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Many men make the mistake of vastly underestimating the power of wearing the right underwear to the marriage bed. Being

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Secret Sexual Positions by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph. D

Everyone knows that the best way to go far in work or even in life is to continuously improve one’s

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Sinful Temptations by Playgirl TV

There comes a time when the old must make way for the new. That doesn’t mean what you’ve been doing

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Gun Oil

Lubricants – whether water or silicon-based – and natural oils are not only for golden-aged couples with great passion and

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Slimline Passion Wave Jack Rabbit Vibrator

Who in his or her sane mind would refuse a chance to enjoy an orgasm that’s twice as strong as

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Treasure Trove Gift Tin Sensual Kit of Kama Sutra

Are you looking for a way to enhance married sex? If it’s your first time to consider using anything besides

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Flirty Valentine Set by Coquette

You wear a swimsuit to the beach, a gown to formal occasions, and you don’t wear a bra when it’s

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101 Nights of Grrreat Sex – An Adult Game from Kheper Games

People who have been married long enough know that each day is a struggle to stay together. And as the

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Playful Tickler

Tickling is one of the most underrated sexual activities and this is unfortunate because many couples with sexual problems could

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Naughty Nurse Costume from Coquette

Take your role playing in bed to a whole new level with costumed lingerie. For now, we’ll be featuring the

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