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apollo power stroker
August 15th, 2018 by admin

There is a reason that companies are still looking to upgrade masturbation for men. We are buying products and having better orgasms. Our fathers could have never imagined personal pleasure at this level. Who would have thought that a device could feel better than using your hand ? The search for the perfect orgasm has ignited designers to come up with products that offer a realistic experience. We have life like material, textured inner tunnels and ergonomic design. The next frontier is vibration. Calexotics have offered the Apollo Power Stroker as the next generation in male pleasure. It boasts an impressive ‘ 30 Intense Power Functions ‘ with a hands free design. Could this be the toy that changes everything? Could this be the best blowjob machine out there? I had to find out.

The Product

The Apollo Power Stroker comes in a long rectangular blue box that has a picture of the product on the front. ‘ 30 Intense Power Functions ‘ is also on front with a diagram showing how the product can be adjusted. Intensely powerful male stroker ‘, ‘ 30 Functions of intense vibration pulsation, and escalation ,’ Totally self-contained,wireless design’, ‘ Use with our without included suction cup mount ‘ , ‘ Textured chamber for added sensations ‘, Body safe, unscented, phthalate-free ‘ and Easy push-button controls ‘ are on the side panel in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Danish. The opposite side of the box has a diagram showing the entry point and mobility of this product. The dimensions ‘ 8.5 x 3 inch ‘ , ‘ Deep Throat Action with 30 Intense Functions ‘ and ‘ Sleek Ergonomic Shape for Absolute Form and Function ‘ are also located on this panel. On the back of the box is another picture of the power stroker that diagrams its mobility. ‘ Suction Cup Swivel Mount for Hands-Free Multi-Positional Stimulation ‘ , ‘ Use Independently or with Suction Cup ‘ , ‘ Easy-to-Use 2 Button Activation for Power and 30 Intense Functions ‘ and ‘ Totally Self-Contained ‘ are written with the picture for additional instructional. A general instruction sheet is in the box. 4 AA Batteries are not included. There is a notification of this on the bottom side panel.

How it Works

After opening the box, be sure to place 4 AA batteries in the pack. You can then use the small cap to fasten or attach the suction cup for hands free use. Be sure to clean the Power Stroker . Care is advised. There is no information given that indicate it having waterproof qualities. Use JUS lubricant to apply a very large amount inside the tunnel. You will need to place more lubricant on yourself. Insert yourself inside the tunnel. Press the button to turn it on. The other button on the panel will adjust the sensations. Once you have found one that works, enjoy .

My Experience

I was excited at the release of the Apollo Power Stroker. It promised to be a game changer due to its attractive design, vibrations features and packaging. I almost fell out of my chair when I opened the box and saw it. There was someone at Calexotics that were looking out for me. I would waste no time in getting started.

I read the package to learn how to use it. The information on the outside of the box was very detailed. This was a first for masturbation device. I opened the package and put together the Apollo Power Stroker without the batteries. To my surprise, it was easy. The suction was super strong and intuitive. This was going to an amazing experience.

I was ready to get started. I opened a package of batteries and attempted to place them in the device. The Power Stroker didn’t work. What was going on ? I looked at the instruction sheet included but there were not instructions for the Power Stroker. After a few minutes, I was able to get it turn on. The Power Stroker definitely lived up to the hype. There were so many different types of sensations that I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to choose. This was a good problem to have. Now it was time for some pleasure.

I had been on a sexual fast for some time. I was in the mood and ready to get my freak on. I placed a large amount of JUS Lubricant inside the tunnel of the Power Stroker. I then placed more lubricant on me. I quickly became aroused. This was going better than I expected. There was nothing left to do but slide in.

I put my aroused manhood inside the Power Stroker and bumped into the wall of the tunnel. I adjusted myself for more comfort. This didn’t feel good at all. The material of the tunnel was not life like. If felt like I was rubbing against a textured cock ring. The sensations of the bullet still had me aroused. We could work around this issue. I turned on an adult movie and began to stroke. My arousal began to decline. There was a huge gaping space around my penis. I was used to masturbation devices stimulating every part of your body like the one from this website. The Power Stroker was only giving sensation to the head of my penis. Houston was definitely having a problem. The tunnel felt uncomfortable and I was not getting a realistic life like experience. Frustrated, I grabbed the Ivory Girl Next Door Pocket Pal. She was tight, realistic and textured. She helped me forget the disappointment of using the Power Stroker.

The Pros

The Apollo Power Stroker has one of the best boxes I have seen in the industry. The instructions on the box allow you to know exactly how the product works and reinforces the benefits to the customer. The vibration function of the toy is very intense. Having a number of different setting gives you many options. The Apollo Power Stroker is very easy to hold and use. The ergonomic design makes using easy. There is one button to turn on and another to adjust the pulsations.

The Challenges

Unfortunately, this product has some flaws. The inside of the Power Stroker is not comfortable. The material feels a firm rubber. It is textured but is does not feel like human flesh and does not take lubricant well. Men who love to masturbate want a product that feels real. This device fails on sensation. Another draw back of the Power Stroker is that the tunnel is one big gaping hole. There is nothing that grips lovingly comforts the penis. Putting your dick inside this male sex toy feels like getting oral from someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. They open their mouth as wide as possible and you have to find an area for contact. The back of the tunnel is not symmetrical. While using it you feel an awkward tension on your penis. This is a result of the vibration device being placed in the position it is. The challenges of the Apollo Power Stroker could be easy fixed if they would have filled the tunnel with the same material used to make the Dr. Joel Kaplan Stroker . You would have still had the sensation of 360 sensations, an easy to use ergonomic design and attractive case. Calexotics should place specific instructions for the Power Stroker inside the box. The manual didn’t relate to the product.

