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What exactly is an abortion?

AbortionAbortion is the termination of a pregnancy, and can be achieved by various means.

The most common method used in the United States involves the physical removal of the fetus from the uterus by a physician using vacuum aspiration. This accounts for more than 90% of all abortions. However, the type of surgical abortion performed depends largely on how many weeks a woman has been carrying the fetus.

Medical abortion uses drugs to terminate pregnancy. Medical abortion has been available in Europe for a number of years and is now being offered in the United States at a few select sites.

What types of surgical abortion are performed early in a pregnancy?

According to the Planned Parenthood Federation, 89% of all abortions take place in the first trimester – the first three months of a pregnancy.

Very early-term abortions (up to seven weeks after the last menstrual period) can be performed by emptying the uterus with the suction of a syringe. The method is not always effective, because the embryo is very small and may be missed, but the technique carries a very low risk to the woman.

Early-term abortions – performed between 6 and 14 weeks after the last menstrual period – are generally done by a method called suction curettage. The cervix is cleaned, anesthetized, and dilated. A tube attached to a suction pump extracts the fetal tissue from the uterus. Then, a metal hook called a curette is used to scrape the walls of the uterus to make sure it is empty. When done properly, this method of abortion is nearly 100% effective and rarely causes complications.

What happens if a woman needs a second-trimester abortion?

Early second-trimester abortions require two steps. First, the cervix must become dilated (opened up); then, the uterus is evacuated. This method, known as D&E (dilation and evacuation), requires the insertion of special devices that cause the cervix to open up, a process that may take several hours. Some clinics may allow a woman to leave the clinic during this time. In either case, when the cervix is dilated, the woman returns to the clinic or hospital to have the uterus cleaned out with a suction curette and other instruments. This part of the procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes and can be performed up to the 24th week of pregnancy.

What about late-term abortions – when and how are they performed?

Abortion after the 24th week is quite rare, accounting for only one of every 10,000 cases, according to the Planned Parenthood Federation. Such abortions should be performed only when the mother is at risk or there is a problem with the fetus. For the majority of late-term abortions, a doctor will inject one of several solutions into the vagina or uterus to induce labor and cause a stillbirth. Alternately, some physicians employ a D&E method in which the cervix is dilated several times until the opening is wide enough to remove the fetus.

What are the risks of surgical abortion?

AbortionThe widely used text, Contraceptive Technology (17th edition), states that “Legally induced abortion is safer than continuing a pregnancy to term.” Abortion performed prior to eight weeks results in death in only one case in 600,000. This figure rises to one in 17,000 for abortions performed between weeks 16 and 20, and one in 6,000 for abortions performed after week 21. By comparison, the risk of death from childbirth is 11 times higher than the risk of death from abortion.

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, fewer then 1% of all women who have abortions suffer major complications such as pelvic infection or hemorrhaging that require a blood transfusion. Nor is there evidence that suction currettage methods of abortion will hinder a woman’s ability to bear children in the future.

How many surgical abortions are performed every year in the United States?

Nearly one-third of all established pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion. Almost half of all unwanted pregnancies end in an abortion, which translates to more than 1.5 million abortions per year. Thirty-four million legal abortions were performed between 1973-1996. At current rates, 43% of American women will have had an abortion by the age of 45. Fifty-five percent of all women who have abortions are 25 years old or younger.

What is the procedure for medical abortion?

Medical abortion can be performed within the first six weeks of pregnancy with either of two drug combinations: methotrexate plus misoprostol or mifepristone plus misoprostol. The most well known abortion drug, the French-made RU-486, contains mifepristone, which inhibits the hormones that allow a pregnancy to continue. Methotrexate (an anticancer drug) works by disrupting fetal cell division.

As of November 2000, RU-486 was available in the United States through a wide range of medical professionals. Continuing political opposition to medical abortion may threaten its availability.

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Are people having sex earlier now than they used to?

bedroomThat is the sexual behavior trend, though it’s more gradual than most people think. For men and women born between 1933 and 1942, average age at first intercourse was 18. For those born 20 years later, average age at first intercourse had fallen by only about six months. Looked at another way, however, teenage sexual activity is on the increase. Between 1971 and 1988, the number of high school seniors who’d had more than one sexual partner increased by nearly 60%.

Why is the average age at first intercourse declining?

In reality, there are biological as well as cultural factors at play in this trend. Due to improved health and nutrition, children reach puberty at earlier ages than they used to. At the turn of the century, the average age for onset of puberty for girls in the U.S. was 17; today, it’s 11. Meanwhile, the average age at which people marry has risen. Some 80% of those born between 1933 and 1942 had married by age 27 versus 50% of those born 20 years later. This makes it more likely today for people to have had several sexual partners before they settle into a marriage or another long-term relationship.

Whatever happened to the value that you wait until you’re married to have sex?

Values change, and not everyone has the same values. With all we hear about our promiscuous society, it’s noteworthy that some 16% of men and 20% of women still remain virgins until marriage. Whether it is better to remain sexually abstinent before entering a lifelong sexual commitment is debatable. Often the decision is based more on religious and cultural values than medical fact. There is no question that abstinence is the surest way to avoid sexually transmitted disease (STDs), but it’s also possible to enjoy an active and rewarding sex life and still maintain high degree protection from STDs. Being sexual healthy, however, is not just a matter of avoiding STDs. Equally important is the ability to appreciate one’s body, feel secure and comfortable within one’s own sexuality, and express love and intimacy in ways that are mutually satisfying.

Is having sex as a teenager harmful?

Not necessarily, but there are obvious risks. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and teen pregnancy are the most obvious potential problems, but there are psychological issues as well. The motivation to start having sex is not always straightforward. In some surveys, more than half of adolescent girls report that they did not really want to have intercourse the first time but went along with it anyway. And some studies suggest that a growing number of boys feel the same way.

Are we, as a society, overly concerned with sex?

That point is often made in reference to the entertainment industry and the disproportionate amount of sexual content in movies, TV, and advertising. Sex is used to sell everything from cosmetics to cars, and sex is often the key to the story line as well. One study showed that a viewer will encounter an average of 22 sexual references in an hour of prime-time TV for every one reference to birth control or disease prevention. Another showed that there were more than eight sexual interactions on average in TV’s “family hour.”

All of this creates the impression that everyone is having lots of fun with sex and very few problems–especially very few health problems. However, the definitive National Health and Social Life Survey (1994) tells a different story: Sexual relationships in real life don’t much resemble sex on TV. People in the U.S. average fewer than five sexual partners in a lifetime, and they must contend with issues like sexually transmitted disease and unintended or ill-timed pregnancy, as well as problems of sexual function and fertility, which can keep people from enjoying sex or being able to conceive a child. Far from being overly concerned about these problems, the entertainment industry has failed to give them sufficient attention.

What is the peak age for sexual drive?

Even though both sexes become biologically prepared for sexual activity during adolescence, men tend to be most orgasmic during adolescence and in their early 20s. Women tend to be most orgasmic between their mid-20s and mid-40s.

How often do most people have sexual intercourse?

Rates vary tremendously. The National Health and Social Life Survey found that about 35% of respondents had sex more than two times per week; about 35% had sex one or several times a month; and the remaining 30% had sex only a few times a year or not at all.

Overall, about a third of married couples have sex two or three times a week. Interestingly, this is higher than the rate among singles who don’t live with a partner and lower than the rate among singles with a live-in mate. Couples who identify themselves as gay or bisexual, according to the researchers, engage in sexual activity at roughly the same rates as heterosexuals, though gay and bisexual singles tend to have a greater number of different partners.

Is the frequency of sex with a partner an important indicator of sexual health?

Frequency is an issue for many couples. One of the most common reasons couples see a sex therapist is a mismatch of sexual desire. On the other hand, frequency is not nearly as meaningful an index of satisfaction as one might think. Sexual drive and expression are probably as unique as the proverbial fingerprint, and a person having sex once a week may be as happy and healthy as someone who has sex five times a week. The important thing is to make sure both partners agree on the frequency of intercourse and talk it over if they don’t.

Does sexual activity decline markedly as people age?

Contrary to popular belief, people can continue to have satisfying sexual relationships for as long as they want, provided they are not physically incapacitated. In studies of sexual activity among those over 60, researchers find, not surprisingly, that those who enjoy sex in their 30s and 40s tend to continue to have satisfying sex into their 70s and 80s. Those who find sex distasteful in their younger years or have sexual health problems often see old age as a way of closing this chapter of their lives or relationships.

