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Crystal Chic Wand
February 2nd, 2014 by admin

Another Sexpert assignment from Cal Exotics. The Crystal Chic Wand is made from Velvet Cote (a phthalate-free) material and is studded with genuine crystals to give it a more elegant look. It features one touch activation of 3 levels of vibration.

On low, the battery will last 12.5 hours.

On medium, the battery will last 9 hours.

On high, the battery will last 6 hours.

Not that you’d need it to last that long in one sitting, but it’s nice to know in general how long the battery will last.


Well, my first thought about the Crystal Chic Wand was that it would be great to stimulate my hubby’s perineum during intercourse. My short little arms can’t always reach the proper spot, so this is a great way to fix that. Spooning is always fun, so we got into position and I tried to position the wand in the right spot. He was able to position it so that it was hands-free for both of us. And because of the angle I had it bent at, the crystal embedded end was in just the right place to give me some nice clitoral stimulation. It was almost like turning him into a rabbit vibe. That was nice for both of us.

Also, if you can bend it just right, you can have the end of the Crystal Chic Wand vibrate your clit while the beads are in your bum.

As for having it in during penetration, the vibes could be felt by my hubby, too.

FYI:When it says that you need to keep the cap closed tightly, it means it. At first, I just thought my battery was dying. I took it out and put in a new one. Still the same pathetic whisper of a buzz. I was starting to wonder if I had a bad wand. I looked at the sticker again and figured I must not have it tight enough and that was it. You really have to screw it on as tight as you can get it to make it work properly.

“Our design team outdid themselves on this one,” observed CalExotics VP/Sales, Jackie White. “The elegance and beauty of the embedded jewels and powerful high-tech motor are a winning combination….and the fact that the graduated shaft pulls apart easily for cleaning makes it as easy to maintain as it is to use.”

Easy cleaning, eh? I’ll have to disagree with that one. Although the Crystal Chic Wand comes with a small slip of paper that details cleaning instructions, I find that it is difficult to sanitize it properly. The problem lies within the beads. Many of the beads are hollow and can easily harbor bacteria even after the wand has been lengthened to clean it. (Unless you have one of those special bendy brushes that look like pipecleaners, it will be hard to clean the cavities of the beads. ) Especially since it’s difficult to dry out the hollow beads. You just have to let them slowly air dry. The problem is, bacteria likes dark wet and unclean places, i.e. the wet spaces in the hollow beads.

So how do I keep it clean?

I’d suggest putting a condom or toy cover over the Crystal Chic Wand before you use it. I would recommend a condom, since I know that stretches far enough. I’m not sure a toy cover would. Boiling just the wand part would sanitize it, but that’s not a good idea for the material that the wand is made of. A diluted solution of bleach may be a good idea, though.

Material: EdenFantasys says “plastic”, but it’s really composed of ABS and PU Cote. It’s phthalates-free.

Lube: Cal Exotics recommends a water-based lube since the product is composed of PU Cote. Lubricants are must have sex accessories – find your own water-based lubricant here!

Waterproof: Yes.
Packaging: No problems. Comes in a plastic box. Be sure to recycle your packaging!
Length:11 1/2″
Insertable length:7 1/4″
Circumference: 3″
Diameter: 7/8″
Weight: 0.4 lb
Batteries: One AA (not included)
Vibration Level: 3/5 Average low, medium, and high settings.
Noise Level: 4/5 Since some of the beads are hollow, they can rattle around quite a bit depending on what angle you’ve bent the wand into and what intensity you have the vibration on.

Pros: No raunchy packaging! No phthalates, easy one-touch activation, long-lasting battery, easily bent, powerful vibes throughout the whole wand, pretty crystals for those of us who have a shiny complex, waterproof

Cons: Could possibly harbor bacteria due to the fact that it can be hard to clean. This is easily remedied by putting a condom on it, though.

You can register your Crystal Chic Wand at Vibetronics! All you need is the code above the UPC label that looks like this SE-0000-00-0

You can get the Crystal Chic Wand from EdenFantasys along with lots of other sex toys, lubes, and lingerie!

