I’d notice the textures more, but the Small has a shaft only a little wider than my thumb.

The base is fairly modest and easy to hold onto. The thing I love about it is the texture sort of cradles my clitoris, making it great for grinding. I do have to angle it to get it to reach my clit, though. Those who have larger anatomy than me – I’m only 5’1” and 98lbs – may find it more difficult to get it in the right position to grind against.

Below, you can see what I mean about the texture of the base. See how the two nubs sort of make a cradle for my clit?

Anal Use

Elden is one of my few toys from Bad Dragon that fits fairly easily up my bum. I won’t say, however, that this is a good anal toy for beginners. Despite how easily the pointed tip and slim shaft slide in, it’s a little more work getting past the bulge of the knot. The slight taper and squish of the firmness that I chose does help some, but you’ll probably want to take things slow to warm up to it. Once past the knot, which just pops right in, Elden stays right in place.

The amount of shaft between the knot and perfect. Unlike some toys where it feels like they’re on the verge of being expelled, Elden sits just far enough in my anal cavity to be comfortably pleasurable.

This is a great plug for me for solo or partner play. I’ve never had it come out during orgasm, and it’s very comfortable. If I want to keep it in for a few hours, maybe even sit down to write a little in that time, it’s still comfortable. I can sit any which way I want, or position myself any way I want, and there’s no discomfort. Of course, a lot of this is due to the size and firmness that I chose for myself.

Personally, I do like the firmness that I chose in this size. Some may find that Medium (5) in a size Small may be a little too flexible for insertion, though. Honestly, I do find it a bit too flexible, but it’s nice for partner play. Aside from making things more comfortable for me, it also prevents the base from irritating my husband’s shaft. Depending on how I have the toy turned, the base may get in the way of vaginal penetration just slightly. However, the base is flexible and soft enough that it just adds a little extra stimulation for my husband.

Remember, always use plenty of water-based lube and take your time warming up to anal toys. No need to rush things and cause any harm.

Cleaning / Storage

  • warm water and soap
  • top rack dishwasher-safe
  • wipe with a 10% bleach solution
  • use baby bottle sterilizing mix
  • boil for 5-10 minutes

Personally, I prefer to boil Elden. This will get rid of any surface bacteria, and it keeps anything from building up in all the nooks and crannies. If you plan to wash it by hand, be extra thorough where the shaft attaches to the base and with the texture on the base. Fluids tend to easily build up in these spaces.

Dry the toy with a lint-free cloth, or allow it to air-dry before storage. I would definitely dry it instead of leaving it out for long to air-dry. Left out in the open, it can easily gather lint, dust, and/or hair. Store your toy in a clean, dry place where it won’t get squished or touch other toys.


Elden came in a discreet, plain brown box with the return address on the package as “Jan Mulders”. There was nothing to make it obvious what was in the package, and the box was just large enough to hold the contents. Inside the box was Elden, sealed in a plastic bag, and a rather beautiful blue metallic sample disk. Both of these were wrapped in purple tissue paper.


If you’re wanting an easy toy to knot, and prefer smaller toys, this would be a great choice. Of course, the texture on this toy is definitely a a nice feature. Don’t be intimidated by it. Medium (5) is perfect for the texture to be felt without it being too extreme.

I think if I were to get another one of Elden, the Faerie Dragon, I’d probably get the Medium size, just to see how it would compare to some of my other knotted toys like Razor and Cole. Since the small isn’t quite as filling for vaginal penetration, I tend to prefer it for a butt plug. A medium, though, would be great for me for vaginal use.

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Bad Dragon’s The Breeder Dildo
July 11th, 2014 by admin

Ah, The Breeder… You’d think that this dildo would be a staple in collections of Bad Dragon sex toy fans. The rounded, yet tapered head for easy penetration, the soft ridges along the gradually increasing shaft, and girthy knot… I’ve been wanting to review it for quite a while now. I find it interesting that it’s not one of the more popular models.

BD specializes in the weird and the wonderful. They have a wide range of fantasy dildos that cater to various fetishes, and the amount of customization options can be enough to tie your brain in knots over what exactly you want. All of their sex toys are made from pure, body-safe silicone, with loads of features to pick from.

Colors: Anything you can imagine, including pearlescent and glow-in-the-dark

Sizes: small, medium, and large (A full size chart of detailed measurements for all sizes is available on the product page.)

Density: Comes in soft, medium, or hard. Mine is medium. You can also do a split firmness, making the base and shaft a different firmness from each other.

Cum Tube: A cum tube is not available for this toy because of the size and shape of the base.

Suction Cup: Available for all sizes

Harness Compatible: It depends on what size you’d get. I can get the small that I have in a harness. Due to the flexibility of the base, I would assume that you would be able to get even one of these dildos in large in a harness. That’s just guessing, though. So, don’t hold me to that.

Anal Safe: Yes.

I’ve actually had this toy and this particular coloring in my head for quite a while. I was so excited to finally get my hands on one, and couldn’t wait to see the package on my doorstep so I could check out the coloring.
The royal purple to black fade that I had been dreaming of turned out beautifully! It only occurs to me now, while writing this, and looking at the photo to the right, that I could have asked for this fade in pearlescent colors… I was too excited about getting this fade and totally forgot they do pearlescent. Oops…heh.. Well, maybe for another one in the future.

Although it looks fairly large, you should keep in mind that my hands are tiny. I wear a size four wedding ring that will slide right off my finger, if my hands are wet. I’m very petite; 5’1” and about 98lbs, actually.

What I have is a small in a medium (5) firmness and custom royal purple to black fade. I didn’t get a suction cup with it.


All Bad Dragon toys are made from phthalates-free, latex-free, body-safe silicone. Because this material is non-porous, it can be shared between partners, if sterilized in-between uses. You could also use a condom to keep it clean, using a fresh condom for each partner, but be careful what condoms you get. Many lubricated condoms can have silicone-based lubricant, which has the possibility of damaging silicone toys.

Compatible Lubricants

Use only water-based lubricants with this dildo. Silicone-based lubricants don’t always play nice with silicone toys, and can cause a tacky, gummy mess.

If you absolutely have to use silicone-based lubricants, do a patch test on the base first. Leave a drop on the base for a while, then check to see if anything has gotten tacky or gummy. If you discover that it has, wash and/or scrape that stuff off and use another lube. BD generally includes a sample disc of silicone in varying firmness with your purchase. So, you may want to use that to test out lubes.