Sexual drive, on the other hand, does lessen with age, and both men and women can experience a loss of sexual function, including problems associated with changing levels of hormones. Medical science, however, has devised a growing array of treatments for problems of sexual function.

For the most part, those over age 60, whether single or in couples, continue to have an interest in sex and often become more comfortable and more open with one another.

Is oral sex normal?

Yes. At some time in their lives, about three-quarters of women and men have both given and received oral sex. Not everyone enjoys it, however. While 45% of men find receiving oral sex “very appealing,” only 17% of women say the same about giving it. And 29% of women say that receiving oral sex is “very appealing,” while 34% of men say the same about giving it.

What percentage of people have anal intercourse?

Roughly one-quarter of men and one-fifth of women say they have experimented with anal sex at some point. Far fewer – less than 10% – report having had anal intercourse in the last year.

How many people masturbate?

More than 60% of men and nearly half of all women masturbate. Women tend to start masturbating at a later age than men, and they masturbate less often: 27% of men masturbate once a week, compared with only 8% of women.

It’s important to note that masturbation is not a singles-only phenomenon: A large percentage of those who live with a partner – 85% of men and 45% of women–say they masturbate. Married people, in fact, are significantly more likely to masturbate than those living alone. About half of those surveyed felt guilty about masturbation.

Does masturbation desensitize the sexual organs or have other ill effects?

This is a question that many people pose, apparently out of worries that self-pleasuring is either psychologically or physically unhealthy. The fact is that most of us grow up with the idea that masturbation is at least embarrassing or possibly morally wrong in some way. Some religions frown on it. Yet, as evidenced by the number of people who do it, masturbation is a normal part of sexual discovery, exploration, and expression.

Masturbation can be beneficial physiologically: As one ages, for example, it can help keep pelvic muscles toned. It can also be extremely useful in helping men and women learn more about their patterns of arousal so that they can relax and enjoy sex with a partner.

Occasionally, masturbation can become compulsive and have detrimental effects on a relationship. Frequent masturbation may interfere with a person’s ability to be aroused by a partner, leaving both with unsatisfactory sexual experiences. In addition, a small number of people may develop habitual ways of masturbating and become dependent on these for orgasm. This may lead to problems adapting their “style” to sex with a partner.

How many people use vibrators? Are they harmful?

In the largest survey to date, an estimated 2% of sexually active American adults use vibrators either for partnered sex or masturbation, and 1% say they use other sex toys.

While many types of vibrators are not made for insertion into the vagina or anus, some are, and these devices can cause internal damage if they are used improperly. Shared sex toys also represent a means of spreading of sexually transmitted infection, so care must be taken to observe rules of good hygiene and principles of safer sex.

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What sorts of physical changes are typical?

female-sexual-responseThere are two major components of physiological response. The first is vasocongestion, an increased flow of blood in various parts of the body. In women, vasocongestion occurs most notably in the clitoris and external genitalia, which become engorged during sexual arousal (though not rigid). Increased blood flow also leads to increased vaginal lubrication. The second component of physiological response is a process in which neurotransmitters produce heightened levels of neuromuscular tension – more energy in the nerves and muscles. As a result of these two responses, we may experience heightened sensitivity anywhere from the fingertips to the lips to the genital organs.

The most widely used framework for understanding the workings of the body during a sexual encounter, known as the sexual response cycle, comes from the famous sex researchers William H. Masters, MD, a gynecologist, and Virginia E. Johnson, a psychologist. They describe the process by dividing it into four stages: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

What triggers sexual arousal?

The process of sexual arousal is a body mind response triggered by any signal we interpret as erotic. These signals may be sensual – a touch, a smell, a visual cue – or they may have to do entirely with internal stimuli, such as a fantasy, memory, or sexual thought. Whatever the trigger, the process of arousal depends on chemical messengers known as neurotransmitters. These elements of the nervous system set into motion the physical changes we experience as sexual arousal.

What happens in a woman’s body during the excitement phase of sexual arousal?

Vasocongestion and neuromuscular tension bring about changes such as sex flush (which is more common in women than in men) and erect nipples. Heart rate quickens, muscles respond, and blood begins to rush to other parts of the body, including the breasts, the vulva, and the vagina.

What exactly is the difference between the vagina and vulva?

The vulva refers to the external genitals, including the clitoris, urethra, labia majora (outer lips), labia minora (inner lips), and the vaginal introitus (the vaginal opening). The vagina, strictly speaking, is an internal cylindrical organ about three to four inches long surrounded by muscle and lined with mucous membranes. The vagina ends at the cervix, the opening to the uterus, which is the expandable internal organ where the fetus grows and develops before birth.

How are the vagina and vulva affected by sexual excitement?

One of the first changes is lubrication (wetness in the vagina). It is the direct result of vasocongestion in the walls of the vagina, causing fluid that is stored in the vaginal lining to seep through. Lubrication is also provided by the Bartholin’s glands, small glands located in the vulva near the opening of the vagina. Lubrication is a gradual process and may not be noticeable until the fluid begins to gather and trickle towards the vaginal opening. Meanwhile, the expandable interior of the vagina becomes deeper and wider.

In the vulva, the labia minora thicken, and the labia majora open back to expose more of the vaginal opening. In addition, the clitoris becomes firmer and more sensitive, and it pulls back under its hood.

What, and where, is the clitoris?

The clitoris is the center of sexual stimulation for most women. It’s a small, elongated, erectile body at the very top of the vulva with the sole function of providing sexual pleasure. The clitoral hood is connected to the vaginal lips. During vaginal intercourse, the penis moves in and out of the vagina and tugs on the labia, causing indirect clitoral stimulation. The size of the clitoris and its distance from the vaginal opening vary from woman to woman. Depending on the size and position of the clitoris and its hood, direct stimulation may be needed to produce an orgasm. However, direct stimulation should be approached with caution since the clitoris can become hypersensitive when aroused.

How does a woman respond in the plateau phase?

A key sign of plateau in women is something called the orgasmic platform, a marked swelling of the walls in the outer third of the vagina (near the vaginal opening). As Masters and Johnson note, in vaginal intercourse, this nerve-rich platform can effectively grasp the shaft of a penis, whatever its size.

Lubrication continues during the plateau phase but may wax and wane as does an erection. The inner two-thirds of the vagina expand further in width and depth. And the clitoris enlarges but pulls back against the pubic bone. This, together with the swelling of the vaginal lips, makes clitoris harder to locate beneath its hood.

Because of the continued pooling of blood, vaginal lips may turn red, sex flush may intensify and spread, and the area around the nipples may become swollen.

Does a woman experience anything equivalent to ejaculatory inevitability?

Apparently not. Although there are many parallels between male and female sexual response, women do not seem to have an equivalent mechanism of orgasmic inevitability. A woman can be on the verge of orgasm and be deterred at the last second by any number of distractions or a failure of stimulation.

What is the first sensation of orgasm in a woman?

Most women report that their first sensations of orgasm are feelings of intense warmth and pleasure centering on the clitoris. For most women, it is stimulation of the clitoris that brings them to this moment. As in men, orgasm involves a series of involuntary contractions, which in women involve the orgasmic platform, the uterus, and anus.

How else are orgasms different in men and women?

Surprisingly, the rate of orgasmic contraction is the same in men as in women – less than 1 second apart – and sensations at the moment of climax don’t differ much either. Written descriptions of orgasm by men and women are virtually identical when no reference is made to anatomy or ejaculation.

One big difference is ejaculation. As we mentioned earlier, men usually ejaculate when they climax. Some women report having an ejaculation, which may be a buildup of vaginal secretions that lubricate the vagina during sex or may be the release of urine. The existence of an independently functioning process of female ejaculation remains scientifically unproved, although a number of women attest to it.

What is multiple orgasm?

Multiple orgasm is defined as two or more orgasms per single act of sex. Although fewer than half of orgasmic women have ever had multiple orgasm, many sexologists believe all women have the potential. Men, by contrast, are substantially less capable of multiple orgasm, though it’s not impossible.

How can a woman experience multiple orgasm?