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Nice Reversible Plush Santa Hat
December 1st, 2013 by admin

If you want a cute Santa hat, but you want to only show your naughty or nice side to certain people, the Naughty or Nice Reversible Plush Santa Hat by Leg Avenue is a great find. It’s soft, comfy, and let’s me look as innocent as an angel or hints that I wouldn’t mind getting down and dirty under the mistletoe. It was too cute to pass up, and I figured I could have some fun with it.


There isn’t much to the packaging. It just came in a clear PVC bag. There are some basic warnings about safety, concerning the bag. Those warnings are given in several languages and are printed in black ink right on the bag.

On the front of the tag, which was attached to the hat, there is an image of the model wearing the hat and details including the style/model number, size, product name, and name of the manufacturer. The back of the tag has some of the same information as the front, but also includes material information, care instructions, and the contact information for the manufacturer.

Nice Reversible Plush Santa Hat

EdenFantasys always ships discreetly. No package that I’ve received from them has ever had any information about the contents written on the package, and the company name is nowhere to be found. What you’ll see for the return address is “Web Merchants”. Your postal worker, neighbors, etc. will be none the wiser.

Material – 100% Polyester

Since it’s more or less a novelty item, I was afraid that the material on this hat might end up being rather thin and cheap. It’s actually very nice and thick, though, and I can’t see the base below the fur, like I was afraid of.

The red part has a shorter nap, and is smooth and about the thickness of a typical t-shirt (That doubles up, though, because of the reversibility.). The pompom and white rim are what the typical stuffed animal feels like, in my opinion. I wouldn’t say that the hat sheds, but brushing the white part may make it shed a little. I’ve had a little come out while I was cleaning it, nothing major, though. The entire hat is soft and fuzzy, with the white rim and pompom being thicker. None of the material used to make this hat stretches at all.


  • Diameter of Opening: 12”
  • Circumference of Opening: approx. 24”
  • Length of Hat (Not Turned Double, Excluding Pompom): 18.5”
  • Width of White Rim: 3.75”

This hat is a one-size-fits-all. If your head measures more than 24” around, you’re out of luck. My head is 21”, and my husband’s head is 24”.

Nice Reversible Plush Santa Hat

Design / Construction

When I had bought this, there really wasn’t much information on how exactly this could be reversed. So, I was curious to see how it would work out. The hat is almost like two hats sewn together. You just flip the white rim to whatever side you want and tuck that part of the hat in. It’s easily reversed, and there are no tags to make it look like you’ve got it with the wrong side out.

Each reversible side has a word embroidered in black thread to designate that side as “naughty” or “nice”. The “nice” side has a little heart instead of the dot over the “i”, and there’s a halo over the “n”. On the “naughty” side, you’ll find the tail of the “y” in the shape of a devil’s tail.

If you have the “nice” side flipped out, nobody has to know that you’re “naughty” underneath. It may be just a smidge of kink, but it’s kind of fun to have a naughty little secret underneath.


The construction of this hat looks pretty solid. I’ve checked over all the seams and haven’t found any gaps. There are no loose strings, and none of the stitching is visible. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the quality. Even the embroidery looks professionally done. The material looks like it should hold up fairly well over the years. Since it has shed slightly on me, I’m not sure how much wear and tear would start to make it go bald.

Fit / Wear

I’m just really petite in general, so it fits my head well. The only problem is, I have to pull it down a decent amount on my head to get the writing to show if you were to look at me straight on. With my husband, that’s not the case. However, he’s a big man with a big head. I can barely get this around his noggin, and it’s a pretty tight fit.

So, since I’m the only one it really fits, I’m the only one that wears it. It’s nice and warm. I’ve found it to be very comfortable, and it’s easy to style the little dangly ball wherever I want it to stay at. If you want the hat to have a little more body, don’t fully reverse it, just kind of stuff the other half inside, and it’ll look more puffy.