The Decision

I honestly can’t recommend the Apollo Power Stroker to men who are looking for a realistic oral sex experience. While the vibrations, sensations and pulsations are intense , the inner tunnel fails to deliver an experience that is comfortable. If the inner tunnel was redesigned using some of the innovations Calexotics have already perfected then this device could be one of the best masturbation innovations to come through in years. I suggest that men choose the Ivory Girl Next Door Pocket Pal. It feels like the real thing, is easy to clean, takes lubricant well and delivers a powerful orgasm. The Apollo Power Stroker should be sent back to the drawing board and redesigned. It has the potential to be a game changer.

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February 9th, 2017 by admin

male masturbatorIf you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could have sex, but there was no woman around to have sex with, then you may be interested in the next best thing – realistic vaginas. Yes, that’s right. There is really such a thing, and millions of men are enjoying them every day.

Which one is best for you?

These sex toys for men put the blow up doll to serious shame. There are many companies now that produce very realistic looking vaginas made out of silicone and cyber-skin that feel incredibly close to the real thing. Finding the one that’s right for you is the only challenge.

1. Find the right materials
There are many companies that make these realistic pussies, but not all of them are made from high-quality materials. If only what it looks like counts, then you can probably get off with purchasing a cheaper version. However, if how it feels is more important, then you’re going to want to splurge a little on the models that are made of realistic, life-like cyber-skin. With a little lubrication, this new material is the closest thing you’re going to get to real human flesh.

2. What’s your favorite position?
Amazingly enough, these toys don’t just come in one position. If you want missionary style or doggy-style, they have a model for you. Many of them have nice round bums as well which make a great handle to grab on to when thrusting your way to climax. If you like, there are even many models that offer a full torso with large breasts, perky nipples, and of course – a pussy. If you’re into anal sex don’t worry. They’ve got you covered. Whatever position you favor you can be sure they have something for you.

3. Skin tone preference
Yes that’s right. You can choose the skin tone of your fake pussy. If you like white skin, tanned skin, dark skin – you can find a variety of choices in each color to make your experience as close to your fantasies as possible. The options are practically endless, so you may want to do your research before buying one.

4. Do you need a vibe?
A lot of the vaginas are equipped with a built-in vibrator as well. This adds another dimension to the pleasure of thrusting, but putting some feel-good vibrations on your member. Not all men need this added sensation, but for some men it’s a real bonus. The good thing is, you can always turn off the vibrator if you don’t want to use it all the time. It’s up to you and what makes you feel the best.

5. Weight preference
Some toys way only a couple of pounds while others way much more to make it a more life-like experience. If you want to be able to use it as a regular male masturbator (check out the complete list of male masturbators here: by pumping it up and down on your penis, then you’re going to go for a lighter model. However, if you want to use it for it’s main purpose – thrusting into like a real vagina – then a heavier model might make it feel more real to you.

Since no man loves the same thing, it’s nice that there are many options to choose from. Every man will be able to find the woman that suits him best. Then, just pop in a porn video and get it on. The best thing about these toys is that you can have life-like sex whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about her ever having a headache, not being in the mood, or ever telling you that what you’re doing isn’t working for her. With this gal, you’re going to have the best sex you’ve ever had – and you don’t even have to take her on a date.

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October 15th, 2016 by admin

What triggers sexual arousal?

male-sexual-responseThe process of sexual arousal is a body-mind response triggered by any signal we interpret as erotic. These signals may be sensual – a touch, a smell, a visual cue – or they may have to do entirely with internal stimuli, such as a fantasy, memory, or sexual thought. Whatever the trigger, the process of arousal depends on chemical messengers known as neurotransmitters. These elements of the nervous system set into motion the physical changes we experience as sexual arousal.

What sorts of physical changes are typical?

There are two major components of physiological response. The first is vasocongestion, an increased flow of blood in various parts of the body. In men, the erect penis is the most obvious site of vasocongestion.

The second component of physiological response is a process by which neurotransmitters produce heightened levels of neuromuscular tension–more energy in the nerves and muscles. As a result of these two responses, we may experience heightened sensitivity anywhere from the fingertips to the lips to the genital organs.

The most widely used framework for understanding the workings of the body during a sexual encounter, known as the sexual response cycle, comes from the famous sex researchers William H. Masters, MD, a gynecologist, and Virginia E. Johnson, a psychologist. They describe the process by dividing it into four stages: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

How does a man’s body respond during the excitement phase of sexual arousal?

Heart rate and muscle tension increase. Nipples may become erect, and other parts of the body may become highly sensitive to touch. The most obvious early sign of arousal in men is erection, the process through which the penis becomes rigid enough for penetrative intercourse.

What’s the role of the testes in sexual function? Are they part of the arousal process?

The testes, or testicles, are organs that play two critical functions in sex and reproduction. First, they set the stage for all male sexual activity by manufacturing the hormone testosterone, which at puberty triggers the development of the mature male body (e.g., deepening voice, increased muscle mass, broadening distribution of body hair). After puberty, testosterone helps to maintain sexual drive and distinctive male physical characteristics.

Second, the testes manufacture sperm, the male’s contribution to the reproductive process. A sperm cell is microscopic – approximately 0.05 millimeters long – and shaped like a tadpole, with a long tail. The tail enables a sperm cell to swim in vaginal fluids, up into the uterus, and finally up into a fallopian tube, where it fertilizes the egg. Sperm are produced in the testes at a rate of about 100 million a day and take about 70 days to mature. Sperm cells mature in the epididymis, tightly coiled tubing inside the testes. Sperm cells travel to the urethra through a canal called the vas deferens.