Clarifying expectations may be the first step. In that spirit, some therapists prefer using the term ‘serial orgasm’ rather than ‘multiple orgasm’ because for many women successive orgasms will not follow immediately, hard atop one another, with no downtime in between. The pattern of serial orgasm varies from woman to woman.

The first step is to continue stimulation after the first orgasm, something not every partner thinks to provide. However, some women don’t respond positively to clitoral stimulation immediately after orgasm because the clitoris is hypersensitive. One solution may be to wait a few seconds after orgasm, keep breathing rhythmically, and then continue with gentler stimulation.

A word of caution: Some experts point out that focusing too much on multiple orgasm tends to be counterproductive and can interfere with sexual pleasure. A woman’s level of sexual satisfaction is not necessarily linked to the number of orgasms she experiences per sex act.

Why don’t men have multiple orgasm?

This goes back to the Masters and Johnson model and the final stage of sexual arousal – resolution. This phase immediately follows orgasm and consists of the time it takes for the body to return to an unaroused state.

Though both sexes experience resolution after climax, there are certain differences between male and female response. For most men, the resolution phase is also a refractory period, lasting at least a few minutes, during which they are unable to have another climax even if the penis is still erect and stimulation continues. Women do not have a refractory period, which means they have the potential to reenter the plateau stage right after one orgasm and have another (or several) before reaching resolution.

Some experts say that a small percentage of men have no refractory period and thus can be multiorgasmic. Some men can learn to have multiple orgasms, researchers say, by developing the ability to separate orgasm from ejaculation and thereby have one or more climaxes before ejaculating.

Does everyone have orgasms?

A small percentage of men – roughly 10% – have difficulty reaching orgasm, and anywhere from 25% to 50% of women do not climax consistently with intercourse.

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What is the basic role of estrogen in female sexuality?

9ad251d854cd2284732711bcda067d07Estrogen is a hormone critical to development of the female reproductive system. In response to the signals from the pituitary gland – the body’s hormonal control center – a girl begins to secrete estrogen from her ovaries a number of years before menstruation begins. From that point on, estrogen is produced on a regular monthly cycle and released from the ovaries. It has a role in the development of egg follicles and the release of eggs into the fallopian tubes. After the eggs are released, a second hormone called progesterone, also produced by the ovaries, signals the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Some researchers believe peak sexual arousal also corresponds to the release of estrogen, but most studies dispute this theory. The monthly cycle of estrogen and progesterone production typically continues until a woman is in her late 40s or early 50s.

What happens to a woman’s estrogen production when she reaches her late 40s or early 50s?

At some point in her life, every woman experiences a marked change in estrogen production, which leads to menopause – the permanent end to menstruation. Menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, although some women experience their last period in their 60s, and others in their 30s. Ovary removal, chemotherapy, and other circumstances can abruptly bring on menopause.

Menopause is preceded by a time known as perimenopause, during which fluctuating estrogen levels cause irregular menstrual periods and, in roughly 15% to 20% of women, symptoms such as hot flashes. A hot flash is a physical sensation of intense heat lasting three to six minutes that raises the pulse and often causes a skin flush followed by chills. Many women experience diminished sexual enjoyment during perimenopause, including arousal problems, difficulty achieving orgasm, and pain during intercourse.

After reaching menopause, most women do experience some signs and symptoms, though many of these resolve as the body adjusts to its new, lower estrogen level. Up to 90% of American women experience hot flashes at some point, but in half of those affected, the flashes stop occurring within a year. In addition, only 20% of women experience them for more than two and one-half years. Other potential symptoms include mood swings, insomnia, irritability, weight gain, changes in body shape, and changes in the genital tract.

What’s the likely impact of menopause on a woman’s sex life?

First, let us say that it’s important to get beyond the stereotype that postmenopausal women no longer enjoy sex.
On the negative side, because estrogen is partly responsible for the internal upkeep of the genitals and urinary tract, sexual health can be affected. As a woman’s estrogen production fades, her vulva and vaginal folds flatten and her vagina may constrict and lose much of its natural lubrication. Vaginal infections may become more frequent. Some 59% of women report problems such as vaginal dryness, decreased sexual drive, and painful intercourse. For those who experience these symptoms, there are a variety of effective treatments.

On the other hand, the changes brought on by menopause do not have to signal an end to a woman’s interest in sex or desire for sexual intimacy. In one survey, a surprising 90% of postmenopausal women said they were happy with their sex lives – the same proportion that reported sexual satisfaction before menopause. More than 80% said they continued to feel desirable and more comfortable with their bodies than they did when they were younger. Freedom from contraception and unwanted pregnancy are two factors that play a role in these positive feelings about sex at midlife.

How are menopausal symptoms treated?

Menopause is a natural process, not a disease. Researchers disagree on how aggressively to use therapy for menopause-related ailments, but sexual complaints and general symptoms can be addressed.

Historically, the biggest medical issue surrounding menopause has been the link between falling estrogen levels and increased risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones) and heart disease. It is the concern about these two risks that has driven the trend to place a large number of women on hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy also can play a key role in treating the sexual symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is basically an attempt to mimic the daily release of estrogen using synthetic replacements. There are four major ways of delivering the estrogen:

  • Oral administration – There are more than half a dozen different formulations of oral estrogen, and one of them, Premarin, is the most frequently prescribed medication in the United States. Oral estrogen is taken once or twice a day.
  • Transdermal patch – An adhesive estrogen patch, such as Estraderm or Vivelle, is worn on the buttocks or lower abdomen, releasing estrogen directly into the skin. A patch should be changed twice a week.
  • Vaginal tablet – Small estrogen-containing tablets (Vagifem) can be inserted in the vagina twice a week to help restore the physical integrity of vaginal tissues and facilitate the processes of sexual arousal (increased lubrication, etc.)
  • Estrogen ring – This product, known as Estring, is inserted into the vagina, where it releases the hormone slowly over the course of three months. It can be inserted without the help of a health care provider.
  • Vaginal cream – A measured amount of estrogen cream can be inserted directly into the vagina This is an effective approach for vaginal symptoms but not recommended for more severe symptoms or long-term prevention of osteoporosis.

Is one form of hormone replacement therapy better than another?

Not better, necessarily, the choice method should be based on each woman’s individual needs and medical history, but there are two fundamentally different approaches – systemic therapy and local therapy.

Systemic therapy includes oral and transdermal forms of administration, where the hormones are either absorbed though the gastrointestinal tract or absorbed into the circulatory system through the skin. We call these forms ‘systemic’ because the hormones are literally taken up by the circulatory system and delivered to numerous sites within the body.

Local forms of administration include vaginal creams, gels, rings, and tablets. These forms of administration deliver estrogen directly to vaginal tissues;

In general, local therapies minimize systemic absorption, which means a greatly reduced risk of estrogen-related side effects. On the other hand, the systemic benefits of homone replacement therapy, such as reduced risk of osteoporosis and heart disease, only come with systemic administration.

What about progesterone? Doesn’t that need replacing, too?

Yes. Authorities say that estrogen replacement should be supplemented with doses of progesterone that keep the system in balance. In fact, experts agree that unopposed estrogen – that is, estrogen taken without progesterone – is generally not recommended.

A variety of approaches and doses are used; most are oral medications. Some practitioners will prescribe progesterone replacement for 10 to 14 days out of the month, mimicking the natural cycle before menopause. Others may advocate a small daily dose. Some estrogen formulations are a mix of estrogen and progesterone.

What are the long-term benefits and risks of hormone replacement for women?

9ad251d854cd2284732711bcda067d07Estrogen lowers the risk of osteoporosis and reduces the risk of heart disease – the leading cause of death among older women in the United States. Recent studies suggest estrogen may also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, improve memory, and prevent colon cancer, though further research is needed to confirm these findings.

Despite the benefits of estrogen replacement, some studies have shown it can increase the risk of breast cancer in women who use it longer than five years. Experts disagree on the risk, and more specific studies are under way. The Women’s Health Initiative, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, is testing the effects of hormone replacement therapy on breast cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

The leading side effects of hormone replacement – fluid retention, breast tenderness, weight gain, and nausea – are temporary.

Does estrogen replacement improve sexual problems for menopausal women?