BD carries Cum Lube, which is a lube designed to mimic the look and feel of cum. Both formulas have parabens, though. (Review of Bad Dragon Cum Lube)

Firmness / Texture

Since I chose a medium (5) firmness, that means that the dildo is soft, but not overly so. I would compare it to something a little firmer than the typical gummy candies. I can easily squish it, and even stretch it (although I shouldn’t be stretching it, but hey, this is testing for review’s sake). It’s very flexible, and I can bend it back on itself with just one finger. Generally a medium (5) produces something similar to the feeling of a real erection. However, since this dildo is thinner than most others from BD, medium (5) ends up feeling kind of like soft (3). So, just keep that in mind.

The surface is a semi-matte finish, and has a very light skin-ish texture to it. It’s easiest to see that in the photo of the base in the next section.


For those who prefer their toys on the thinner side, The Breeder may be a good intro to Bad Dragon sex toys. The small, slightly pointed head, along with the tapered body, is a great way to work up to larger toys, with the head being only 1” in diameter, and the largest part of the shaft being 1.75” in diameter. I had been wanting this with mostly anal in mind, as it’s always nice to have a variety of anal toys to work up to larger ones or my husband.

Beneath the head, which has a gently defined urethra and corona, is a series of three ridges before a subtle knot. A very light vein is visible on the shaft between the base and knot. The other side of the shaft also has these soft ridges, along with a slightly raised, ridged line down the length of the shaft, starting from the frenulum.

The base has sort of an eye shape to it, and is rather small. I find it easy to hold onto, and it doesn’t tire my hand. Unfortunately, it’s not wide enough to easily grind on. The edge of the base hits just below my clitoris, when the shaft is fully inserted to the base. That means I have to make sure not to fully insert it to the base, and tilt the base forward to get it to meet my clitoris. The other end of the base does reach my perineum, though, and feels a bit like a wet tongue against it when lubricated.

Vaginal Use

If I’m not properly lubed, the tip of this dildo will wobble around, and I’ll get the shaft in about half of the way. Well-lubed, it’ll slide in with no issues, just using one hand. Of course, the knot takes a little warming up to, but it’s not much bigger than the graduated shaft, making it easy to take.

Using this dildo with the frenulum facing upwards towards my clit doesn’t quiet feel as comfortable as using it facing the other way. For some reason, inserting it this way feels just a little odd.. like the tip gets bent back on itself or something.. and the angle of the knot isn’t quite right..

Turned the other way around, though, with the frenulum facing my perineum, it’s very comfortable. There’s no poking or folding feeling, and the angle of everything is just right. The knot puts a nice pressure on my vaginal opening and g-spot, making the dildo feel more filling.

There’s definitely enough space between the knot and the base for me to get it in successfully. I can’t say it’s a tying toy for me, though. For me, it’s better suited to moderate thrusting, as the knot really isn’t large enough to feel locked into me. Still, it does feel good.

Despite the ridges on the shaft, and the sort of spine on the underneath, I don’t really feel any of it. It all feels very smooth to my vagina, like there’s no texture at all. The only thing I really notice is the difference in size and the shape of the knot. Otherwise, what ridges?

Anal Use


The upper shaft of this is pretty flexible, which can make anal penetration a little tricky. With plenty of lube, and the use of both hands, though, it’s not that bad to get in. The small, pointed head easily slips in, and the gradual size increase is great for working up to larger things. I can get up to about the third ridge after the head, upon first entry, but it takes a little time to work on getting that knot in. And once that knot goes in, it won’t come out without some coaxing.

Since I’m fairly petite, the majority of the shaft feels decently filling to me. Past the knot, it’s definitely filling. And, due to the softness and flexibility of this toy, it’s very comfortable.

This is an excellent toy for double penetration. Since that was the main reason I was wanting it, I was happy to find it to be a perfect anal addition to vaginal penetration with my husband. Being petite, I have issues fitting him and anything too large in me at the same time. This dildo is the perfect size, although I prefer not to take the knot during double penetration. Having the knot banging against my back door does add to the excitement, though, and the amount of the shaft that I’m able to insert is perfect. I still can’t feel the ridges. My husband says he can feel the pressure of this dildo against him when they’re both penetrating me.


I had my husband attempt to insert this dildo anally a few times, but he was a little fussy about it. He wouldn’t use enough lube, and he wouldn’t let me help. That, paired with the fact that the upper portion of the dildo is very flexible, made it difficult for him to get it in. He said he got it in about halfway at most, and the shaft felt pretty smooth. He also said it felt like it was poking him, but couldn’t pinpoint to me where.

He kind of goes through phases of being comfortable with anal, and not being comfortable with anal. So, when he feels more open again, I’ll have to have him try this again and update the review.

Cleaning / Storage

Wash this dildo with a mild soap (check for silicone derivatives) and warm water. It’s also dishwasher-safe for the top rack, can be wiped with a 10% bleach solution, or boiled for 3-5 minutes.

Washing it by hand isn’t too bad, but you’ll need to pay a little closer attention to the nooks and crannies of the base. Boiling or sending it through the dishwasher is easier, and better guarantees a full sterilization.

Dry this dildo with a lint free towel (I usually just use a paper towel), or allow it to fully air-dry before storage. Silicone can easily gather dust, lint, and hair, so keep it somewhere it will be safe from this. Don’t let this toy get squished or touch other toys (toys of varying materials can cause reactions when touching).


All of my packages from BD have been discreet. There’s never anything on the box to let anyone know the contents, and the return address always says “Jan Mulders” instead of the company name.

Inside was the Breeder, along with a sample disc and a bottle of the white version of their Cum Lube. These were wrapped in the usual purple tissue paper, with the rest of the box filled with packing peanuts. The sample disc is a hard (8) firmness in a metallic gunmetal gray.


I’m kind of disappointed, because it feels smoother than I thought it would. I was really looking forward to how the ridges would feel, but I just don’t notice them during vaginal or anal penetration. It may have been better for me to choose the 8 firmness instead of 5, but I’m not sure how much of a difference that would really make.
The Breeder isn’t one of my favorite dildos from Bad Dragon for vaginal penetration, but I love it for anal. Since anal was the original intention for getting this, I’d say I’m happy with it. Would I sacrifice the comfort of the medium (5) firmness for a hard (8 ) firmness just to see how the ridges feel? I’m not sure. My butt tends not to like firmer toys, but I suppose I might try it sometime down the road. We’ll see.

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Winston’s Tail Dildo
June 6th, 2014 by admin

Some of you may remember, about a year and a half ago, I had asked the talented shop dragons at Bad Dragon to whip me up a TailStretcher to match what my husband thinks he looked like as a dragon in a past life. Although I love my TailStretcher, I couldn’t resist asking for another rendition of my husband’s tail, when Winston’s Tail was released.