During the excitement stage of sexual response, the testes are drawn in more tightly to the body, and the scrotum, the sack of skin that holds the testes, becomes thicker and firmer.

What happens during the plateau phase of male sexual response?

Many sexual reflexes increase during the plateau phase. If stimulation continues – from kissing, caressing, penetration, or any other form of sex play – a man’s erection usually becomes more rigid. His testes become enlarged and are pulled up even closer to his body. Heart rate and blood pressure continue to rise, and muscular tension waxes. Researchers have also noted diminished hearing and vision in the plateau phase. About one-quarter of men experience what’s known as sex flush, pink or red blotches typically found around the breasts or elsewhere on the upper body.

How long does the plateau phase last?

Patterns of sexual arousal are highly variable, and a sexual encounter might last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more. The process is seldom a straight trajectory of escalating arousal and orgasm. Distractions, awkward positions, an uncomfortable touch–any of these can cause a momentary waning of pleasure or loss of erection. Sometimes sexual partners do not reach orgasm at all. Often, however, they recover quickly from these disruptions and continue stimulation until neuromuscular tension builds to the point where one or both reach the edge of orgasm. In men, this moment is marked by a point of no return called ejaculatory inevitability, meaning that the man is now certain to have an orgasm and to ejaculate.

What happens during ejaculation?

Ejaculation is the expulsion of semen through the urethral opening at the tip of the penis. Semen is made up of sperm cells and secretions from the prostate gland, the two Cowper’s glands and the seminal vesicles. During the plateau phase, the Cowper’s glands secrete a clear fluid, which enters and lubricates the urethra. The prostate – a small, doughnut-shaped gland that surrounds the urethra where it joins the bladder – also secretes a fluid. At the threshold of orgasm, a series of contractions move this fluid to mix with secretions of the third key organ, the seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles are, in effect, a basin. In this basin are joined the sperm that have traveled through the vas deferens and the secretions from the prostate and seminal vesicles. At orgasm, this mixture of sperm cells and fluids are expelled from the urethra, as semen, by series of contractions less than a second apart in the urethra and penis.

Can a man have an orgasm and not ejaculate?

Yes. Some men can experience orgasmic contractions and whole-body pleasure without ejaculating, but it’s not common. Special exercises may be needed in order for a man to attain this extraordinary level of muscle control.

Can a man have multiple orgasms?

Some men can learn to have multiple orgasms, researchers say, by developing the ability to separate orgasm from ejaculation and have one or more climaxes before ejaculating. For most men, however, the postorgasmic resolution phase is also a refractory period, lasting at least a few minutes, during which they are unable to have another climax even if the penis is still erect and stimulation continues. Some experts say a small percentage of men have no refractory period and thus can be naturally multiorgasmic.

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March 25th, 2016 by admin

Many men make the mistake of vastly underestimating the power of wearing the right underwear to the marriage bed. Being a husband doesn’t give you the license to stop finding new ways to attract your wife. With the right underwear, a common and familiar body could be transformed into something new and exciting.

Tips for Choosing the Right Underwear

Before we get to the fun part and exploring adventurous and exotic choices of men’s underwear, let’s start with the basics of men’s underwear selection.

Choose the right size.

Don’t settle for a good fit but instead, work hard to find a perfect fit. Generally speaking, the best fit for men’s underwear is one that’s tight in all the right places and emphasizes the area that you’re particularly well-endowed.

Consider the type and quality of materials.

Unlike women, men are particularly affected by the amount of “ventilation” they get from their underwear.  Thick, itchy fabrics will naturally make your genital areas feel hot and uncomfortable. Fabrics, however, like pure cotton and silk will feel great against your skin and could even stimulate your desire.

Choose the style that fits your physique best.

More specifically, choose a style of underwear that emphasizes your good assets such as a tight butt, toned thighs, or your manhood if that’s what you’ve got going best for you.

Be Adventurous with Men’s Underwear

Comfort and fit are the two major factors to consider when choosing everyday underwear. But for special occasions, you need to go beyond comfort and be a little more adventurous.

Cyclops MaleWear

Cyclops Malewear

If you’ve heard about Cyclops of Greek mythology and not of the X-Men variety then you probably know them as one-eyed giants created by the gods. In the realm of men’s underwear, however, Cyclops Male Wear has a single significant “hole” to boast of – one that would allow your manhood to rise in all its glory and in full view of your partner.

As it’s made of spandex or nylon, this underwear automatically contours to your body and can even add shape and tone to a not-so-fit physique. Its black leather-like look can also make your lower torso look sexier as well as more manly and powerful. Add in the nickel plated studs and O-rings and you’ve got yourself a bad boy look going.

The back of the Cyclops Malewear is quite unique with its jock-styled design, which allows your partner to enjoy greater freedom when feeling the muscles of your behind flex and contract.

This type of underwear is best worn for one of the most special occasions of your marriage – an anniversary perhaps or a celebration of any major achievement that you or your partner has attained.

S to XL sizes are available.

Heart Throb Bikini

Heart Throb Bikini

Guys like Ashton Kutcher and Jim Carrey are heart throbs in their own right not just because they look good but also because women find their sense of humor both sexy and even romantic at the same time. Women call them ‘cute’ in the nicest way possible and never in a platonic sense.

If that’s how your image works with your wife then you just have to reinforce it with the heart throb bikini and you could be enjoying the wildest night of your life right after. Made of hot, body-hugging black nylon, the heart throb bikini doesn’t expose as much skin as other underwear. Instead, it draws the eyes to your perfectly shaped and toned butt with a large red heart printed at the back of your bikini.