It can, but experts on menopause point out that changes such as vaginal dryness occur gradually, and it may be years before they warrant hormonal intervention. If the only immediate problem is one of lubrication and the doctor finds no other reason to intiate hormone replacement therapy, a woman may find she’s adequately served by an over-the-counter lubricant such as K-Y Jelly, Astroglide, or Aqualube. OTC vaginal moisturizers such as Replens and Gyne-Moistrin can also helpful in restoring elasticity to the vagina. However, thinning of the vaginal lining and other vaginal changes at menopause may cause discomfort or irritation that require hormone replacement therapy.

Usually the first line of therapy is vaginal cream, which alleviates symptoms such as dryness within a few weeks and often gives greater relief than pills or patches because the effect of the medication is local. Vagifem, the vaginal estrogen tablet, or Estring the ring that is inserted into the vagina to release a steady supply of estrogen, are two other options. Insertable estrogen medications or estrogen creams offer a smaller estrogen dose with fewer side effects than pills or patches, an especially important consideration for women who have good reason to be worried about breast cancer. But women who are at high risk of osteoporosis or heart disease may need a systemic method (such as pills or patches) as long as they have no risk factors preventing them from taking hormones.

Some women find that vaginal irritation remains a problem despite systemic hormone replacement therapy, in which case supplemental local therapy may be useful.

Are hormones besides estrogen and progesterone used in hormone replacement?

Yes. Even though we describe testosterone as the principal male hormone, women produce testosterone as well. Though still controversial, there is growing support for the notion that lack of testosterone is a cause of diminished sexual drive in postmenopausal women. Accordingly, some physicians have begun recommending that a very small amount of testosterone be added to estrogen and progesterone therapies. This approach has been shown to increase desire in women who have had hysterectomies (and have therefore undergone surgical menopause), but the evidence isn’t as clear for women going through natural menopause. Plus, the long-term effects are unknown. Possible side effects include increased growth of body hair, oily skin, and increased blood pressure.

Are problems of sexual function at menopause a legitimate reason to see a healthcare professional?

Absolutely. Any woman who experiencing sexual dysfunction with the advent of menopause should consult a medical professional about ways to manage the problem. Unfortunately, survey results show that sexual function is not as frequently discussed with healthcare providers as are other aspects of menopause – partly because of the embarrassment that women or their healthcare providers may feel in broaching the subject.

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tumblr_m68z57dims1qzh7bfo1_1280So you’re about to have sex, and you’ve made the smart choice to ‘use a condom (aka rubber). In order for a condom to work properly, that is, prevent STD’s and pregnancy, it needs to be used properly. Also note, most condoms are made of latex. If you have an allergy to this material, make sure to get condoms made of polyurethane plastic.

Before You Put on a Condom

1. Find a toilet and urinate: this will clear the urethra of any leftover sperm or semen from previous masturbation or other sexual activities. In addition, you won’t have to worry about peeing while having sex.

2. Make sure the condom you have is one which is marked to adequate safety standards (In Britain, they have the BS EN 600 “Kite Mark” on them, which looks like a heart with an “S” in the middle), and that it has not expired from having it in your wallet for three years “Just in case”.

3. If you’re not using a lubricated condom, get a lubricant. Remember that oil-based products are known to erode condoms: no “Vaseline” or “Petroleum Jelly.” Use a water-based lubricant, like “Astroglide” or “KY.” If you don’t have some form of lubrication, expect to chafe: and that hurts. Why do you think vagina are warm and wet? Take away the wet: you will not enjoy the experience.

Putting on the Condom

1. Make sure you are fully erect: otherwise, the condom will most likely fall off. If you are uncircumcised, pull back your foreskin from the head of the penis.

2. Condoms have a tendency to roll on one-way, but that way isn’t exactly labeled. If you roll it on and it feels “short,” take it off and replace it with a new one: something isn’t right, and it will probably fall off during sex. If you are prodigious in precum and slather the rubber while putting it on, you may need to rinse it off or replace the rubber: there is continued debate as to how often sperm is present.

3. A good condom should fit snug, yet not too tight: if you look around online, you can get sized condoms. Too small: not enjoyable, and may break. Too big: you’ll have to hold it the whole time, or it will fall off.

For girls

If you’re a girl you can (should)help your man put on the condom. Just go ahead like above but take the condom between your lips and suck lightly on it so it rolls in a bit in your mouth. Then push it over his cock with your lips and roll it on with your lips.

If you worry about diseases you can help the first little bit with fingers and then use lips without any lip to cock contact.

The Sex Act

Very simple: hold on to the condom when you enter your partner; their body should hold it on for you once you’re there. If you feel it coming off, don’t be afraid to check it: better safe than sorry.

After ejaculation, remove your penis while holding the condom. Do so before you get flaccid, to decrease the chances of slippage. Keep your penis and condom away from your partner until you can dispose the condom and wash off the penis.

Using condoms for oral sex

Yes, fellatio can transmit HIV and other nasties. If you want to use a condom for oral sex, get one of the bigger varieties (e.g. Magnum), and make sure it is NOT pre-lubricated. Put a lot of lube (preferably warmed in a hand first) inside the condom and go to town. Using a bigger, thinner one (polyeurethane is best as it carries heat better) is crucial, as it increases movement and the feeling of friction. If you won’t be using a condom, try to make sure no ejaculate winds up in the mouth (it’s fun to watch!).


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August 23rd, 2016 by admin

176aae9ed9e9a7c8858e448f20ea955fWhen discussing Kama Sutra, the first thing you’re likely to think is “lots of different sexual positions”. While the Kama Sutra is about sex and enjoying it in various positions, it’s also about the sexual energy within each of us. Guess where you can find it.

The Kama Sutra isn’t just about 101 sex positions – it’s about sexual energy as the creator of all life being worthy of worship, as a general guide to the sexual side of life.

There have been countless editions, variations, derivatives and versions of the Kama Sutra printed since its creation over 2000 years ago and while a lot of the ones we get in English translations share only the famous list of positions, there is also something very important about the Kama Sutra – it teaches that sex and sexual energy is sacred.

Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is the creator of every living thing. While I haven’t read even a shoddy translation of the Kama Sutra cover to cover, in my part time reading of various different books that touch on Kama Sutra, this is what I have gleaned. The sexual energy we have within us is a sacred thing, as is sex. Therefore, sex should be considered a sacred act and similarly our lovers genitals should be considered sacred as the living shrine to sexual energy.

My interpretation of my Kama Sutra readings is that our genitals, in sexual activity, should be given respect and are worthy of worship. I love this idea, especially when you consider the importance of a man’s rising cock, balls, semen and a woman’s flowering vulva, vagina and the eggs kept within her. We should respect our genitals, capable of bringing so much pleasure and of bringing life, but also we should pay homage to our partners’.

Worshiping Your Partner’s Genitals

It is important to show respect for your partner and their sexual organs in two ways. Firstly by setting aside time to really enjoy the pleasures of arousing the passion in yourself and your partner, to give pleasure and to receive pleasure, to share love through stimulation of each other’s sexual pleasure centers.

Secondly, by respecting non-sexual time as exactly that.

Building Sexual Energy

When you are ready to take the time to arouse your and your partners sexual energy, you can start with massage to bring the body’s energy to the sexual centers, you can spend some time breathing together and getting your bodies in tune with each other without direct genital contact or stimulation.

When you both feel ready, she should ask permission to touch his cock and he should ask permission before he touches her vulva. This isn’t about power; this is about honoring each other’s pleasure organs as holders of the energy of life and giving these parts of our bodies the respect they deserve.

Asking Permission

Why is this important? By ensuring we respect our partners and that they are ready at this stage of a sexual union, it makes us more aware of our partner. Quite often during sex we lose ourselves in our own pleasure and forget about our partner. Being more aware of our partner’s pleasure can result in a more rewarding sexual experience all-round.

And besides all that, it does feel really nice when your lover asks to touch you or go down on you. It reminds you of how special sex and our sex organs are.

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Secret Sexual Positions by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph. D
March 18th, 2016 by admin

Everyone knows that the best way to go far in work or even in life is to continuously improve one’s self. This very philosophy should be applied as well to one’s marriage and, more specifically, sex life. Each new day should be considered an opportunity to learn something new or different that would add spice and depth to your lovemaking. If you and your partner constantly work hard to make your love – in all its aspects – grow, strengthen, and deepen then there’s no way you’d ever have to suffer from a sexless marriage.

Tips for Increasing Your Sexual Knowledge

One should always be willing to learn about new things and especially in matters of sex. If you stop being willing to learn and try out new things then sooner or later, what you do in bed will become no more than a routine that you just go through for necessity and not out of mutual pleasure.


