XaXa Xoom PlaySensation ultra Vibrating Butt plug

The Playsensation Ultra plug is packaged in a cardboard box with a clear plastic insert to show the plug in all of its black beady glory. On the back of the box there is some information about the plug and how works is and how it should be used.

The plug is made from super soft flexible silicone which should only be used with a good quality water based lubricant; you should avoid using any silicone products with this plug as it may damage it. It is waterproof and can be submerged for cleaning; the bullet is also removable so you can use it on its own as a multispeed bullet if you wish.

The bullet takes 1AAA battery which slots into the body of the vibrator, it has a single button operation and is 5 speed, the speeds are

  1. Low
  2. High
  3. Pulse
  4. Long escalating pulse
  5. Gradual increase in speed and then a quick pulse

51lJhvISzJL._SY450_To turn it off again you can either scroll through the settings to the end and it will go off or you can hold down the power button for a couple of seconds. Both ways work equally well, I personally found it quicker and easier to scroll through the settings. We found that even when it is on high that this is a really quiet vibrator and it is something that we wouldn’t have any problems with using if a shared house or even maybe a hotel room should you wish to take it away with you.

The Playsensation Ultra Plug is shaped with the three balls on the insert able section and one ball on the part which should sit on your perineum, I let my husband test this one out as it appeared to me to be aimed more at the male market than the female, this isn’t to say that it wouldn’t be suitable for a woman to use, but the shape is perfect for prostate massage and the ball that sits on the outside is shaped in a way that presses in just the right place for a man.

My husband’s experience of the vibrator when he tried it was really good, he has tried a few of these types of toys and he was really impressed with the way that this one feels. The vibrations flow down the full length of the toy and can be felt against the prostate perfectly, he found both the shape of the toy and the strength of the vibrations worked really well for him. He liked the beads and the way that they are different sizes as this gave a different sensation for him when he was inserting and removing it, the loop on the end is excellent for removing the toy and for preventing it from travelling as it the ball that sits on the outside. He said that the material feels lovely and soft when the toy is been used and although it is flexible its not to flexible. In his opinion this toy is very well designed and it is in his words ‘a keeper’

The play sensation plug is nice and easy to clean as it is waterproof and you can remove the vibrator and clean it all separately if you wish to ensure that you get it all clean, there are no annoying seams or anything that you need to be careful of when you are using or cleaning it.

Overall this is a really good vibrating butt plug by XaXa Xoom the material that it is made from is of excellent quality, it feels lovely and soft and smooth. Its vibrations are good and powerful and they travel down the full length of the toy. It is nice and easy to clean and is good for use during sex or for solo play. In short if you are looking for a prostate toy that is good quality and doesn’t break the bank then you won’t go wrong with this one.

March 12th, 2018 by