To maximize on this type of underwear, be sure to show only your front as you walk to your partner. And when you reach the bed, turn around to give your partner the chance to fully appreciate the beauty of your behind. Let her know that even though you’ve been married for quite some time, you can still make her heart throb!

Male Power Silver Streak Thong

Malepower Silver Streak Thong

If you like the kind of sexual message that the Cyclops Male Wear is trying to project but prefer a more subtle way of gaining your partner’s attention then this underwear may be more to your liking.

The Male Power Silver Streak Thong is made of spandex or nylon. It’s sleek, sexy, and stretchable to fit all sizes and types of physique. It even has a thin strip of mesh waistband to emphasize your trim waistline – or make your waist look trim – before tapering to one hot pouch that contains the very essence of your virility. Even better, thanks to its silver striped design, your boner is sure to look longer, thicker, and bigger than ever without the use of any additional products!

Adonis Boxers

Adonis Boxers

This type of underwear is more suitable for those with small to medium frames. If you’ve got a lean build – not necessarily buffed – then you’ll be able to carry this off without a hitch. Black and made of polyester, the Adonis Boxers shows off your package with a wet-boxers-look as well as a see-thru mesh area for your manhood to thrust out in full view. And thanks to its stretchy waistband, the Adonis Boxers is also good for a lap dance and have tips inserted into your underwear while you’re playing make-believe with your partner.

Brown Leopard Shorts

Brown Leopard Shorts

Sometimes, women are in the mood to be dominated, subdued, and conquered…sexually speaking, of course. If it’s time to reclaim your control in the marriage bed and show your partner exactly who’s the boss then how about wearing this underwear and channel the fierce strength, power, and grace of a leopard into your sex life?

Roar with passion as you climb stealthily over your partner’s body in this sexy pair of nylon underwear. With the Brown Leopard Shorts on, you’ll feel as aggressive as you can be and your partner will find it incredibly exciting to surrender to your needs!

Whichever underwear you choose, just remember to wear it with utmost confidence and to match its spectacular appearance with an even more spectacular performance in bed!

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Tosu Two
May 1st, 2015 by admin

About a month ago, I had stumbled upon a link to the Tosu Two from the Bad Dragon forums. After reading through the description, I just had to try it out.

MEO describes the Tosu Two as “the smallest, virtually self-contained fucking machine in the world”. It’s a butt plug that is based on the principle of physics known as Newton’s Cradle. Many of you are probably familiar with the popular desktop toy to the right.

The Tosu Two has a tunnel that is filled with special precision-manufactured balls. These balls receive the momentum of the colliding ball and transmit it just like Newton’s Cradle, but the last ball can’t transmit the momentum and is set back into motion. The result of this is elastic thrusts where the kinetic energy and momentum are retained. For more sex toys reviews visit our friends from

General Info

Size: Length 140 mm (5 1/2″) x 50 mm (2″) Diameter

Tosu Two next to my Black & Decker kettle. They look lovely together, since they match so well. Would it be discreet enough to leave in the kitchen? I might be able to pass it off as a kitchen gadget… (I know, I’m weird.)

Weight: 1lb 3oz (556 grams)
Material: Aluminum (aeronautical grade)

Using the Tosu Two as a Butt Plug

Me: There’s just no way I can accomplish such a feat as fully inserting the Tosu Two. I’m just too petite, and my butt just can’t handle something that large that is completely solid. I think I got maybe about an inch or so of the tip in, but then I just had to give up. For your reference, that’s me holding the Tosu Two. Keep in mind that I have tiny hands and my wedding ring is a size 4.

The Tosu Two was intended more for my husband’s use but, of course, I wanted to try it out.

Hubby: Admittedly, the Tosu Two is much bigger than my husband has ever had. That being said, I don’t blame him for being intimidated by it, at first. After a good amount of working up to being able to accept the Tosu Two’s girth with some other anal toys and a lot of lube, we did manage to get it in him.

Needless to say, it’s very filling. He said it felt like a sort of pop, when he got it in all the way. That was probably due to the difference in size between the body of the plug and the neck that connects it to the base. A bit more of a taper would have helped. Due to the abrupt edge before the neck that connects it to the base, this may shock the sphincter muscles. He said it was a bit of a pain getting it out the first time. I think he’s learned to relax and take his time more after that first time.

Doing me doggie style with him bent over me so that he’s on all fours too is the best way to keep the little balls inside the Tosu Two rolling. With the proper thrusting, he said he could feel the balls moving inside the Tosu Two and causing a tapping sensation against his prostate, which is quite different from the vibrators we’ve tried out for his prostate stimulation. He hasn’t been able to climax with just this, but it does make sex and oral more intense for him.

There is a slight learning curve. You just have to figure out the perfect angle to have your butt at, and the perfect speed.

Using the Tosu Two as a Dildo… I will admit that it takes some warming up to get the whole thing in, but having the Tosu Two in my vagina with the vibrator at my clit is wonderful when orgasm hits. Because of the skinny neck before the base, my vagina sort of forms around it and that helps pull it in with every contraction of my muscles, therefore making orgasm even better. Pair that with the girth and I’m on cloud 9. This is stationary masturbation, though, with the Tosu Two acting as a vaginal plug.

I’ve tried kneeling on all fours on the bed with the Tosu Two in me, trying to rock the balls to deliver that kinetic energy deep inside, but my rhythm sucks. I can get it going perfectly for a little while, and then I get out of sync. It feels similar to my Fun Factory Smartballs, but the rolling of the balls in the Tosu Two is much stronger… and much louder. It’s actually excellent for kegels, but only when I’m laying down or sitting. It’s a little too heavy for my muscles to fight gravity and hold onto it. It would be really cool to train up to be able to do that, though. I may have to make that a goal of mine.