New knowledge about sex won’t just fall into your lap for no reason. Most of the time, it has to be something you’ve actively looked for. If you’ve seen or heard something interesting then research and see how you can apply it to your sex life.

Don’t be afraid to talk about sex.

Whether it’s with your partner or other people, you shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about sexual matters. Sex is but a natural part of life and it’s certainly a significant part of your marriage. Communication can go a long way in increasing your sexual satisfaction if you just make the effort to be honest and open about whatever it is that concerns or bothers you.

Take risks.

Exploring the unknown will always seem like a scary risk, but if you don’t take any risks then there’s no possibility that you’ll gain something rewarding either. If your partner feels like enjoying a different kind of sexual intercourse then why not give it a chance? As long as you and your partner share the same goals then taking risks – even if they end up with unwanted consequences – shouldn’t be a problem. You could always try again.

Foreplay doesn’t start with sex.

Foreplay isn’t always sexual in nature. To get your partner in the mood, you can start outside the bedroom. Flirt with your partner. Romance your partner. Seduce him or her in an unexpected location. Do something out of the ordinary to express your desire and attraction.
Believe it or not, but a simple phone call can actually serve as foreplay if you know the right words to say. A look under your lashes can also be enough to seduce your partner to bed if your eyes are speaking the right message.

Recommended Products to Increase Your Sexual Knowledge

Tantric Sex by Kavida Rei

Tantric Sex by Kavida Rei

For those who don’t know, Tantra is an Asian philosophy that mainly focuses on freedom from ignorance and rebirth. If applied to sexual relationships, Tantric practices aim at helping individuals and couples liberate themselves from unwanted sexual restrictions and guiding them step-by-step in achieving ultimate sexual satisfaction.

If sexual inhibitions as well as lack of sexual knowledge and expertise are your greatest problems then Tantric Sex, published by DK Publishing and written by Kavida Rei, is sure to help build your confidence in your skills as well as widening your knowledge, honing your skills, and increasing your repertoire in the sexual department.

The book offers clear and concise step-by-step instructions for a systematic start of applying Tantric practices to your sex life. You learn the importance of meditation and how to use it to improve your sexual prowess. The book also teaches readers how to become more familiar and attuned to their bodies and understand how to best pleasure it…whether on their own or with their chosen partners.

With Tantric Sex, you don’t just gain a new lease on your marriage and sex life but you and your partner also get to benefit from a new and healthier lifestyle.

Secret Sexual Positions by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph. D

Secret Sexual Positions by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph. D

If you don’t want a substantial change in your lifestyle and marriage and all you’re looking for is a way to simply rekindle the sexual spark between you and your partner, what you probably need is Kenneth Ray Stubbs’ Secret Sexual Positions.

This book traces the old-as-time origins of sex, exploring both its sacred and pagan roles in history. From page to page, you read – and see – ancient and unknown sexual positions come to life and learn how they provide mutual pleasure.

Also included in the book is the history of Kama Sutra, the most famous book dealing with sexual matters, as well as the interesting relationship between culture and sex.

Kama Sutra

Sex Book - Kama Sutra Book

Kama Sutra is widely considered as the ultimate reference for all sexual positions. This ancient Hindu text was first translated by Sir Richard Burton, an Englishman, over a century ago and since then, millions of readers worldwide had benefited from the valuable lessons it had imparted.

Contrary to popular opinion, Kama Sutra is much more than an encyclopedic collection of illustrations of varying sexual positions. This book actually teaches both men and women how to better appreciate their own bodies and sexual intercourse if both of them work hard to give each other mutual pleasure.

With Kama Sutra, couples learn how important it is to give and take and to take into consideration even the smallest of things that could add to sexual stimulation.

The Little (Bit Naughty) Book of Sex Positions

Sex Book - The Little Bit Naughty Book of Sex Positions

Then again, if you’re not in the mood for anything too serious or intellectual about sex positions, just check out The Little (Bit Naughty) Book of Sex Positions, published by Amorata Press.

Readers get to enjoy vivid photos of real-life couples depicting some of the best and most innovative positions that you can use today. Take the time to read the text and you and your partner could enjoy even a bit of humor before you embark on your next sexual adventure.

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Sinful Temptations by Playgirl TV
March 11th, 2016 by admin

There comes a time when the old must make way for the new. That doesn’t mean what you’ve been doing have always been bad, but familiarity can occasionally breed contempt and something different, exciting, and maybe a little bad could be just the thing that’s missing to make breathe new life into your sexless marriage.

Introducing Something New to Your Marriage

Remember the time you adopted a new pet for the household or the time you had a new employee at work? Integrating your new puppy with the rest of the family had to be done one little step at a time and at its preferred pace. The adjustment was gradual and couldn’t be forced.

Be sure to exercise the same patience and understanding if you are going to introduce something new to your marriage. If you have never made use of adult toys or watched adult DVDs in the past, do not expect your partner to welcome the idea with open arms as you do.

Start with a simple suggestion and do not at all costs pressure or coerce your husband into agreeing to do something he doesn’t want. These toys have been designed by professionals to provide ultimate entertainment for its viewers but it won’t work if one of you isn’t even willing to give it a chance.

The important thing here to keep in mind is that you’re doing this only for fun and its use does not suggest in any way that your husband is not performing sufficiently well in bed. Rather, you must make it clear to your partner that you want to use these DVDs to turn something that’s already great into something even better.

Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage by Vivid

Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage by Vivid

Vivid has done it again! The company has established itself a producer of some of the best sensual video materials in the market, one that offers effective recreational learning for its avid viewers.

With Midori’s Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage, viewers are introduced the vastly misunderstood and still-mysterious art of sensual bondage, which is a huge part of BDSM o Bondage and Domination, Sadism and Masochism.

Contrary to popular opinion, sensual bondage isn’t altogether a bad thing as long as it’s exercised reasonably. Sensual bondage may result to a little pain, but let’s be honest and admit that sometimes, pain – in the right situation – can actually stimulate your pleasure as well.

In the video, it’s clear to see that Midori’s expertise with sensual bondage is indisputable and couples who heed her advice well are sure to enjoy the pleasures of sensual bondage within reasonable limits.

Sinful Temptations by Playgirl TV

Sinful Temptations by Playgirl TV

Wherever you go, temptation to stray abounds. But of course, indulging and satisfying this illicit craving will surely wreck your marriage. You and your husband may love each other strongly enough never to do something adulterous, but that doesn’t mean your mind never plays with the idea of ‘what if’. Whether you admit it or not, there is no doubt one time or another that you have wondered what it would feel to have an affair.

These thoughts are dangerous if left unchecked so why not indulge them safely by watching Sinful Temptations with your husband? This way, both of you can satisfy your curiosity in the most sensually pleasurable way possible and if the urge to do something wicked becomes strong, you’ve got each other to satisfy the craving and put an end to your sexless marriage days once and for all.

Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex by Vivid

Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex by Vivid

Has your partner ever accused you of being too frigid or too much in control? Or perhaps you feel you are too passive towards sex? Maybe it’s because you’re looking for something that he hasn’t thought of offering and that’s rough sex.

Certainly, not all couples are ready or interested in rough sex play, but that doesn’t mean it’s taboo altogether. It’s an acquired taste and as long as you play by the rules then nobody has to get hurt – well at least not so much.

As this is a highly sensitive subject even in today’s age and time, Vivid made the right decision in putting award-winning writer and filmmaker Tristan Taormino at the helm of this provocative series.

The series is part documentary and part vignette, wherein scenes are relatively short but powerful and leads a definitive impression on its viewers. All scenes featured in the film are based on the personal fantasies of the cast members and their respective interviews shed light on the unspoken desires of women for rough sex.

When you and your husband watches Rough Sex by Tristan Taormino, you’re sure to find the courage to admit your innermost sexual desires, embrace your sexuality, and explore – maybe even go beyond – your sexual limits.

Deep Indulgence by Playgirl TV

Deep Indulgence by Playgirl TV

The identity of its producer, Playgirl TV, says it all. Is there any other company better known than Playboy or Playgirl TV? It’s one of the few household names in the industry of adult entertainment that’s recognized all over the world and when Playgirl TV says something, men are sure to listen to it and consider it the truth.

