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If you’ve wooed your partner with a fantastic first date, you’re going to have to keep that creativity going to

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He filled their bedchamber with narcissus each time Persephone returned, because he knew she found them beautiful. The flowers didn’t

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Every Saturday morning, I jog with my chatty friend Maria. It’s great to be with someone very talkative and bubbly;

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Sliquid Swirl Cherry Vanilla is a water-based personal lubricant with a sweet, fruity taste that is intended to make oral

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Are people having sex earlier now than they used to? That is the sexual behavior trend, though it’s more gradual

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Colin’s never flown first class before. Never had the money. Still doesn’t have the money, but he’s not paying for

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Having a set of kegel exercise toys, to me, is so much better than just having a bunch of random

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Is gonorrhea still one of the “leading STDs?” Gonorrhea is actually the number-one infectious disease among those classed as “reportable”

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Couples can experience problems in a marriage for many reasons. But the most common reasons for marital problems or conflicts

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I think one thing that can really hurt more than ever is losing the person you loved most. Yes, it’s

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