Noise: Metal against metal makes a decent amount of noise. Even when the Tosu Two is in me, the noise isn’t muffled much. If you have roommates and you don’t want them to know, or your apartment walls are thin, you may want to take the amount of noise it makes into consideration.


Since the Tosu Two in nonporous, you can just wash it with soap and water. Let it dry thoroughly, then store it in a safe place where it won’t get dented or scratched.


Included in the packing is a small black pamphlet of cleaning instructions in various languages, a sheet with the product description in various languages, and a card advertising their EZ2 FUCK lubricant. There was also a loose leaf catalogue of some of their products that was kept together by the shipping invoice.


Me: As a dildo, I adore the Tosu Two. It’s the perfect length, girth, and shape. As a butt plug, though, I can’t use it. It’s just too big; and I’d really love to try it anally… 100% fuck energy in my butt and my husband in my vagina? Yes, please!

Hubby: Despite having a good time with it, my husband says he could use the smaller size. It’s just too much for him to handle, right now.

I’m a little disappointed that I misjudged the amount that he could take, but in no way do I regret getting this size, since it makes such an excellent dildo for myself. That being said, I may need to add the Tosu One to my review list for him to use on a regular basis instead of the Tosu Two. Plus, I really would love to try it anally.

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Heart’s Desire Warming Massager
January 28th, 2015 by admin

The Heart’s Desire Warming Massager made by Classic Erotica is designed to add a warm touch for a more sensual massage. It’s a reusable liquid heart-shaped pouch that turns to a warm solid with the click of a little metal disk.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really wanting the Heart’s Desire Warming Massager for massage purposes. Well, not entirely. Acquiring a reusable, portable, hand-warming thing for the Winter was also on my agenda.


The packaging is fairly simple. A printed sleeve with some information and the product picture is wrapped around the outside of a white box, which holds the massager that is sealed in a clear plastic bag. Be careful cutting open the bag, so you don’t cut or puncture the massager. Although the packaging does make the massager look like it has text and lingerie screen-printed onto it, the massager is devoid of any design. Although I like it better without anything on it, as it is more discreet, the packaging should accurately represent the product.

The packaging doesn’t state anything about the material. It’s also faking being bilingual. On the front, you’ll see the word “reusable” in English and French. The only other French on this packaging is to state that the item was made in China. None of the instructions or warnings are written in French, everything is in English. So, what exactly was the point of including two snippets of French, if the more important information isn’t translated, as well? English is my mother tongue, and I don’t speak French, but this really irks me.

The instructions on the packaging are fairly well-written, and the warnings seem to cover pretty much everything. However, instead of 130°F (54°C), the instructions say 129°F (54°C).


The box says nothing about the material, but EdenFantasys product page says it’s PVC, and I wholeheartedly believe them. You can definitely tell… Phthalates stink, ahoy! This thing smells like a new shower curtain, and my head just doesn’t appreciate something like that.

After a little research, I found out that the massager is filled with sodium acetate and water. If the massager ever leaks, you don’t have to worry. Sodium acetate is non-toxic, and is also used as a food additive.
So, yay that the contents are safe, at least. Can’t say the same for the heart pouch.


At 5” long x 5” wide, this massager is actually about the size of one of my hands (I have small hands..). It might be a nice size for most to use for massage, but it doesn’t really fit in the palm of my hand. It’s a little bulky for me.

How It Works

This massager is what is considered a sodium acetate heat pad. It contains both sodium acetate and water. Sodium acetate is great at supercooling, and “freezes” at 130°F (54°C). It can exist as a liquid at much lower temperatures, and is very stable. Once that little metal disk is clicked, though, it forces the molecules into a solid state. At this point, the rest of the liquid hurries to solidify, too. This spikes the temperature up to 130F.

Below, you can see the little metal disk, and the massager in the process of solidifying.

You can boil the massager for 7-10 minutes (however long it takes to fully return it to a liquid state) and melt all the crystals that formed. If you don’t melt all the crystals, they’ll just reform without even clicking the disk. Wait until the massager has cooled completely before boiling it. Carefully remove it with non-piercing tongs and allow to cool before using again. Do not microwave this thing. After it cools, you can just click the metal disk and turn the massager into a warm solid again.


Watching the crystals form, after clicking the disk, is actually very entertaining to me. Maybe I’m just easily amused, but I find it interesting. It takes maybe about 5 seconds for the whole thing to solidify, but… it’s not solid. Instead of something rock-hard, like a warmer I had tried before, this thing remains somewhat soft. It’s almost like pressing on partially compacted snow.

The warmth lasts about an hour before it seems to start fading. It’s not super hot. Although the instructions state to test the massager out on a small area of the body for comfort, prior to full application, I haven’t found too hot for comfort. Really, I’ve taken hotter showers.

It’s alright for massage, but the edges are a little on the sharp side. They’re like the edges of clamshell packaging, only softer. They shouldn’t be a problem, for the most part, but I felt I should mention it. Also, I would use some massage oil, or some sort of lubricant, to make gliding it over the skin easier. Since it’s PVC, it’s compatible with any massage oil or lubricant.


First of all, I’m not keeping this thing. I wreaks like phthalates, and I can’t stand it. It works as intended, but the material isn’t very safe. It’s also not as warm as I had hoped for. This is getting packaged up and is going right out the door. Plus, the packaging’s failed attempt at being bilingual, and the lack of information about the material irk me.

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Elden, the Faerie Dragon Dildo
September 29th, 2014 by admin

Elden, the Faerie Dragon is a pure silicone, totally customizable dildo that is actually a toy designed by a forum member and brought to life by Bad Dragon.