With Deep Indulgence, Playgirl TV teaches viewers how to indulge their deepest and most fantastic desires. There is nothing too great or too hard if you want it badly enough and that applies not just to sex but your marriage as well.

Playing Dirty by Playgirl TV

Playing Dirty by Playgirl TV

Getting down and dirty once in a while adds spice to your marriage so if you want to learn how to become enticingly wicked in the eyes of your partner, all you have to do is watch Playing Dirty by Playgirl TV.

The scenes you have only imagined in secret will now come to life. See for yourself what can happen when you flirt more than usual, when you tease and stare longer than you know you should…learn how hot and wild you can burn when you play with fire.
And the great thing about being married is that you can play with fire with your husband and enjoy the consequences

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Gun Oil
March 3rd, 2016 by admin

Lubricants – whether water or silicon-based – and natural oils are not only for golden-aged couples with great passion and taste for sexual adventures. They can also help make masturbation ten times more satisfying and natural orgasms twenty times more powerful. For maximum enjoyment, consider choosing any of the products listed below.

Gun Oil

Gun Oil

Are you ready for a thrilling sexual encounter that will have both of you gunning for orgasm at any minute? That’s exactly what this silicon-based lube can do for you. If you are looking for a naughty wedding anniversary gift for your husband, wrap this one up immediately. Its masculine, no-nonsense design appeals greatly to males and its 8-ounce content could last you till your next big occasion. It’s also hypoallergenic, so your husband won’t have to worry about your health and safety.

Since this is a silicone-based lubricant, it won’t work well with sex toys and other products made of silicone as well. It can promise a wonderful performance, however, when you use it with sex toys made of glass, wood, or metal.

If your tastes lead to from-behind play, Gun Oil can also ensure hassle-free anal pleasures. For solitary pursuits of sexual release, Gun Oil can do its job, too.

California Exotic Anal Lube

California Exotic Anal Lube

Anal pleasures are fulfilling in so many ways, but it can’t be denied that they’re difficult to attain. If you’re new to this type of intercourse but you’re consider using it to bring a new spark to your married relationship, California Exotic’s Anal Lube could turn the two of you into seasoned pros in no time.

When it comes to anal pleasures, the first time can be very traumatic if you don’t have a proper introduction. Lubricants are a dime a dozen, but not all of them are specially designed for anal intercourse like the Anal Lube.

The Anal Lube is specially formulated to increase moisture in your behind to defeat your behind’s natural dryness and reduce the friction when your partner goes inside you. If you are worried about personal health and hygiene, you’ll be pleased to know that the L-Arginine-free Anal Lube is water-based, ensuring that no exotic substance or material would be used to penetrate your private parts.

Taking your lovemaking to innovative heights is always good, but it could even be better if both of you are open to new experiences. Using the Anal Lube would help, but the best way to ensure fond memories of such encounters would be to get your partner’s approval for what you intend to do. Once you get her to say yes then that’s the time you give your partner an erotic massage.

Love Balm

Love Balm

This product is made of natural ingredients and capable of producing scents and sensations that are as lovely as its name.

If you and your partner do not find the use of lubricants appealing because of its commercialized impression, the two of you will probably find the Love Balm more appealing. Its rich, musky scent and warm, slippery feel comes from being made of purified coconut oil, which many studies show to be anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

There are many ways to include the Love Balm in your lovemaking. If you are in the mood for some aquatic fun, you could give your partner a Love Balm massage instead of a soapy and foamy wash. Rinsing afterwards could be sweet torture to the senses, but this may be tempered by the warm, swirling water. When you’re finished taking a bath, you’ll also be sexually satisfied like you’ve never been before.

In any case, the Love Balm can be used as an instrument for foreplay. If you don’t have the magic touch then you have the opportunity of temporarily wearing the gloves of a professional masseur with the Love Balm. As you massage your partner with this oil, you’ll notice an inviting scent wafting through the air as the skin under your fingers become silky soft and supple, so much so that you might be able to stand it anymore and start making love to your partner.

The Love Balm is great for organic lovers and vegan. It is not only glycerine free, but also does not come paraben, petro-chemicals, or L-Arganine. It even acts as a source of Vitamin E. The only thing you have to avoid is using it with a latex condom. If you have uterine or vaginal infections, you’re also advised to switch to another lubricant.

Silicone Lubricant

Silicone Lubricant

Better Sex Essentials presents the Silicone Lubricant for those looking for an all-in-one or multipurpose lubricant.

With its latex-compatible and hypoallergenic design, you can enjoy safe, lubricant-eased sex anytime anywhere. If you are currently concerned about avoiding pregnancies but you don’t want to reduce your pleasure with condoms, the use of the Silicone Lubricant can make condom-protected sex just as good as bare sex.

Its specially devised structure also ensures reliable, long-term use. There’s no chance you’ll find this lubricant drying out or rotting away. Thanks to its waterproof qualities, the Silicone Lubricant may also be used when you’re swimming or showering. When you’re done, you can clean things up easily with just normal soap and water.

Pink Water

Pink Water

If the above lubricants seem primarily designed for men’s use then women, take heart because you can enjoy untold pleasures with the use of Pink Water.

This obviously water-based lubricant is made of extracts from guarana, avena sativa, aloe vera, and aphrodisiac and moisturizing properties, which makes it a potent, organic stimulant and lubricant rolled into one.

If you are worried about possible health risks associated with its use, don’t be. Pink Water is free of glycerine and L-Arginine. Its packaging is feminine and tasteful, with a stylish dispenser bottle for trouble-free use.

Arouse the passions of your loved one by staging an erotic, one-woman show of self-applying Pink Water while undulating slowly to the throbbing beats of a seductive record.

Lubricants and oils need not be perceived as either a threat or an insult as long as they’re introduced to your partner in the proper context. Try them for yourself and be amazed with the difference it makes with your repertoire and prowess in bed.

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Treasure Trove Gift Tin Sensual Kit of Kama Sutra
March 3rd, 2016 by admin

Are you looking for a way to enhance married sex? If it’s your first time to consider using anything besides delectable body parts to stimulate each other, how about giving sensual massage kits a try?


Compared to other sexual enhancement products available in the market, sensual massage kits are certainly more affordable and one that could also last several night’s uses…but it depends on how much you have fun with it.


Contrary to popular belief, not all sexual enhancement products are blatantly sexual or sold only in erotica shops. Sensual massage kits, for instance, don’t even have the word ‘sensual’ emblazoned on its box at all times. Some of them can even be purchased from your department store or local beauty boutique.

Easy to Use

There is no complicated sex position to try. There are no buttons or switches to operate in order to make this work. Sensual massage kits work the same way basic massage kits do – get oiled and start rubbing. Now, as to what you use to rub, how you rub, and where you rub…well, that’s another story.

All-Around Purpose

Sensual massage kits are good for all kinds of sexual activities. You can use them for foreplay – especially when you purchase the edible types. But you could also use them while having intercourse. Sex can be pretty amazing when you and your partner are slick and sleek because of massage oils.

Top Sensual Massage Kits for Your Pleasure

Now that you’ve been properly educated of the various reasons why sensual massage kits are popular with marriage couples, it’s time to choose a product to buy. To help you make this all-important decision, here are a couple of highly recommended products that are worthy of your review.

Treasure Trove Gift Tin Sensual Kit of Kama Sutra

Treasure Trove Gift Tin Sensual Kit of Kama Sutra

Here’s a tip: if the product is made by Kama Sutra then expect a wildly exotic night ahead. The colors of the sensual massage oils are vibrant and remind you of cocktail drinks and the varying shades of the Mediterranean skies during sunset. The honey dust powder is contained in a silky pouch, and it’s sure to remind you of pixie dust. Who knows? A little sprinkle of it could create magic in the bedroom. Also included in the kit is a feather duster, which you’ll use to apply the powder. Wear a slave or French maid costume and with the duster in your hand, you’ve just made your husband’s dreams of a harem come true.

The pleasure balm comes with an irresistibly sweet scent that could take you and your partner away in a paradise of your own.
As for the oil of your love – you have the privilege to choose among raspberry, strawberry, and tangerine. Apply it to your skin and you’ll regain the smoothness and texture of youthful skin. Use it to massage your husband’s stressed muscles and you’ll have him moaning in no time.

All these are delightfully packaged in a treasure trove tin can with an authentic Oriental design – a gift fit for his royal sultan and his beautiful concubine.