You can customize Bad Dragon toys in pretty much any way you can think of. There are four sizes, three levels of firmness, and whatever coloration your heart desires.

My Winston’s Tail is small, medium (5) firmness, and is made of beautiful red and silver metallic silicone. I have to say that I’m really pleased with the result. It turned out absolutely gorgeous, and even better-looking than my TailStretcher. (And yes, I will compare the two, later on in the review. Naturally, images are included!)


Winston’s Tail has a matte finish, which holds onto lube nicely. Each side has small, smooth little bumps. The silver belly scales, or plating, are scalloped, as you would expect on a normal dragon. You can see those better in the previous image. The one to your left shows off the back ridges better. It’s almost sort of like having a string of anal beads going down it, but they’re more subtle.

Since I chose my Winston’s Tail in the medium (5) firmness, it’s soft without being floppy. I can easily bend it, and the tip isn’t pokey at all. Jabbing pointy toys at your cervix can be very uncomfortable, but the tip on mine is soft and gentle. I have no issues with it bending, while trying to insert it vaginally, but I do have to steady the tip a bit, when inserting it anally.

Aww.. I Love You, Too!

Okay, aside from the colors of my Winston’s Tail reminding me of Valentine’s Day, for some reason, the base actually looks kind of like a heart! I may be a little weird, but this is actually really cute, to me.
The top of the base basically looks like part of Winston’s hindquarters have been cut off right before where the anus is.

I like this for two reasons:
1. When I set Winston down on the table, it looks like a small dragon tried to use a defective teleporter and got it’s molecules stuck through the surface of the table.
2. It’s not flared all the way around like some toys, so it’s easy to grip it and rest my thumb on one of those partial butt cheeks.

Vaginal Use

Winston’s Tail is a bit slimmer than what I’d normally insert, but the tentacle-like appearance and feel make up for that. It’s perfect to wiggle around down there, and it will transfer vibrations fairly well, if a vibe is held to it. If I decide to use this vaginally, it’s best just for teasing, since I’m used to thicker things.

Anal Penetration

Honestly, I asked for this tail with anal penetration in mind, not vaginal. That being said, I’ve used it way more anally than vaginally.

Since it’s a little slimmer than my TailStretcher, Winston’s Tail is even easier for me to get in. All it needs is a nice coat of lube and in it goes. Unlike a lot of my anal toys, I don’t have to warm up to this one. The base is easy to hold onto, even when my hands are slippery. Winston’s Tail is perfect for anal.

And, is it me, or does it look a bit more like a tentacle than the TailStretcher does? That makes me one step closer to sharing my tentacle dildos with my husband! Woo! Baby steps… Baby steps…
Winston’s Tail vs. TailStretcher

It really does look like a Valentine’s Day display, huh?

Above are my small Winston’s Tail and small TailStretcher. Both are medium (5) firmness. As you can see, Winston’s Tail is a bit smaller, with a more gentle flair that tapers in towards the butt cheeks. I’d say Winston’s Tail would be safer for anal penetration. The TailStretcher is just a whole tapered tail without a typical flared lip base, which would be the safer alternative. Some people’s butts can just suck things in. However, the TailStretcher’s base has the advantage of being concave on the underneath, giving it the ability to be suction-cupped to a flat surface. (That works with my small. I don’t know if that would work with the weight of the other sizes. Obviously, the scales, ridging, and textures on each are different. Winston’s Tail doesn’t have the pebbly texture on the sides like the TailStretcher does; it’s more like gentle, little bumps.

Material: Pure silicone (phthalate and latex free)

Lube: Use water-based only

Cleaning: Warm water and soap, top rack dishwasher-safe, 10% bleach solution, boil for 3 minutes, or even use baby bottle sterilizing mix.

I recommend boiling it or placing it in the dishwasher over other methods. There’s a lot of nooks and crannies where bodily fluids or lube may be tricky to get out.

Sizes: small, medium, large and extra large (A full size chart is available on the product page.)

Density: Comes in soft, medium, or hard. Mine was medium, which makes it perfectly wiggly without being floppy.

Vibration Transfer: Vibrations transfer fairly well through my Winston’s Tail. This may vary with size and density, though.

Anal Safe: Yes.

Harness Compatible: There’s a good chance of that, but keep in mind that the base isn’t flared all the way around. It’s worked out fine in my Spareparts Deuce Harness, and fits decently into my RodeoH Harness after carefully wiggling it in.

Packaging: My Winston’s Tail came sealed in a plastic bag in a discreet box with lots of packing peanuts to keep everything safe and deep purple tissue paper.

Rating: 5/5 My Winston’s Tail is body-safe, absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for anal. I still love my TailStretcher, but my new tail is even nicer, in the looks department. I’m not sure which one I like the best, at this point, but I am leaning towards Winston’s Tail more.

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My Little Packer
June 1st, 2014 by admin

Honestly, I do find some flaccid cocks to just be downright adorable, namely the Mini Soft Pack and my husband’s cock. So, since I tend to get in trouble if I mess with him too much, (He’s busy with video games and I’m told that I get in the way. Pff… Whatever.) I decided to get the smallest of the Soft Pack set in vanilla. At least that way, I could play with a cute little cock without being scolded.

The Soft Pack is made by Fleshlight, and is the same material. It’s soft and squishy, and actually does feel close to human skin, when dusted with cornstarch.

First Impressions

My Soft Pack just came in a plastic bag; no paper tabs or information. The only thing on the package was a little sticker stating which Soft Pack it is and a code to scan. Fleshlight, it probably would have been nice to include at least some information about the product, especially how to care for it!

It was already powdered with cornstarch, so I just set it on my board to take pictures. Well… I found out it left a big, greasy-looking stain. Yay… I figured I’d better try to clean the Soft Pack, dried it, and powdered it with cornstarch again. This time, for preventative measures, I set it on a tissue. Guess what? It went through the tissue and left a second greasy stain! What..the..hell? At least I pulled it up before it got too bad.

I figured it would be best to ask Fleshlight about this. Their customer service had no idea why it would do this, and then told me they’d forward my concerns, along with my email address, to product development so that they could further assist me with this issue. It’s been a few weeks and, at this point, I doubt I’ll ever hear back from them.


Since I’m complaining about the stains, now would be a good time to mention the material. My cute little Soft Pack, and all of the others, are made from Real-feel Superskin. I was told by Babeland Customer Service (which is the absolute best of any company ever!), that it’s some sort of silicone mixture, and that certain companies formulate their silicone with different oils. So, is that the reason my Soft Pack is leaving stains? Maybe. But the Fleshlight website says that Fleshlight Sleeves aren’t made with silicone. So… Yeah, I’m stumped. I’m just going to assume that Fleshlight means that it’s not pure silicone.