You can customize Bad Dragon toys in almost every way imaginable. This particular toy comes in three sizes, three levels of firmness that can be custom mixed, and whatever coloration your heart desires. You can add a suction cup but, due to the complexity of the base and shape of the toy, you can’t have a cum tube added.

My Elden is size Small and a Medium (5) firmness. It was on Bad Dragon’s Adoptions Page as a Surprise Me color, so it’s mostly sort of a royal purple with a splash of lilac on one side of the base.

Just so you know, I wear a size 4 wedding ring. My hand is tiny, and this is basically about the size of my hand. The shaft below the head is actually only a little bit wider than my thumb. I’d say it’s about the size of my husband’s size 10 thumb.


Colors: Anything your heart desires. They can do splits, fades, and all kinds of awesome color jobs.

Sizes: small, medium, and large (A full size chart of detailed measurements for all sizes is available on the product page.)

Density: Comes in Soft (3) , Medium (5) , or Hard (8). You can also do splits of those, which means a harder core and softer outer layer.

Cum Tube: Not available for this toy.

Suction Cup: Available for all sizes

Harness Compatible: It depends on what size you’d get, but mine certainly is. Small is a little short for harness play, in my opinion.

Anal Safe: Definitely. And in the Small size that I got, it’s great of a butt plug.


All Bad Dragon toys are pure silicone. That means they’re all phthalate-free, latex-free, and completely body-safe. Since it is non-porous, this toy can be shared, but should be sterilized before sharing, unless you plan on putting a condom over it.

If you plan to put a condom over it, keep in mind that lubricated condoms are often lubricated with silicone-based lubricant, which can damage silicone sex toys.

Of course, there’s no smell or taste. Also, it warms quickly to body temp, after being inserted. If you want to warm it before that, just place it in a bath of warm water. Be careful, though, you don’t want to get it too hot.


Use only water-based lube with Elden. Silicone-based lubes have been said to damage silicone sex toys. Bad Dragon does carry Cum Lube, which mimics the look and feel of cum, but the formula has parabens. Just a warning for those like me who are allergic to parabens.

Texture / Firmness

Elden has a semi-matte finish and is loaded with different textures. Each side shaft has a series of ridges that travel down it, accompanied by somewhat scalloped edges that lead down to a dotted knot. Below the knot, the tendrils (not visible in the picture to the right) run down almost to the pebbly base.

Medium (5) firmness is very similar to how to the amount of squish my arm has when I try to make a muscle. The shaft can easily be bent in any direction, but it doesn’t flop over when the toy is stood up. The firmness that I chose prevents the pointed head from poking me in an uncomfortable manner. It’s easily squished.


If you’ve been lusting after a knotted toy, but they’ve all looked too big or had too abrupt of a knot, a Small Elden might just be the toy for you.

The pointed head with a somewhat defined urethra is only slightly bigger than the shaft, which tapers into the knot. Of course, there’s a nice amount of space between the knot and base to be able to properly knot this dildo.
The base is rather modest, and nice to grind against. To me, the size of the base and the amount of squish that it has makes it very comfortable to hold onto.

The various textures can be seen in images throughout this review.

Vaginal Use

Alright, Elden in size Small definitely isn’t the size I’m accustomed to for vaginal penetration, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still enjoy it. The pointed head and slim shaft make it very easy for insertion. In Medium (5) firmness, the tip is quite squishy and doesn’t poke at my cervix at all. Since the shaft tapers into the knot, it makes it fairly easy to take. It’s still a little bit of effort for me, but nowhere near the amount of time and warming up it takes with some of my larger knotted toys from BD.

For the most part, I prefer to have the side with the “tendrils” (those things that look like antennae that start at the knot and go down the shaft to the base) towards my g-spot. This, paired with the ridges on the shaft, provides some extra stimulation. I don’t quite notice those textures as much, if I turn the toy around. I’m sure if I bought this in a larger size, I’d notice the textures more, but the Small has a shaft only a little wider than my thumb.

The base is fairly modest and easy to hold onto. The thing I love about it is the texture sort of cradles my clitoris, making it great for grinding. I do have to angle it to get it to reach my clit, though. Those who have larger anatomy than me – I’m only 5’1” and 98lbs – may find it more difficult to get it in the right position to grind against.

Below, you can see what I mean about the texture of the base. See how the two nubs sort of make a cradle for my clit?

Anal Use

Elden is one of my few toys from Bad Dragon that fits fairly easily up my bum. I won’t say, however, that this is a good anal toy for beginners. Despite how easily the pointed tip and slim shaft slide in, it’s a little more work getting past the bulge of the knot. The slight taper and squish of the firmness that I chose does help some, but you’ll probably want to take things slow to warm up to it. Once past the knot, which just pops right in, Elden stays right in place.

The amount of shaft between the knot and perfect. Unlike some toys where it feels like they’re on the verge of being expelled, Elden sits just far enough in my anal cavity to be comfortably pleasurable.

This is a great plug for me for solo or partner play. I’ve never had it come out during orgasm, and it’s very comfortable. If I want to keep it in for a few hours, maybe even sit down to write a little in that time, it’s still comfortable. I can sit any which way I want, or position myself any way I want, and there’s no discomfort. Of course, a lot of this is due to the size and firmness that I chose for myself.

Personally, I do like the firmness that I chose in this size. Some may find that Medium (5) in a size Small may be a little too flexible for insertion, though. Honestly, I do find it a bit too flexible, but it’s nice for partner play. Aside from making things more comfortable for me, it also prevents the base from irritating my husband’s shaft. Depending on how I have the toy turned, the base may get in the way of vaginal penetration just slightly. However, the base is flexible and soft enough that it just adds a little extra stimulation for my husband.