Cleaning / Care

This hat is to be washed by hand in cold water. Do not put it in the washer/dryer. I got lazy and made that mistake. So, now my hat is covered in dryer lint that I’ve had to remove with packing tape. Most of it is off, but I’m still going at it. Let this hat drip dry. Do not iron it. Use non-chlorine bleach only when needed.


The PVC bag that it came in really isn’t suitable for storage. I’d say just lay it in a drawer, chest, or wherever you think it would be safe. I would keep it out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time to avoid fading the brilliant red.


This is such a cute and versatile hat. My only complaint is that it’s not suitable for a trip through the washer/dryer. I really wish I would have followed the instructions, but I got in a hurry. It’s still a great hat, aside from lint that got stuck on it from the dryer. I’ll just have to keep working on that. If you treat it right, this hat could last for quiet a few years. The quality of the material used is nice, and the construction looks flawless.

So, I’ll be wearing the “nice” side out to everyone else, and the “naughty” side out to my husband this Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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Tentacle Dildo Made By Whipspider Rubberworks
October 10th, 2013 by admin

What else can I say? I’d been oggling the Tentacle dildo for the longest time and finally broke down and got it a while ago. Hubby doesn’t know. I don’t know how to spring something so strange on him. O.o

Ok, so there’s a chance he’ll find it totally sexy to see a slimy tentacle (that glows! XD) slithering around in my nethers. But…then again, I’m a little worried it might bring up all that hentai crap from before (Ugh… –_-; Still trying to get over that.). I had been thinking about passing it off as a Halloween review assignment from one of the companies that sends me surprise assignments…but I dunno.

Why did I get it? (If you don’t want to read about my stupid past, scroll down to the review.)

Good question. Because I’m warped, that’s why… *sighs* All that crap before…it got me into liking tentacles. But after way too much porn, I started too feel small (I don’t have huge boobs, ok? –_-) , unpretty, and unsexy. I put a stop to it, at least I thought so. But he was still looking at it behind my back and that made me feel even worse about myself. Well, it’s over now. It still hurts sometimes. That’s why I always make sure the toys I get have clean, non-pornographic packaging, if I can. Sometimes I can’t. But I always try to let you guys know. I figure there’s other people like me out there that would like that info.

On to the review!

Well, I’ve only gone solo with the Tentacle dildo. I haven’t introduced it to my hubby yet. Still working up to that. The Tentacle dildo was made by a company called Whipspider Rubberworks (Their toys are all silicone, though, not rubber. You can see more from them like a unicorn horn dildo, a jellyfish dildo, and even an orchid here.) They’re a small group of artists living in Central and Coastal Maine. Their nature and fantasy inspired designs are a result of collaboration between them and their friends. As an artist, I love these little individual artist groups. I’ve been investigating another one called Bad Dragon and might have another tentacle to review soon. Theirs doesn’t glow, though… Oh well.

Design: The Tentacle is made of pure silicone and non-toxic pigments. It’s curved with a slight twist that’s great for g-spot stimulation and tapers from a large base for that full-up feeling. Once I get myself worked up enough, I can take the plunge and slide the whole tentacle in.

The suckers actually go all the way down to the base, and if I hold it just right, I can rub my clit against the suckers on the base when the tentacle is all the way in. Great g-spot stimulation, plus that full-up feeling, plus clitoral stimulation equals one awesome orgasm! ~_^

Tentacle Dildo Made By Whipspider Rubberworks

And it glows! How brightly? Pretty bright. Just let it charge in a light source for a little while and you’re good to go. The reason why things glow is because of photo luminescence. As long as light hits the Tentacle, it’ll continue to store photons. It will then give off those photons once the lights are turned off, and that’s what makes it glow. How long you keep it in the light determines how long it’ll glow.

The funny thing about the Tentacle is that it’s more than a dildo; it’s art. If you had it sitting out somewhere, someone might just figure it’s a decoration and that you’re either really into cephalopods or marine life. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it out, though. You don’t want it getting dusty.