Anyway, it’s phthalates-free and latex-free. It is porous, and should not be shared with anyone but yourself. If it’s not dusted with cornstarch, it’ll attract hair/lint/dust/etc.

Cleaning: To clean Real-feel Superskin items, Fleshlight suggests simply rinsing with water and allowing the item to dry. For tough cleaning, you can use a little isopropyl alcohol. No soaps! They’re too harsh on this material!
Care: Once the Soft Pack is clean, dust it with cornstarch to prevent it from being sticky and to keep that “real-feel”. DO NOT use anything other than cornstarch. Just like a real cock, it won’t like sharp objects or anything else that could damage its soft tissue.


I’d say it’s pretty realistic. It’s squishy, yet firm enough to fool people. All of the details are pretty nice. The scrotal sack even has a little of that plucked chicken skin look. I’m not really sure what to call it, but that’s what I think it looks like. The skin looks very realistic. All the wrinkles and whatnot are in all the right places. It looks like they may have cast the mold from a real person. The balls seem a bit pudgy, to me, though. Of course, it’s going to be a little difficult actually mimicking the feel of a real scrotal sack. They’re fun to squish and mess with.

For Packing

My tiny Soft Pack is pretty nice for packing. It does feel quite a bit like the real thing, and I find myself fondling it through my clothing. To the right, you can see it inside my RodeoH Harness (which is really nice, by the way. You can check out the review here.).

Even when I just hold it in my hand, the shaft is sort of perky and wants to stand up a bit. So, since it sticks out like that, it makes a bit bigger bulge than you would expect from my 5’1” 96lb frame.

Please excuse my poofy-looking butt… Those are my husband’s boxer shorts and they’re kind of big on me. See what I mean about that big bulge, though?

You’ll want to keep your Soft Pack protected with underwear of some sort. The material could easily tear due to zipper issues and whatnot.

Back to the Stains

Alright, so I don’t know why my Soft Pack made those stains, and I wonder slightly if it’s leeching anything into me when I handle it. However, it doesn’t smell funny like there are any toxins in it, and I haven’t seen any issue with it leaving a stain in my clothes. If so, it was really light and difficult to see. Plus, it’s never going to be touching my skin while I’m packing, and I’m not going to be inserting it.
I’m not really that worried about the stains, but I am still curious what causes them. I keep it protected in a decent amount of tissues so it doesn’t stain anything again. And yes, it will leave a mark if I set it on some paper or something.


Things I’ve heard of include:

  • Modifying the Soft Pack into an STP device, since the material is soft and easy to work
  • Customizing the Soft Pack by painting it with ground chalk pastels
  • Using it as a stress relief toy, gag/bachelorette gift, etc. (It really is a fun little toy to just play with)

My Opinion

My little Soft Pack is cute and everything, but the staining does bug me, as does Fleshlight’s failure to respond to me. It’s a nice little packer, but I doubt that it’s going to last for the long haul. It should last fairly long with the proper care, but I figure a packer like Mr. Right might be a better choice. Of course, with the Soft Pack, you’ve got various sizes, and I couldn’t resist the cuteness of the mini one, but Mr. Right is actually pure silicone and would be more hygienic and non-staining.

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Tantus Little Flirt
May 11th, 2014 by admin

The Tantus Little Flirt was made to be the perfect anal toy for beginners of any gender. Made of body-safe silicone, the Little Flirt‘s design makes it non-intimidating and very comfortable to use.

At one point, I had a toy much like the Little Flirt, but it was TPR and the base was much more flexible. Aside from having my butt spit the thing out, it also sucked it up once. Yes, I had a vibrating butt plug stuck up my butt, and was trying not to panic. I was eventually able to relax enough to have a bowel movement and get the thing out, but you really have to be careful with anal toys, lest they go up your butt and you have to go to the ER to get them removed.

I asked Babeland if I could review the Little Flirt because it looked like such an improvement on what I once had. Not only is it a much safer and more hygienic material, the base has better flare and is much thicker and more stable-looking. Plus, it’s made by Tantus, one of the very few manufacturers that has my absolute trust when it comes to the safety of material and awesomeness of toy design.


The Tantus Little Flirt arrived in typical Babeland packing; a plain UPS box with the return address as “Mail Order”.

It came in Tantus’ standard packaging. Pretty much all Tantus toys comes in packaging very similar to this. Information about the company and silicone are provided, but there’s nothing in particular about the Little Flirt on the packaging, or cleaning/care instructions. Instead, you’re directed to the Tantus website. The plastic is fairly durable, and you could reuse it as storage. Of course, it’s not discreet.


All Tantus toys are hand-made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality 100% Premium Platinum Silicone (If cared for properly, they will last a lifetime). That means they’re hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate-free, latex-free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable, and completely nontoxic! They are also manufactured 100% green.

Texture / Firmness

The Little Flirt has no texture to it; it’s just smooth, glossy silicone. A matte finish would hold onto lube better, so I suggest a thicker water-based lube.

It’s actually pretty plush and easily bent with just one hand. That means it conforms to my body-shape, and makes it comfortable no matter what position I’m in or what I’m doing. (It may look big in my hand, but I have tiny hands. My size 4 wedding ring barely fits without slipping off.)

Compatible Lubricants

Water-based lubricant is recommended. Silicone lube can be use, but Tantus advises a patch test beforehand.

Size / Design

  • Length: 3 1/2″
  • Insertable Length: 3 1/4″
  • Circumference: 2 3/4″
  • Diameter: 7/8″
  • Neck Diameter: 1/2″

The rounded tip is about the size of an average pinky finger, and the bulge in the middle is about as thick as an average thumb. Depending on how small of a person you are, or how virginal your anus is, the difference between the bulge and neck may not be enough to keep the plug in.

The rectangular base is meant to keep the toy from going all the way up your butt, and was designed to fit easily in-between butt cheeks. I’ve heard a few people complain about it not being comfortable, but it’s fine to my husband and me. He’s a very large man (6’5”) and I’m a very small woman (5’1”), and neither of us has felt that the base is uncomfortable in any way, be it sitting, standing, walking, or various sex positions. It has the Tantus logo stamped on it, which could use a little more attention during cleaning.

My Experience

Since I’m rather petite, the Little Flirt is a great toy for me. It’s just enough to be felt, and is very comfortable. It’s fine for me to sit on it while I’m writing reviews, or to wear it around the house getting my chores done. If I have my tush in the air, it feels good to have it move in me while I do kegels.

The only downside is I have issues keeping it in during sex. Sometimes, if I want it to stay in, either my husband or I have to hold onto the base. It would be nice to not have to do that.