Remember, always use plenty of water-based lube and take your time warming up to anal toys. No need to rush things and cause any harm.

Cleaning / Storage

  • warm water and soap
  • top rack dishwasher-safe
  • wipe with a 10% bleach solution
  • use baby bottle sterilizing mix
  • boil for 5-10 minutes

Personally, I prefer to boil Elden. This will get rid of any surface bacteria, and it keeps anything from building up in all the nooks and crannies. If you plan to wash it by hand, be extra thorough where the shaft attaches to the base and with the texture on the base. Fluids tend to easily build up in these spaces.

Dry the toy with a lint-free cloth, or allow it to air-dry before storage. I would definitely dry it instead of leaving it out for long to air-dry. Left out in the open, it can easily gather lint, dust, and/or hair. Store your toy in a clean, dry place where it won’t get squished or touch other toys.


Elden came in a discreet, plain brown box with the return address on the package as “Jan Mulders”. There was nothing to make it obvious what was in the package, and the box was just large enough to hold the contents. Inside the box was Elden, sealed in a plastic bag, and a rather beautiful blue metallic sample disk. Both of these were wrapped in purple tissue paper.


If you’re wanting an easy toy to knot, and prefer smaller toys, this would be a great choice. Of course, the texture on this toy is definitely a a nice feature. Don’t be intimidated by it. Medium (5) is perfect for the texture to be felt without it being too extreme.

I think if I were to get another one of Elden, the Faerie Dragon, I’d probably get the Medium size, just to see how it would compare to some of my other knotted toys like Razor and Cole. Since the small isn’t quite as filling for vaginal penetration, I tend to prefer it for a butt plug. A medium, though, would be great for me for vaginal use.

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Bad Dragon’s The Breeder Dildo
July 11th, 2014 by admin

Ah, The Breeder… You’d think that this dildo would be a staple in collections of Bad Dragon sex toy fans. The rounded, yet tapered head for easy penetration, the soft ridges along the gradually increasing shaft, and girthy knot… I’ve been wanting to review it for quite a while now. I find it interesting that it’s not one of the more popular models.

BD specializes in the weird and the wonderful. They have a wide range of fantasy dildos that cater to various fetishes, and the amount of customization options can be enough to tie your brain in knots over what exactly you want. All of their sex toys are made from pure, body-safe silicone, with loads of features to pick from.

Colors: Anything you can imagine, including pearlescent and glow-in-the-dark

Sizes: small, medium, and large (A full size chart of detailed measurements for all sizes is available on the product page.)

Density: Comes in soft, medium, or hard. Mine is medium. You can also do a split firmness, making the base and shaft a different firmness from each other.

Cum Tube: A cum tube is not available for this toy because of the size and shape of the base.

Suction Cup: Available for all sizes

Harness Compatible: It depends on what size you’d get. I can get the small that I have in a harness. Due to the flexibility of the base, I would assume that you would be able to get even one of these dildos in large in a harness. That’s just guessing, though. So, don’t hold me to that.

Anal Safe: Yes.

I’ve actually had this toy and this particular coloring in my head for quite a while. I was so excited to finally get my hands on one, and couldn’t wait to see the package on my doorstep so I could check out the coloring.
The royal purple to black fade that I had been dreaming of turned out beautifully! It only occurs to me now, while writing this, and looking at the photo to the right, that I could have asked for this fade in pearlescent colors… I was too excited about getting this fade and totally forgot they do pearlescent. Oops…heh.. Well, maybe for another one in the future.

Although it looks fairly large, you should keep in mind that my hands are tiny. I wear a size four wedding ring that will slide right off my finger, if my hands are wet. I’m very petite; 5’1” and about 98lbs, actually.

What I have is a small in a medium (5) firmness and custom royal purple to black fade. I didn’t get a suction cup with it.


All Bad Dragon toys are made from phthalates-free, latex-free, body-safe silicone. Because this material is non-porous, it can be shared between partners, if sterilized in-between uses. You could also use a condom to keep it clean, using a fresh condom for each partner, but be careful what condoms you get. Many lubricated condoms can have silicone-based lubricant, which has the possibility of damaging silicone toys.

Compatible Lubricants

Use only water-based lubricants with this dildo. Silicone-based lubricants don’t always play nice with silicone toys, and can cause a tacky, gummy mess.

If you absolutely have to use silicone-based lubricants, do a patch test on the base first. Leave a drop on the base for a while, then check to see if anything has gotten tacky or gummy. If you discover that it has, wash and/or scrape that stuff off and use another lube. BD generally includes a sample disc of silicone in varying firmness with your purchase. So, you may want to use that to test out lubes.

BD carries Cum Lube, which is a lube designed to mimic the look and feel of cum. Both formulas have parabens, though. (Review of Bad Dragon Cum Lube)

Firmness / Texture

Since I chose a medium (5) firmness, that means that the dildo is soft, but not overly so. I would compare it to something a little firmer than the typical gummy candies. I can easily squish it, and even stretch it (although I shouldn’t be stretching it, but hey, this is testing for review’s sake). It’s very flexible, and I can bend it back on itself with just one finger. Generally a medium (5) produces something similar to the feeling of a real erection. However, since this dildo is thinner than most others from BD, medium (5) ends up feeling kind of like soft (3). So, just keep that in mind.

The surface is a semi-matte finish, and has a very light skin-ish texture to it. It’s easiest to see that in the photo of the base in the next section.