Color: Absolutely beautiful. A combination of subtly shimmering blues and a pale glow-in-the-dark green. The pictures really don’t do it justice.


Suckers on the front: The Tentacle has dual rows of finely detailed suckers that are way different from any other texture I’ve experienced. They feel great rubbing against my clit and my nipples (Too bad the suckers don’t actually work. ~_^). You can feel the suckers going in, too. It makes an interesting sensation to have part of the dildo covered in suckers and part of it silky smooth.

Smooth on the back: If you need a little break from the suckers, the back is very smooth and glides very well with just a little bit of lube. And if you decide the Tentacle is too strange, but you like the design, there’s also a dildo called the Wave that is pretty much the same thing only it doesn’t have suckers or glow. The picture is the back of the Tentacle, though.


  • Length: 7”
  • Insertable Length: 6”
  • Circumference: 2 1/4”

Harness Compatible: Nope, sorry.

Suitable for Anal Play: Again, no. Since there’s no flared base, it’s not recommended for anal play. However, the base is pretty large to me and I don’t think it would get lost in there. You never know, though. Don’t want to be rushed to the emergency room with a tentacle dildo up your ass. That would be embarrassing. >.<

Water Play: Of course! Where better to use a Tentacle dildo than in the water!

Material: Pure silicone and non-toxic pigments. A lot of toys that glow can be toxic to your system. The Tentacle is totally safe and non-toxic, though! It’s also non-porous, phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, and latex free!

Lube: It’s best to use water-based lubes for silicone toys. Some premium silicone toys are able to hold up to silicone-based lubes and not melt, but I wouldn’t chance it. If you really have to use a silicone-based lube, do a patch test first on the base of the toy.

Cleaning: I recommend using a soft toothbrush to thoroughly clean the suckers if you’re going to wash the Tentacle with soap and water by hand. You can also boil it, bleach it, or stick it in the dishwasher.

Packaging: No problems at all. The Tentacle came in a plastic bag with a little slip of paper. No muss, no fuss. No stupid smutty packaging to secretly dispose of. Thank you, Whipspider! ^_^

Pros: It glows! XD Great for hitting the g-spot and any other spot for that matter. Tip tapers down to a thick base for a great full-up feeling. Suckers provide an interesting texture to rub over your clit, nipples, or wherever. The suckers make it nice to just grind against the Tentacle, too. Transfers vibrations well. Clean, simple packaging. Silicone and free of phthalates. Easy to clean and fun to use. Beautiful silicone sculpture from a group of very talented artists.

Cons: Um…well…I’m too chicken to show it to my hubby? Is that a good enough con? ‘Cause I can’t think of anything else…

Summary: 5/5 I really love the Tentacle. It’s one of the first toys I reach for when I’m feeling horny. And I just love the design. Aside from the folks at Whipspider being great artists, I think it was very smart of them to make the Tentacle glow-in-the-dark. One of these days, I’ll pluck up the courage to show it to my hubby. Not sure when that will be, though.

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Whipper Tickler
July 22nd, 2013 by admin

Some of you may remember the review that I wrote of Chico, the first little lube applicator from Bad Dragon (Review of Chico, the Lil Squirt Lube Applicator). Well, they’re finally including some of their other designs in their lube applicator line. You can now get a Seadragon Lil Squirt!


My Lil’ Seadragon arrived in a box absolutely no bigger than what was needed. It was sealed in a poly bag, and nestled in purple tissue paper, along with a syringe in a storage tube.

As for the syringe, those always say they should only be used for one use and then disposed of. If this were to be used as intended, for medical purposes, then I would say to dispose of it. However, it can be taken apart and washed. Most of it is hard plastic. The plunger does have a porous material at the base, so I wouldn’t recommend sharing your syringe with a partner, just to be on the safe side.

Material / Firmness

The Lil’ Seadragon is made of pure, body-safe medical grade silicone. This means that the toy is phthalates-free, latex-free, odorless, tasteless, and can be easily sterilized. The cum tube is also made of silicone.