My Husband’s Experience

He really doesn’t notice it at all. The first time I had him wear it, he pretty much forgot about it. He said he’d probably just wear it for half an hour, but he ended up wearing it for a couple hours, not realizing it was still in.

Since he’s a rather large man and is used to bigger things, the size of the Little Flirt didn’t really do much for him in terms of anal stimulation. If you’re looking for a prostate toy, this isn’t it.


You can boil the Little Flirt for 5-10 minutes, stick it in the top rack dishwasher on a regular cycle, wipe with a 10% bleach solution and rinse, or simply wash with a mild soap and water. Allow it to air-dry, or wipe it with a lint-free towel before storage. Toy cleaners and wipes are also fine.


Keep the Little Flirt somewhere safe from dust and hair, where it won’t get squished or touch other toys. You can keep it in a bag, a toy storage unit, the box that it comes in, or wherever it will stay safe and clean.


The Little Flirt is a great plug for anal beginners, or for those who just want something small and comfortable. If you’re more experienced with anal, or are just a bigger person like my husband, I’m not sure I’d recommend it, as I’m not sure you’d feel it. Also, there is a possibility that it could slip out during orgasm.
I’ll probably be the one using the Little Flirt, since my husband can’t even tell it’s in him. I tend to prefer toys of a smaller diameter for anal when he’s penetrating me vaginally, so this is perfect.

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Dildo Sport from BSisNice
May 10th, 2014 by admin

A while ago, I had been contacted by BSisNice to review a couple of their toys. This Madrid-based sex toy company has a variety of plugs and dildos, including the Dildo Sport as featured in the image above. The coloration of mine isn’t actually available yet, but I’ve been told it may be added to their catalogue in future. Still, they have quite a few color options to chose from.


Each toy that I received from BS came in a printed, re-sealable plastic bag, similar to a Ziploc but thicker and perfect for storage. Obviously, the packaging is not discreet. The toys can be clearly seen through the plastic, and their use and material information are printed on the bags in Spanish and English.

“BS Dildo

It is designed for an stimulating penetration. It is powerful yet silky to the sense of touch, flexible and firm. All BS dildos caress the g spot area, some due to their curvature and others to their irregular surface. Its base is perfectly adaptable to our range of harnesses. BS dildoes are handmade, using traditional technologies in our studio in Madrid. Made of hypoallergenic, high quality silicone.

The physical address and website of the manufacturer are provided below this paragraph. Although the English is pretty good, there are still some typos.

Inside the plastic re-sealable pouch was a packet of certified organic water-based lubricant and a small slip of paper. The paper has instructions and warnings on how to care for the toy and use it safely. One side of the slip is in English, while the other side is in Spanish. I was pleased to see that the information actually goes further than what most manufacturers write, including information on using the toy safely when alternating vaginal and anal use, or sharing between partners. Unfortunately, the English is a little iffy, but it’s still easy to understand.


This dildo is made from high-quality silicone, meaning that it is phthalates-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable, and completely body-safe.

Because this material is non-porous, it can be shared between partners after sterilizing the toy thoroughly, unless you plan to put a condom over it. Also, never let a toy that has been used anally go into your vagina without first being sterilized thoroughly via boiling, a 10% bleach solution, or a trip through the dishwasher (no detergent). If you plan on using this dildo for both in one session, use a fresh condom for each trip that it makes into a different orifice.

Compatible Lubricants

The manufacturer recommends using only water-based lubricants. Silicone-based lubricants can interact with silicone toys and turn them permanently tacky. If you absolutely must use silicone-based lubricants, do a patch test first. Leave a small drop on the base of the toy for a while, then check later to see if things have become sticky or gummy. If it has, scrape the gunk off and never use that lube on this toy.

Texture / Density

The entire surface of the dildo is smooth with a semi-matte finish. This causes a little drag, so a good water-based lubricant is recommend. Since thinner lubes don’t cling to the surface very well, I would go for something thicker or more gel-like.

The density of this toy is fairly solid, but it has a good amount of squish. It’s not as soft as a gummi bear, but it’s not quite as hard as a super bouncy ball out of those quarter machines at the grocery store either. The shaft is very easy to bend with one finger, even with the softest touch, but it is dense enough to stand on its own without flopping over. Although this can make penetration more comfortable, it’s not ideal for those who prefer firm pressure for g-spot stimulation.

Size / Design

The Dildo Sport comes in small, medium, and large. I asked to review the small, although I’m thinking maybe I should have asked for the medium. In terms of girth, it’s a little on the skinny side for me for vaginal penetration. The length is perfect, though, and it’s nice for anal penetration.

  • Total Length: 6.5”
  • Insertable Length: 5.5”
  • Circumference of Shaft: 4”
  • Circumference of Head: 3.75
  • Diameter of Base: 2.25”

I wear a size 4 wedding ring, so anything I hold looks a lot bigger than it actually is…

There’s a pretty good curve to this dildo, and the blunt head is designed to stimulate the g-spot. The flared base makes this dildo both anal-safe and harness-compatible.

Vaginal Use

Although this dildo is the perfect length for me, it’s a little thinner than what I’m used to. If you’re looking for something to fill you up, I would suggest the larger sizes.

Because the shaft bends quite easily, it’s not the best for firm pressure against the g-spot. It does stimulate my g-spot a little, but it’s not the best toy I’ve had for it. Maybe the medium would be a little firmer and better for g-spot stimulation?

Anal Use

The blunt point of the head does make insertion easier, but the shaft is so flexible that it bends and can slide right off a tight anus if you’re not pretty loose and relaxed.

My Experience

This dildo is the perfect girth for me for anal penetration. Although insertion can be a little tricky because the shaft keeps bending, once the head is in, it slides right in. My butt tends to prefer softer, more flexible toys, so it’s definitely a keeper for me for anal.

My Husband’s Experience

For some reason, we just couldn’t get this dildo in my husband without it twisting around. Although he would insert it with the blunt head towards his prostate, it would turn to one side or the other during insertion. He eventually got too frustrated with it and gave up. I’m not really sure why he was having such an issue, and he wouldn’t cooperate with me to give it a few more tries to see what was wrong. It could have just been the way he was laying or something, but I’m just not sure.

Harness Use

Since the shaft is relatively thin, this dildo should fit in a variety of harnesses without having to fuss larger o-rings. I haven’t found that the base has dug into me at all, and the length, curve, and flexibility work out fairly well. Depending on your situation, the length may end up being a little on the short side.

Cleaning / Storage

Clean this dildo with a mild soap and warm water, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, boil it for 5 minutes, or send it through the dishwasher (no detergent). Toy cleaners and toy wipes are also an option. Dry it with a lint-free towel or let it air-dry.

