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The Fun Factory DeLight is a vibrator that is intended for simultaneous internal (g-spot) and external (clitoral) stimulation. It used

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Melody came down the stairs, which were carpeted in red velvet today, better than yesterday’s white fur, which had been

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What advice would you give to a person who is just becoming sexually active and wants to avoid getting an

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Conflicts and arguments are a part of a relationship. It’s unavoidable, no matter how matured or well- aware you are

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What triggers sexual arousal? The process of sexual arousal is a body-mind response triggered by any signal we interpret as

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Let’s face it: Couples often argue from the pettiest stuff to a serious issue. Difference in opinion will lead to

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What sorts of physical changes are typical? There are two major components of physiological response. The first is vasocongestion, an

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What is impotence? While the word has many meanings (literally, a “lack of power”), the term has been used in

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With all the parties going on here and there, there is no other perfect opportunity to meet your perfect man

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