Unlike other toys from BD this one only comes in hard (8) firmness. Given how small and thin it is, this is a good thing. The pointed head is still squishy enough to be comfortable, yet firm enough for easy insertion. The shaft can be bent with minimal with little effort, although there is some resistance, most notably at the knot. At the knot, which is the thickest part, I would compare the firmness to the squish of a super bouncy ball that you can get out of a quarter machine at the grocery store.

Size / Details

  • Cum Tube Length: 43”
  • Toy Length: 4.25”
  • Insertable Length: 3.5”
  • Circumference of Head: 2.5”
  • Circumference of Shaft: 2.5”
  • Circumference of Knot: 3.5”
  • Circumference of Shaft Below Knot: 2.75”
  • Diameter of Base: 1.75”
  • Syringe Capacity: 2oz (60ml)

Texture / Design

The entire toy has a semi-matte finish. I can see the layers from the 3D printer that was used to help create the mold. It’s kind of hard to capture with my camera, but it can be seen slightly on the knot.

There really isn’t much different that can be felt between the Lil’ Seadragon and Chico, except for the texture and the length of the head. Otherwise, they’re really about the same, at least to me. Of the two, I have to say that I prefer the Lil’ Seadragon, because of the texture and the longer taper of the head.

The finish on the Lil’ Seadragon has just a little more shine to it, which Chico is completely matte. Also, the base on the Lil’ Seadragon is just a smidge bigger, making it a little safer for anal use. The knots are about the same, as are the lengths. However, for some reason, the cum tube on this Lil Squirt is longer than Chico’s. I’m not sure why.

Vaginal Use

Really, it’s too much of a pipsqueak for me to enjoy using this toy for vaginal penetration. Yes, I can feel the ridges and whatnot, but it’s just too damn small for me.

If it’s just for lubing me up, sure. If it’s actually for penetration, no.

Anal Use

Although I’m not fond of this for vaginal play, it’s a great toy for me for anal. I tend to prefer shorter, softer toys for anal, so this is perfect. The point and longer taper of the head makes insertion easy, and the ridges feel great. I will say, though, although I do love the knot, it isn’t quite enough to keep this toy in me every time I orgasm. It usually stays in, but I’ve have it slip out a couple times.

About The Cum Tube

One thing you want to keep in mind with this toy is how much pressure you put on the syringe plunger. With little effort, you could easily shoot lube straight across the room. Believe me, this is something I’ve done before… Do some test squirts in the sink or tub, before you attempt to inject lube in any orifice.

You do not have to fill the entire syringe with lube. If you’d rather use a smaller amount, you can, and I usually do. Try to make sure to get any air out of the tube and toy before insertion. Inserting air up your bum can cause some really uncomfortable gas, and it can cause queefing (vaginal flatulence) if you inject air into your vagina.


To clean this toy, you could boil it or send it through the dishwasher, but that’s not really going to flush out the cum tube. I would send a 10% bleach solution through it, let it sit for a while, then rinse and allow to dry before storage. Be careful when cleaning out the cum tube. If you’re not, you could soak yourself and the area you’re trying to clean the toy out in. It doesn’t take much effort for liquid to squirt a good distance with this, so just keep that in mind.

As for the syringe, I would just wash it out with a mild soap and water. Do not boil the syringe or send it through the dishwasher. You could end up warping it.


Make sure all of the water has been drained and that the syringe, tube, and toy are all completely dry inside. The syringe can go back into its plastic container. You can curl the cum tube up and lay the Lil’ Seadragon flat somewhere where it won’t get squished, touch other toys, or attract lint or hair.


Although I did love Chico, and still do, I favor the Lil’ Seadragon more now. The longer taper on the head makes it easier to insert, and I love the texture on it. This really isn’t a toy that’s going to fill you up, but it can help beginners work their way up to larger toys. Of course, it’s great for lubing anyone up, no matter what your experience level is. Depending on how tight your anus is, this may or may not work as a butt plug, as it may not stay in. Also, it’s probably going to be too pitzy for vaginal play for a decent

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