For storage, you can use the bag that the dildo comes in, or any storage bag, box, drawer, or whatever. Store the dildo away from direct sunlight, where it won’t get squished, and where it won’t touch other sex toys.


I generally love silicone toys that are a little on the soft side, but the flexibility of this dildo may not be ideal for everyone. If you crave a firm pressure for g-spot or prostate stimulation, this probably isn’t the dildo for you. Aside from that, I’m kind of wishing I had asked for a medium instead of a small. Of course, I’m not going to take off points for that. It’s been a nice anal dildo for me, but it hasn’t really wowed me for vaginal use, and my husband basically gave up on it on me. It’s a nice dildo, but I’m just not in love with it.

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Wearable Cock-Sheath
April 28th, 2014 by admin

Since I have written a review for both the Fetish Zone Cerberus K9 Sheath and the Bad Dragon “Beta Test” Wearable Cock-Sheath, it’s about time to get a comparison review out. Each sheath is designed to allow the wearer to tie the knot with their partner(s). Which one is better? Well, they each have their pros and cons…

“Beta Test” Wearable Cock Sheath Basics
Material: silicone, matte finish
Compatible Lubricants: water-based lube is recommended
Sizes: medium and large (or small and large, according to the forum post) Below are the measurements for the medium that I received. Because this is a “Beta Test” sheath, measurements may not be accurate to the final product, which is not yet in production. BD had a beta test sale for a limited number of these, and I was able to get a medium.

Sheath Length: 4.5”
Top of Sheath to Knot: 2”
Knot Length: 1.625”
Knot to Base: .88”
Diameter of Sheath: 1.125”
Diameter of Scrotal Ring: 1.375”

Firmness: estimated to be closest to soft (3) firmness, meaning very soft
Color: I chose black, but the beta test offer included any solid coloring

Cerberus K9 Sheath Basics
Material: silicone, semi-matte finish
Compatible Lubricants: water-based lube is recommended
Size: one-size-fits-most / adapters are available to custom fit the sheath

Shaft Length-Exterior: 7.0″
Shaft Length-Interior: 6.1″
Tip: 4.0″ (1.27″ diameter)
Midshaft: 5.0″ (1.59″ diameter)
Knot: 7.0″ (2.22″ diameter)
Base: 4.25″ (1.35″ diameter)

Firmness: soft, yet dense / I would estimate it closest to BD’s medium (5) firmness
Color: I picked opaque clear, but they do have a number of colors to choose from, including colors that change according to body temperature.


Beta Sheath: The overall quality and craftsmanship of this sheath is pretty good. The high-quality silicone is completely seamless and doesn’t have anywhere that would increase the potential for the material tearing.

The silicone is thick, and mostly uniform. The only places where the silicone is a little thicker is where the bulges of the knot are, and that’s maybe a quarter of an inch of added silicone.

Cerberus: The overall quality and craftsmanship isn’t bad, but there is a seam around the entire outside of the toy. There’s also a seam that goes around the tip, which is something like a silicone cone with a cum hole through the middle, and is attached to the thin upper membrane of the sheath. The seam is soft and isn’t noticeable during use. The seam and thinner material towards the tip does increase the possibility of this toy developing tears.

The thickness of the silicone used for this toy is not as uniform as with the Beta Sheath. The scrotal ring is thicker on the flat end. The knot is also thicker. Above that, the material thins to the point that you can see through it, which is designed to allow the wearer to still feel what’s going on. I would say it’s maybe the thickness of two or three condoms put together. Then, the tip is thicker, molded silicone.

Scrotal Ring

Both sheaths have the ring attached slightly differently, which can, and has, ended up with different results for my husband and myself.

Beta Sheath: The ring is attached to the bottom of the base of the sheath. It’s very stretchy, smooth, and soft. I thought it would be no big deal. However, the sheath has slipped off my husband twice, and pulled his scrotal sack along with it, causing pain that has led to him refusing to ever use this sleeve again. I may just cut it off and see if he’ll be alright with it.

Cerberus: The ring on this toy is not attached to the base of the sheath, but actually extends from either side of it and flattens out into a sort of square shape, with the flat edge being thicker than the rest of the ring. Because this ring is holding the sheath more from the middle instead of just from the bottom, it lends more stability and prevents the sheath from slipping. I can’t remember ever having the Cerberus slip off and cause the discomfort that the Beta Sheath did. This ring is also very stretchy and smooth, aside from the company logo at the flat end.

The Knot

Admittedly, the knot on the Beta Sheath, and really the design as a whole, looked more appealing to me. However…

Beta Sheath: Although the knot isn’t that difficult for me to take, as I have many other knotted toys, getting close enough to get the knot in was trying, to say the least. We’re pretty skinny, limber people. So, there shouldn’t have been anything to get in our way. I’m not sure how many positions we tried, but the only way we found to work was to have me on top. Doggy style utterly failed, each time resulting in the sheath slipping, pulling my husband’s balls, and eventually ending in him refusing to go near this sheath ever again. Yes, this knot is a good stretch, but I can’t say it locks, and this is after testing it on my husband and a couple dildos. The material is just too soft. With very little pressure from my fingers, I can easily compress the knot. This also makes the ridges and texture on the outside and inside of the sleeve barely noticeable, as the soft material just mutes it.

Cerberus: There is just no way I can knot this during sex, or when used solo as a dildo with the adapters in it. The length from the tip of the head to the knot is just too much for me to take. I can get up to about where the knot widens, but I can’t get over it. At that point, my cervix just won’t allow any further penetration.


Beta Sheath: As the wearer, my husband didn’t even notice this sheath being on him. It doesn’t provide any stimulation for him at all during sex. The head is completely exposed, so that the wearer doesn’t loose any sensation.

As the receiver, this sheath definitely increases his girth. However, the sleeve is so soft that it mutes what texture is on it, and doesn’t really provide that pop when knotted. I have no issues knotting other toys, but getting close enough to my husband to knot, and figuring out a position that didn’t result in the sleeve sliding off, was rather frustrating.

This sheath will allow the wearer to ejaculate as normal, and can be used with or without a condom underneath.

Cerberus: As the wearer, my husband didn’t notice the inner texture much. The thinner membrane toward the head allows the wearer to still feel the sensations of sex, though. It’s about two or three regular condoms thick. This sheath does have a tendency to attempt to return to its original shape after putting it on. If you push it all the way down and try to get a decent amount of the air/lube out, it will create a little bit of suction. Well, at least it does in our case. Unlike sex with the Beta Sheath, sex with this sheath results in a more intense orgasm from my husband, which I suspect is partly due to the suction. He’s terrible about relaying information to me and describing how things feel. So, that’s the best I’ve ever come up with.