Weekender Sensual Kit by Kama Sutra

Weekender Sensual Kit by Kama Sutra

Of course, if you don’t have much time to spare but you’d still like to give your partner a night – or a moment – to remember then the Weekender Sensual Kit, also from Kama Sutra, would be more than adequate for your needs.
It comes with an assortment of balms, oils, and edible goodies to serve all your sensual needs.

Contour I + Beyond Euphoric Sensory Set Sensual Kit by JimmyJane

Contour I + Beyond Euphoric Sensory Set Sensual Kit by JimmyJane

If you want something a bit more modern – and naughtier – then you’ll probably enjoy greater sensual delights with the Contour I kit from JimmyJane.

The Contour I is a pristine white tool designed with rounded contours for a smooth and relaxing application during massage. But before you use the Contour I, make sure you rub some Beyond Euphoric cream onto your partner’s body. No inch of your partner’s body must be spared!

Beyond Euphoric cream is glycerin and paraben free, making it safe to use but not to eat. It works mainly as a moisturizer but it also has aromatic properties. It is made from a combination of ingredients such as ylang ylang oil, rose root extract, coconut oil and extract, safflower seed oil, and several vitamins that will make your sensual play not just fun but healthy as well.

After the relaxing massage, you can also use the Contour I for foreplay. But we won’t talk about that here. It’s better to let you explore your imagination and see how things turn out.

Carnal Pleasures Collection Sensual Kit of Shunga Erotic Art

For those who don’t know, Shunga is the Japanese word used to describe 16th to 18th century erotic paintings and Shunga Erotic Art draws its inspiration from these exquisite works of art to create their impressive line of intimate moment products. If you believe that sex is not only an expression of love but also a form of art then the Carnal Pleasures Collection is your first step to being a connoisseur of physical pleasure.

The sensual kit contains a comprehensive array of products to bring your lovemaking to new heights. The Soft Moves massage cream will serve as your appetizer for the night ahead with its pleasantly arousing fragrance and delectable flavor. Add a bit of your cold-pressed erotic massage oil and you and your partner can stimulate each other in levels you have never experienced.
Next is the Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac oil, which is best used for intimate areas and erogenous zones to make sure that the pleasure of your climax will be like no other.

No doubt you and your partner are getting too excited so it’s time to be more playful and slow things down by using the feather tickler to apply some Sweet Snow edible powder, which comes in mint and cherry flavors.

Lastly, use the desensitizing balm to make sure that your pleasure lasts as long as you want it.

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Playful Tickler
March 3rd, 2016 by admin

Tickling is one of the most underrated sexual activities and this is unfortunate because many couples with sexual problems could have benefited from it. Tickling is an activity that requires actual contact with a particularly sensitive area in a person’s body. Sexual tickling could be a trigger for arousal or be part of foreplay. In a lot of cases, tickling is also applied as a mild form of torture between BDSM-loving couples.

What to Use for Sexual Tickling

When you tickle somebody, you typically use your hands to do it. That could do just as well when it comes to sexual tickling but if you want to enjoy more satisfactory results then consider using your tongue, a tickler…or all of the above!

Recommended Ticklers for Sex

If it’s your first time to use a tickler then here are a number of well-recommended products to add to your growing collection of erotic toys.

Starburst Fantasy Feather Tickler

Starburst Fantasy Feather Tickler

This is one of a series of ticklers released by Sportsheets, one of the leading manufacturers of erotic products. The tickler’s fancy name is a perfect match for the tickler’s fanciful appearance. It is offered in a wide variety of colors – black, brown, grape, red, rose, and violet – and comes with two types of feathers to offer dual purpose action.

Besides its very affordable price and multipurpose stimulation, the Starburst Fantasy Feather tickler is also a popular favorite among couples because of its easy-grip plastic handle. No matter how sweaty your palms get, this tickler won’t slip out of your grasp, keeping you effectively in control during BDSM plays.

Ostrich Feather Tickler

Ostrich Feather Tickler

This Sportsheets tickler comes in shades of teal, red, purple, burgundy, blue, and black. Its exotic appearance makes it great for costumed roleplaying between the sheikh and concubine.

Whipper Tickler

Whipper Tickler

Another product from Sportsheets, the Whipper Tickler has a dual-headed whip and comes in varieties of pink, black, and red. Just one look at it and you know it’s been designed for the masterful use of a dominatrix. Of course, whether you’re up to the challenge is a different matter altogether.

The length of its plastic shaft is more than sufficient for most couples, ensuring a slip-free grip for all kinds of activities. You can use it to flip from one side to another, depending on your mood. If you’re feeling merciful and your slave has done a good job pleasing you then it’s the tickler for him or her. But if your slave needs a little negative reinforcement, it’s time to punish your slave with a little whipping.

The whip head is made of several rubber tails, which allows for soft and tender caresses as well as hard and sharp lashes.

The Whipper Tickler is also latex and phthalates free as well as made of food-grade and hypo-allergenic materials, making it safe to use with any oral applications.

Fluffer Tickler

Fluffer Tickler

Our last product from Sportsheets is another fantasy tickler: the aptly named Fluffer. As you can guess outright, this tickler works best with a little fluffing and by that, we mean letting the tips and sides of your tickler flutter against your spouse’s body before hitting the most vulnerable spots and causing them to swell beautifully in response.

Playful Tickler

Playful Tickler

Finally, we have the Playful Tickler from Cal Exotics. This company largely owes its success to the fact that it’s one of the few erotic companies out there which is owned and operated by a female (suffice to say, she’s healthily in touch with her sexual side). It’s why all Cal Exotic products excel in producing sexual satisfaction for its female customers. Besides ensuring all products answer the needs of the female psyche, Cal Exotics also prioritizes use of quality materials and state of the art technology to continuously ensure sexual climaxes all over the world.

The Playful Tickler is most suitable for couples who are trying out sexual tickling or BDSM for the first time. The idea of slapping and pinching – as well as getting slapped and pinched – is understandably alarming for both of you so if you want to start things slow, you could do so with the Playful Tickler. It’s just as tortuous but it’s a lot safer and painless to use during foreplay.

Tips for Using Your Tickler

Now that you’re armed with the best tickler, it’s time to learn a few tricks of the trade.

Blindfold your partner.

This will prevent your partner from guessing where you’ll come from and what your next target area is. Also, remember that anticipation in itself is stimulation and any additional stimulation never hurts. If there’s no way to blindfold your partner then switch off all lights until the whole room is plunged into darkness. Yes, it’s going to be tough for you as well, but don’t worry you’ll manage.

Start with overall caresses.

Avoid the ticklish zones of your partner’s body and focus on overall caresses first. Let your tickler brush against your partner’s skin all over. Choose random places. It doesn’t matter where because the sensation will be just as sensitive anywhere.As you make your move, try to keep quiet. Breathe evenly and keep your movements slow and steady to avoid any rustling noise.

Keep it light.

Later, you can torture your partner more with relentless tickling but for now, it’s best to keep things light and fun. Switch the tickler from one hand to the other so that your muscles won’t inadvertently ache.

Use hands and mouth.

Put your tickler to rest – just for a while – and resume with “normal” foreplay using your hands and mouth. Linger on kissing the most erogenous zones of your spouse’s body.

Now do both!

And for your final devastating move that will keep your spouse moaning for more, resume use of your tickler without stopping your oral assault. For husbands, you can stimulate the breasts while applying the tickler to your wife’s G-spot. As for wives, you can perform fellatio on your man while applying the tickler to his balls.

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Naughty Nurse Costume from Coquette
March 3rd, 2016 by admin

Take your role playing in bed to a whole new level with costumed lingerie. For now, we’ll be featuring the top costumes – and roles – for women. Men: if you’ve got the all-important anniversary or any other special occasion coming up, you can combine your usual gift of flowers, chocolate, and what not with any of the beautiful costumes listed below.

Dirty Cop Uniform by Leg Avenue

Dirty Cop Uniform by Leg Avenue

Here’s an idea: turn the lights off once you hear your husband has finally arrived from work. Don’t make any noise as you keep yourself hidden from the door. When he comes in, form the shape of a gun with your hand then slowly hold him at gunpoint from behind and say “You’re under arrest” or something like that. The point is to play the role of a dirty cop and ask for a sexual favor in exchange of looking the other way regarding your husband’s – well, he’s not your husband in this scenario, is he? – traffic violation.

