Vibe Therapy Double Ended Silicone Dildo/Dong

vibe-therapy-discover-silicone-double-dong-f04b4f004-b4-01.9I opened the package to see double ended dildo in a box with see through panels, the box is well designed, simple without any nasty pics of half naked women which always put me off.

On the back of the box is a basic description of the toy and a clear picture of the dildo with the measurements of the dildo on it.

The dildo itself is 34cm in length and pretty thick to at 4.5cm, it has a spiral effect on it which when it is been used feel great against the G-spot.

This is not 100% flexible but it does bend. It has a soft kind of slightly hollow feeling to it, the central part feels like it has a solid plastic tube inside it which means that when you bend it it creases around this. Due to this if you wanted to use this for double penetration for solo use you cannot do this, it just doesn’t bend enough for that.

The dildo is made out of 100% medical grade silicone and it is waterproof as it has no electrical parts in it, this means that it can be used in the bath or shower and that it is super easy to clean to. It also means that you should avoid storing it with other silicone toys or using it with silicone based lubricants as they could react with it and cause it to melt and become misshapen.

I used this as a double ended dildo with my Oh and even though he is male we both found it very enjoyable. It is something that as a couple adds something to sex that we were surprised to say that we both enjoyed, the length of the dildo is just about right for two people to be able to use it and the flexibility is right for this to. It’s not so soft that it makes it difficult to use but it is not so firm that it feels uncomfortable.

Overall: we really like this double dong, it is nice and thick but not huge, it has a nice firmness about it, it’s flexible enough for dual play but not flexible enough for solo Double penetration play. It’s nice and easy to clean and the packaging is good and clean.

March 12th, 2018 by