As the receiver, I can’t say that this increases girth by too much. It’s also completely smooth, aside from a slight seam that I can barely even feel with my fingertip. Sex with this sheath feels great with the knot banging against me, but I’ve never been able to knot this. I’m petite and, even fully aroused so that my vaginal canal is as long as it can be, I just can’t get any further than a little past where the knot starts to widen. I can’t get over it, and probably never will because, at that point, the pointed head is poking my cervix. The tip is soft, and I haven’t found the poking painful. It’s just that that’s all the further I can go.

There is a hole in the head (and the “adapters” if you get one), so that the wearer can still ejaculate through the sleeve. Some does get left behind, but a decent amount is pushed out. You can wear this sheath with or without a condom underneath.


Beta Sheath: Using this sheath as a masturbation sleeve was basically pointless. Like I said before, the silicone is so soft that the ribbing on the inside of the sheath just flattens out smooth when stretched. Of all the masturbation sleeves my husband has, he’s ranked this one at the very bottom of the list.
If you want to add some girth to a dildo you have, then this is a good way to do it. I can’t say that the texture was that spectacular, and the bulge of the knot didn’t give me the pop I want. I can easily compress the knot with my fingers with very little effort.

Cerberus: This sheath isn’t that much better than the Beta Sheath for my husband to use as a masturbation sleeve. Although it does have ribbing on the inside, and some really miniscule lines of ribbing in-between the bigger ribbing, he still doesn’t feel much. It’s a little better than the Beta Sheath, but not by much.

If you bought the silicone cylinders that are the “adapters”, then you can shove those in this sleeve and use it as a dildo. It takes 1.5 “adapters” to fill up this sheath. Otherwise, you could just shove a dildo that you have in it. It’s a very smooth dildo, decently filling, and impossible to knot. I’ve never been able to knot this toy, and probably never will. There’s just too much length to work with before getting to the knot.


Beta Sheath: Cleaning for this sheath is really easy. A little soap and water, boiling it for 5-10 minutes, or sending it through the dishwasher sans detergent makes cleanup almost effortless. There’s no need to turn the sleeve inside out, or to cram my hand down it, to get every little bit clean.

Cerberus: Because this is an enclosed, long sheath, it can be more time-consuming to clean. Also, trying to turn it inside out is a royal pain in the butt. The same methods used to clean the Beta Sheath can be used for the Cerberus. If you have the adapters, I recommend boiling them every time. Washing them by hand or through the dishwasher has never gotten all the lube/cum out of the hole that reaches through them.


Beta Sheath: Because this sheath is fairly small, it’s pretty easy to tuck away almost anywhere. Just be sure to keep it away from lint, hair, and dust. Don’t let it get squished or store it against toys of varying materials (toys of varying materials can react to each other and cause the structural integrity of the materials to be compromised.).

Cerberus: This is going to take up more space than the Beta Sheath. Not only is this sheath longer, but you may also need to store one or two adapters. The suggestions for storing the Beta Sheath are the same for this sheath.

The Verdict

So… I guess I’m supposed to decide which one is better now, huh? Well, I just can’t do that. Each of them has its good and bad points, and each of them is going to work differently with different people. I really like the look of the “Beta Test” Wearable Cock-Sheath better, but my husband has refused to ever use it again after two mishaps. The Cerberus K9 Sheath is great for him, but I’ll never be able to tie the knot. Can I have maybe a combination of the two?

Depending on what you’re looking to use either sleeve for, check out that category in this comparison and decide from there. I’ve heard so many stories go both ways on these sheaths… If you have any specific questions, submit them to the comment box, or you can use my contact button to ask in private.

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April 21st, 2014 by admin

Let’s be honest, it can be pretty damned difficult to find anal beads that look comfortable, are well-made, and are actually made of body-safe materials. If you’re looking for such a toy, Fun Factory’s silicone anal beads might just be the ticket.

If you’ve never seen or used anal beads, they’re sex toys that are basically a string of multiple spheres that are sometimes graduated in size. These spheres are inserted through the anus into the rectum, and are then removed at different speeds depending on the desired effect. Most often, they’re removed during climax to intensify orgasms.


GoodVibes always ships discreetly. My Bendybeads came, along with some other goodies, in a plain brown box with the return address as “Barnaby Ltd”.

The Bendybeads were boxed in Fun Factory’s typical packaging; a plastic cradle holding the toy with information, a small catalogue, and a sample of Toy Fluid inside a grey and red cardstock box. The two magnetic flaps open from an image of a red version, to the display window of the toy, along with a decent amount of info in various languages. On the other side of the package, the toy can be seen without having to open any magnetic flaps. Although there’s nothing tacky and overly raunchy about it, you can see the toy, so the packaging isn’t exactly discreet.


This toy is made of pure silicone, making it hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate-free, latex-free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable, and completely nontoxic.

Unlike some anal beads, you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up in the material of the bead or connective material. Some anal beads have cotton strings, or other porous materials, that can breed bacteria like crazy. Since this toy is entirely silicone, bacteria can’t penetrate it, but only thrive on the surface. As long as you take the proper steps to sterilize this toy, you won’t have any issues with bacteria. Also, silicone is very durable, which means these beads can last a lifetime.


There’s not a whole lot of texture on the Bendybeads. They have a silky smooth finish, and are connected by a snake of silicone that alternates from side to side, making the beads look much like peas in a pod. I did notice a very slight seam, which seems smoother in some places than others. Although I wish this had been completely smoothed out, the seam is not noticeable during vaginal or anal insertion.

The surface seems to hold onto lube decently. While using it vaginally, I haven’t noticed much drag to it. The snake that winds around the beads provides a little extra stimulation, but not much.


All of the beads are rather dense. They have a little give to them, but it’s very slight. Still, the spaces in-between them are easily manipulated. Also, the handle, though skinnier than the beads, is actually just fraction of a difference in density. The handle is fairly dense, and it takes some force to squeeze the loop closed.

If you want to, you can actually bend the whole toy around easily and secure the top bead through the loop. Lube it up and slip it over your penis, or your partner’s penis, and use it during a hand job or as an addition to oral sex. Just make sure you have plenty of lube for it and be careful not to pinch the foreskin.

The flexibility and density of this toy could make it or break it for some folks, mostly if you’re planning on using these for thrusting. I’ve had no issues inserting these vaginally or anally, but they do bend at the connections when trying to insert them anally. I always have to use both hands to steady these to insert them anally.