The great thing about this uniform is how Leg Avenue went all out. You pay just a single price for all seven items that the entire costume is made up. This all-black getup consists of a pair of gloves, a sexy necktie to twirl around your fingers while waiting for the “suspect” to stammer ‘yes’ to your demands, a hat to toss away when it’s time to get wild and dirty, a belt to instill some much-needed discipline, a dress that’s sure to be your husband’s dream come true, and even a walkie-talkie that you can pretend to use while whispering naughty words.

There’s a wide range of sizes available – from XS to XXL – so virtually everyone can fit into this costume quite nicely. It has a front button closure so that you can allow the suspect to “cop” a feel. The ruffled hem and garters, on the other hand, add a feminine touch to this otherwise tough-chick look. If you’re willing to spend extra bucks, a nice pair of fishnet stockings would go particularly well with this costume.

Fantasy French Maid Uniform from Leg Avenue

Fantasy French Maid Uniform from Leg Avenue

Would you like a blow job now or a hand job, sir? These are the questions your husband may have once fantasized about being asked by a siren in a French maid uniform. Being the loving and dutiful wife that you are, who are you to disappoint your husband?

Make this weekend extra special for both of you by gifting your husband with a night of total subservience. If you’ve always liked to be in control – and your husband is sweet enough to go along with you most of the time – isn’t it time to return the favor and have him hold the whip this time? Who knows? There might be a sleeping M-type inside you that’s just waiting to be awakened.

This black-and-white ensemble features a unique but lavishly styled uniform with a sheer bra and the teensiest sheer skirt accentuated with a white waist trim, black satin ribbons, and a white ruffled hem. Your master can take this off you later by untying it from the back.

Underneath this flimsiest of cover is a G-string panty that’s sure to tempt your master into asking – nay, demanding – for extra service. And to top it off – literally and figuratively – Leg Avenue also provides a cute and frilly headpiece for an authentic French maid look. Be sure to practice your ‘oui’ and ‘merci’ when you use this!

Darque Nurse Uniform from Coquette

Darque Nurse Uniform from Coquette

Nobody likes getting sick unless you want to miss a day of school or work. Besides that, who in his right mind would like to feel hot, dizzy, and nauseous and look ten years older and five tanning sessions earlier? But if you add the fact that a very sexy – private –nurse is ready to attend to all – yes, all! – of your needs then men are sure to come running to the nearest clinic and pretending all kinds of illnesses.

There are two sizes available for the Darque Nurse costume: one that fits a small-medium frame while the other is suitable for those with medium to large frames. Its black-and-red theme would go particularly great for those with interests in Goth and paranormal themes. If your husband, for instance, is a fond of the paranormal then he can take the role of a lost stranger while you play the mysterious mistress of an abandoned hospice.

The uniform offers front-styled zipper closure for easy and immediate access. Red crosses, strips, ruffles, cuffs, and even a dark and sexy headpiece provide the necessary embellishments to complete your look. With this outfit, you’re going to be death of your patient because he’s going to die from pleasure when he finds out your costume comes with a crotch-less panty as well!

Sheriff on the Loose from Leg Avenue

Sheriff on the Loose from Leg Avenue

Here’s yet another spectacular law officer uniform from Leg Avenue, the same company that brought you the maid and cop costumes previously introduced. For those who aren’t yet daring or risqué enough to try on the French maid or dirty cop costume, this would no doubt be more to your taste.

It has a tasteful design that’s both demure and sexy. The khaki-colored one-piece dress is made of polyester and features a pleated mini skirt that can show off your sexy behind if you just bend a few inches while you’re giving the suspect a full body inspection.

Included in the set is a pair of gloves, a necktie for BDSM play, and sunglasses.

Naughty Nurse Costume from Coquette

Naughty Nurse Costume from Coquette

Finally, we have another mouthwatering nurse uniform from Coquette. If your husband isn’t all that fond of dark Victorian novels and all he wants is just plain TLC and maybe mouth-to-mouth resuscitation then you can certainly give him that with this red-and-white uniform.

This halter-styled dress, with its daring but entirely becoming keyhole neckline, is made entirely of Lycra so even though there’s only one size available, it’s sure to fit most users. Also offered with the set is a pair of opera-length emergency gloves and the requisite nurse headpiece.

The colors of your uniform certainly match the usual color motif used by ambulances and Red Cross as well as for First Aid. One look at you and your victim is sure to know he’s in good hands.

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Silicone-Based Lube
June 22nd, 2014 by admin

Let’s face it, I’m not a fan of silicone-based lubes For one thing, my collection of sex toys is almost exclusively silicone, which is not supposed to come in contact with silicone-based lubes Also, water-based lubes are just safer and more appealing to me.

1. The same ingredients found in silicone lube can often be found in moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, and de-frizzing products. Use silicone lube to smooth out your skin or your fly-aways.

2. Is that squeaky door bugging you? Drip some silicone lube on the hinges and forget about it.

3. Instead of shaving cream, try a layer of silicone lube. It’ll help your razor glide smoothly and cut the hairs closer. It can also minimize razor burn and those stupid red bumps. Then, just wash it off with soap and water.

4. I’ve used silicone lube to seal a little wooden box I made. If your wood has a finish, or your planning to add a finish, don’t use silicone lube. It can turn your finish into a sticky, gooey mess.

5. Since silicone lube doesn’t get washed away easily by water, you could use it to slick yourself up before a swim meet. It’ll help cut any drag when you’re in the water. Probably works on boats and water skis, too.

6. If you have any latex clothing like I do (Review of the Latex Basic Cincher from Liberator & Review of Liberator’s Latex Pencil Skirt) it should have come with a bottle of silicone lube to keep it polished.

7. Shine your shoes! Works well to add a water-repellant coat to your boots and whatnot. Don’t use it on suede, though.

8. Sexy slip n’ slide time! What? I know some adult companies that have done that. I’m not liable, if you get hurt.

9. Slippery wrestling matches, which will be very messy and possibly dangerous. I’m not liable for anything.

10. Cut down on static cling and chaffing with silicone lube.

Have another random use for silicone lube? Let me know in the comments!

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Getting Rid of Semen Stains
February 27th, 2014 by admin

That, my dear friends, is a semen skid mark across our couch cushion. Did I have something to prevent it? Yes. Did I think to use it?

So, if you accidentally get semen or cum in the wrong spot like I did, there are plenty of ways to fix it. No worries!

First, let’s go through what not to do:

  • Don’t use hot water initially. Hot water will actually set organic stains.
  • Don’t try to wipe up the semen, always blot. If you wipe, you’ll just spread the semen around and make the stain bigger.
  • Don’t use more than directed concentration of detergent on fabrics. Always follow the directions!
  • Don’t use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on colors. You’ll bleach them.
  • Don’t try to clean the stain if it’s on a cover on a couch cushion. Take the cover off and treat the cover by itself.

Cleaning Methods

  • You can have a professional clean it, but it will cost you more and will probably be embarrassing to say what the stain is. I’ve heard to just tell the cleaner that it’s an egg white stain.
  • If you can wash the fabric, try to rinse as much of the semen out as possible with cold water. After that, you can stick the fabric in with the rest of your laundry and wash as per usual.
  • If you think detergents are too strong for your fabrics, you can use environment-friendly soaps found on the market today. Spray some seltzer water on the stained area, or run plain water on it after washing it with soap.
  • Try cleaners for pet stains. They clean up a wide array of organic stains, and should work on semen, too.
  • White vinegar has acetic acid that makes it an effective cleaning substance. The acid dissolves any organic compounds in your couch, pillows, towels, bed sheets, underwear, whatever.
  • You could try bleach, but I would only use it on white fabrics. Bleach removes colors from fabrics.
  • Boric acid, also known as borax, helps to remove organic stains and is environmentally friendly. Create a paste by mixing a small amount of water with a tablespoon of borax. This amount should be enough spread over your semen stain. Let the paste sit for 30 minutes, and then use a scotch pad to brush the semen away. Be careful not to rough up your fabric, or you’ll ruin it.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a non-chlorine bleach that’s known to be milder than pure bleach. A few teaspoons will do. Just rub it on the spot and let the fabric absorb the chemicals before rinsing. Hydrogen peroxide is not color-safe.

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