Fun Factory Bendybeads


Let’s be honest, it can be pretty damned difficult to find anal beads that look comfortable, are well-made, and are actually made of body-safe materials. If you’re looking for such a toy, Fun Factory’s silicone anal beads might just be the ticket.

If you’ve never seen or used anal beads, they’re sex toys that are basically a string of multiple spheres that are sometimes graduated in size. These spheres are inserted through the anus into the rectum, and are then removed at different speeds depending on the desired effect. Most often, they’re removed during climax to intensify orgasms.


GoodVibes always ships discreetly. My Bendybeads came, along with some other goodies, in a plain brown box with the return address as “Barnaby Ltd”.

The Bendybeads were boxed in Fun Factory’s typical packaging; a plastic cradle holding the toy with information, a small catalogue, and a sample of Toy Fluid inside a grey and red cardstock box. The two magnetic flaps open from an image of a red version, to the display window of the toy, along with a decent amount of info in various languages. On the other side of the package, the toy can be seen without having to open any magnetic flaps. Although there’s nothing tacky and overly raunchy about it, you can see the toy, so the packaging isn’t exactly discreet.


This toy is made of pure silicone, making it hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate-free, latex-free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable, and completely nontoxic.

Unlike some anal beads, you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up in the material of the bead or connective material. Some anal beads have cotton strings, or other porous materials, that can breed bacteria like crazy. Since this toy is entirely silicone, bacteria can’t penetrate it, but only thrive on the surface. As long as you take the proper steps to sterilize this toy, you won’t have any issues with bacteria. Also, silicone is very durable, which means these beads can last a lifetime.


There’s not a whole lot of texture on the Bendybeads. They have a silky smooth finish, and are connected by a snake of silicone that alternates from side to side, making the beads look much like peas in a pod. I did notice a very slight seam, which seems smoother in some places than others. Although I wish this had been completely smoothed out, the seam is not noticeable during vaginal or anal insertion.

The surface seems to hold onto lube decently. While using it vaginally, I haven’t noticed much drag to it. The snake that winds around the beads provides a little extra stimulation, but not much.


All of the beads are rather dense. They have a little give to them, but it’s very slight. Still, the spaces in-between them are easily manipulated. Also, the handle, though skinnier than the beads, is actually just fraction of a difference in density. The handle is fairly dense, and it takes some force to squeeze the loop closed.

If you want to, you can actually bend the whole toy around easily and secure the top bead through the loop. Lube it up and slip it over your penis, or your partner’s penis, and use it during a hand job or as an addition to oral sex. Just make sure you have plenty of lube for it and be careful not to pinch the foreskin.

The flexibility and density of this toy could make it or break it for some folks, mostly if you’re planning on using these for thrusting. I’ve had no issues inserting these vaginally or anally, but they do bend at the connections when trying to insert them anally. I always have to use both hands to steady these to insert them anally.


  • Total Length: 10 ¼” (26.03cm)
  • Insertable Length: 7 ½” (19.05cm)
  • Diameter: starts at ¾” and goes up to 2” (1.9cm-5.08cm)

To the right, you can see how big it looks in my hand. I wear a size 4 wedding ring, which could really be sized down to a 3.5, so most toys tend to look much bigger than they really are when I hold them.

This may be too big for beginners. I say this mostly with the length in mind. I dabble in anal occasionally, and I can’t get past the last bead comfortably. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not well-practiced, or if it’s just because I’m such a petite girl (5’1” and 98lbs).

Compatible Lubricants

It’s best to use water-based lubricants with silicone toys, otherwise you could risk some negative reactions with the material. Fun Factory advises a patch test, if you plan to use silicone-based lubes. Place a small amount on the base and wait a few minutes. If it gets gummy or tacky, that lube is not compatible.

Vaginal Use

While I don’t find the beads filling, the popping of the beads is nice. Due to the density, though, I can’t insert it too far, otherwise I have issues with the first bead poking my cervix.

Thrusting can be a little awkward, and it seems to take me forever to climax from using these beads as a dildo. Bending it slightly lets the biggest bead hit against my clitoris, which is nice, but just isn’t enough for me. Of course, these beads are designed for anal use, not vaginal use, but who said I was going to think inside the box?

Anal Use

Since the loop can be closed, you do have a slight chance of your butt sucking this toy up. It’s a very small chance, since the loop shouldn’t flatten under normal circumstances, but I just want to put that warning out there.

Insertion is fairly easy for my husband and I, but the flexibility is a little more of a problem for him. I usually end up inserting them for him, but that’s true with more of our anal toys for him. The graduated beads are easy to work up to, and might not be bad for working up to larger anal toys. I can get past the fourth bead, before the strand starts to feel too long. My husband, however, can take the whole strand with no problem.

Worn during sex or masturbation, these beads provide the sense of fullness that I want, and they stay put until I pull them out. Unlike some toys, the beads have stayed in me no matter what position I’ve been in. When I don’t have to Lysol the floor after anal play, that’s a major plus. My husband can actually tug a little at these during sex, and they won’t come out until I ask him to remove them during orgasm. It’s also nice for him when I wear them during sex, because he says he can feel them in me when he thrusts.

Since my husband likes the addition of anal stimulation during oral sex sometimes, the Bendybeads are a nice alternative to our other anal sex toys. They’re best when slowly pulled out as he climaxes, making it more intense for him. This also works nicely during sex, but it’s a little more difficult to pull off at the right moment, mostly because my short arms usually can’t reach that far.


I prefer to boil this for 5-10 minutes, but you can also stick it in the top rack dishwasher on a regular cycle, wipe with a 10% bleach solution and rinse, or simply wash with a mild soap and water. Allow it to air-dry, or wipe it with a lint-free towel before storage. Toy cleaners and wipes are another option.


Keep the Bendybeads somewhere safe from dust and hair, where it won’t get squished or touched by other toys. You can keep it in the box it comes in, a bag, toy box, etc., as long as it stays clean and dry.


The only thing that really bothers is me that the seam wasn’t perfectly smoothed out. It’s not enough for me to feel during insertion, but it still annoys me, as it’s not the quality that I’ve come to expect from Fun Factory. Otherwise, these anal beads are a nice addition to my toy box.

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