  • Total Length: 10 ¼” (26.03cm)
  • Insertable Length: 7 ½” (19.05cm)
  • Diameter: starts at ¾” and goes up to 2” (1.9cm-5.08cm)

To the right, you can see how big it looks in my hand. I wear a size 4 wedding ring, which could really be sized down to a 3.5, so most toys tend to look much bigger than they really are when I hold them.

This may be too big for beginners. I say this mostly with the length in mind. I dabble in anal occasionally, and I can’t get past the last bead comfortably. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not well-practiced, or if it’s just because I’m such a petite girl (5’1” and 98lbs).

Compatible Lubricants

It’s best to use water-based lubricants with silicone toys, otherwise you could risk some negative reactions with the material. Fun Factory advises a patch test, if you plan to use silicone-based lubes. Place a small amount on the base and wait a few minutes. If it gets gummy or tacky, that lube is not compatible.

Vaginal Use

While I don’t find the beads filling, the popping of the beads is nice. Due to the density, though, I can’t insert it too far, otherwise I have issues with the first bead poking my cervix.

Thrusting can be a little awkward, and it seems to take me forever to climax from using these beads as a dildo. Bending it slightly lets the biggest bead hit against my clitoris, which is nice, but just isn’t enough for me. Of course, these beads are designed for anal use, not vaginal use, but who said I was going to think inside the box?

Anal Use

Since the loop can be closed, you do have a slight chance of your butt sucking this toy up. It’s a very small chance, since the loop shouldn’t flatten under normal circumstances, but I just want to put that warning out there.

Insertion is fairly easy for my husband and I, but the flexibility is a little more of a problem for him. I usually end up inserting them for him, but that’s true with more of our anal toys for him. The graduated beads are easy to work up to, and might not be bad for working up to larger anal toys. I can get past the fourth bead, before the strand starts to feel too long. My husband, however, can take the whole strand with no problem.

Worn during sex or masturbation, these beads provide the sense of fullness that I want, and they stay put until I pull them out. Unlike some toys, the beads have stayed in me no matter what position I’ve been in. When I don’t have to Lysol the floor after anal play, that’s a major plus. My husband can actually tug a little at these during sex, and they won’t come out until I ask him to remove them during orgasm. It’s also nice for him when I wear them during sex, because he says he can feel them in me when he thrusts.

Since my husband likes the addition of anal stimulation during oral sex sometimes, the Bendybeads are a nice alternative to our other anal sex toys. They’re best when slowly pulled out as he climaxes, making it more intense for him. This also works nicely during sex, but it’s a little more difficult to pull off at the right moment, mostly because my short arms usually can’t reach that far.


I prefer to boil this for 5-10 minutes, but you can also stick it in the top rack dishwasher on a regular cycle, wipe with a 10% bleach solution and rinse, or simply wash with a mild soap and water. Allow it to air-dry, or wipe it with a lint-free towel before storage. Toy cleaners and wipes are another option.


Keep the Bendybeads somewhere safe from dust and hair, where it won’t get squished or touched by other toys. You can keep it in the box it comes in, a bag, toy box, etc., as long as it stays clean and dry.


The only thing that really bothers is me that the seam wasn’t perfectly smoothed out. It’s not enough for me to feel during insertion, but it still annoys me, as it’s not the quality that I’ve come to expect from Fun Factory. Otherwise, these anal beads are a nice addition to my toy box.

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Leo Dildo
February 24th, 2014 by admin

If you’re looking for a dildo that’s body-safe, a little bigger than the average dildo, and modestly realistic, the Leo may be just what you need. There are some things to keep in mind, though:

Basic Info
Material: silicone, free of phthalates & latex
Compatible Lube: water-based lubes only
Length: 8″
Insertable Length: 7″
Circumference: 5 1/4″
Diameter: 1 5/8″
Weight: 0.5 lb
Harness Compatibility: O-ring Compatible

Anal Safe


Leo is very smooth, for the most part, except for that texture underneath the pronounced head. The ribbed foreskin can be a little uncomfortable, if I’m not properly lubed up, both vaginally and anally.

Although I can bend Leo without too much effort, it isn’t very plush. It’s a very solid silicone dildo and doesn’t really squish at all.


To me, Leo is a little thinner and longer than I’m used to for vaginal penetration. It’s about the right size for anal for me, but it’s pretty long. Of course, that works to my advantage if I decide to sandwich it in between my memory foam mattress and the platform it sits on.


Leo isn’t really my cup of tea for vaginal penetration. It just doesn’t have the amount of girth that I crave. Plus, that head feels like a little too much texture on my g-spot, if I don’t have the frenulum side facing it. Like I said, Leo is a very solid silicone dildo. Those ribs in the foreskin aren’t going to give at all, which makes them somewhat rough. If Leo was a bit bigger, I’m sure it would be good for g-spot stimulation for me, because of the way it curves and the lip of the head. Still, that ribbing bugs me. Maybe I’m just too sensitive. I don’t know. I think I just prefer Vixen Creations’ softer VixSkin line.

Getting Leo in anally isn’t an easy task. Even after proper warming up and lubrication, somehow it’s difficult for me to make it past that foreskin. Once I do, though, Leo is wonderful. Since it’s so long, I prefer to handle it myself. My husband has a history of jamming things too far up inside me, if they’re on the long side. The base makes it easy to keep a hold on, and I can smoosh it between the mattress and bed platform or even suction cup it to something for hands-free play.

To get the base to stick to something, just wet it and treat it like a giant suction cup or a plunger. Vixen Creations’ logo is also stamped into the base.


To clean Leo, use warm water and a mild soap, toy wipes, toy cleaner, pop it in the top rack of the dishwasher, wipe it with a 10% bleach solution, or boil for it 3 minutes.


Store Leo away from other sex toys and lint/hair/dust. Never store your sex toys touching each other. The different materials can have reactions and fuse to or melt each other.


Leo comes in a simple tube that can be reused for storage, which is suggested on the packaging. I prefer not to, since the seal is so good that it makes it difficult to get the air out and push the cap down all the way.

Printed on the packaging is some basic company and toy info, along with cleaning instructions, contact information and a lifetime warranty. All you have to do is return it with the receipt for a replacement.

All Vixen Creations Toys are hand-crafted right here in the USA.

My Opinion

If Leo just had the pronounced head without all that foreskin, I think I’d be happier. Since it’s one of my longer dildos, though, it’s great for stuffing in between the mattress and bed platform to masturbate hands-free or put on a show for hubby. It feels great for anal, but it’s too thin for me and than texture is a little too rough for vaginal use. So, I love it for the most part. I’m just not so sure about that foreskin. It’s definitely a different feeling, so I’ll either get used to it and love it or still just feel sort of “meh” about it.

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