For those who prefer their toys on the thinner side, The Breeder may be a good intro to Bad Dragon sex toys. The small, slightly pointed head, along with the tapered body, is a great way to work up to larger toys, with the head being only 1” in diameter, and the largest part of the shaft being 1.75” in diameter. I had been wanting this with mostly anal in mind, as it’s always nice to have a variety of anal toys to work up to larger ones or my husband.

Beneath the head, which has a gently defined urethra and corona, is a series of three ridges before a subtle knot. A very light vein is visible on the shaft between the base and knot. The other side of the shaft also has these soft ridges, along with a slightly raised, ridged line down the length of the shaft, starting from the frenulum.

The base has sort of an eye shape to it, and is rather small. I find it easy to hold onto, and it doesn’t tire my hand. Unfortunately, it’s not wide enough to easily grind on. The edge of the base hits just below my clitoris, when the shaft is fully inserted to the base. That means I have to make sure not to fully insert it to the base, and tilt the base forward to get it to meet my clitoris. The other end of the base does reach my perineum, though, and feels a bit like a wet tongue against it when lubricated.

Vaginal Use

If I’m not properly lubed, the tip of this dildo will wobble around, and I’ll get the shaft in about half of the way. Well-lubed, it’ll slide in with no issues, just using one hand. Of course, the knot takes a little warming up to, but it’s not much bigger than the graduated shaft, making it easy to take.

Using this dildo with the frenulum facing upwards towards my clit doesn’t quiet feel as comfortable as using it facing the other way. For some reason, inserting it this way feels just a little odd.. like the tip gets bent back on itself or something.. and the angle of the knot isn’t quite right..

Turned the other way around, though, with the frenulum facing my perineum, it’s very comfortable. There’s no poking or folding feeling, and the angle of everything is just right. The knot puts a nice pressure on my vaginal opening and g-spot, making the dildo feel more filling.

There’s definitely enough space between the knot and the base for me to get it in successfully. I can’t say it’s a tying toy for me, though. For me, it’s better suited to moderate thrusting, as the knot really isn’t large enough to feel locked into me. Still, it does feel good.

Despite the ridges on the shaft, and the sort of spine on the underneath, I don’t really feel any of it. It all feels very smooth to my vagina, like there’s no texture at all. The only thing I really notice is the difference in size and the shape of the knot. Otherwise, what ridges?

Anal Use


The upper shaft of this is pretty flexible, which can make anal penetration a little tricky. With plenty of lube, and the use of both hands, though, it’s not that bad to get in. The small, pointed head easily slips in, and the gradual size increase is great for working up to larger things. I can get up to about the third ridge after the head, upon first entry, but it takes a little time to work on getting that knot in. And once that knot goes in, it won’t come out without some coaxing.

Since I’m fairly petite, the majority of the shaft feels decently filling to me. Past the knot, it’s definitely filling. And, due to the softness and flexibility of this toy, it’s very comfortable.

This is an excellent toy for double penetration. Since that was the main reason I was wanting it, I was happy to find it to be a perfect anal addition to vaginal penetration with my husband. Being petite, I have issues fitting him and anything too large in me at the same time. This dildo is the perfect size, although I prefer not to take the knot during double penetration. Having the knot banging against my back door does add to the excitement, though, and the amount of the shaft that I’m able to insert is perfect. I still can’t feel the ridges. My husband says he can feel the pressure of this dildo against him when they’re both penetrating me.


I had my husband attempt to insert this dildo anally a few times, but he was a little fussy about it. He wouldn’t use enough lube, and he wouldn’t let me help. That, paired with the fact that the upper portion of the dildo is very flexible, made it difficult for him to get it in. He said he got it in about halfway at most, and the shaft felt pretty smooth. He also said it felt like it was poking him, but couldn’t pinpoint to me where.

He kind of goes through phases of being comfortable with anal, and not being comfortable with anal. So, when he feels more open again, I’ll have to have him try this again and update the review.

Cleaning / Storage

Wash this dildo with a mild soap (check for silicone derivatives) and warm water. It’s also dishwasher-safe for the top rack, can be wiped with a 10% bleach solution, or boiled for 3-5 minutes.

Washing it by hand isn’t too bad, but you’ll need to pay a little closer attention to the nooks and crannies of the base. Boiling or sending it through the dishwasher is easier, and better guarantees a full sterilization.

Dry this dildo with a lint free towel (I usually just use a paper towel), or allow it to fully air-dry before storage. Silicone can easily gather dust, lint, and hair, so keep it somewhere it will be safe from this. Don’t let this toy get squished or touch other toys (toys of varying materials can cause reactions when touching).


All of my packages from BD have been discreet. There’s never anything on the box to let anyone know the contents, and the return address always says “Jan Mulders” instead of the company name.

Inside was the Breeder, along with a sample disc and a bottle of the white version of their Cum Lube. These were wrapped in the usual purple tissue paper, with the rest of the box filled with packing peanuts. The sample disc is a hard (8) firmness in a metallic gunmetal gray.


I’m kind of disappointed, because it feels smoother than I thought it would. I was really looking forward to how the ridges would feel, but I just don’t notice them during vaginal or anal penetration. It may have been better for me to choose the 8 firmness instead of 5, but I’m not sure how much of a difference that would really make.
The Breeder isn’t one of my favorite dildos from Bad Dragon for vaginal penetration, but I love it for anal. Since anal was the original intention for getting this, I’d say I’m happy with it. Would I sacrifice the comfort of the medium (5) firmness for a hard (8 ) firmness just to see how the ridges feel? I’m not sure. My butt tends not to like firmer toys, but I suppose I might try it sometime down the road. We’ll see.

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Lover’s Tenga Egg
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So, maybe your love has said that he doesn’t want something all soft and cute with little hearts all over it for Valentine’s Day. He might want to rethink that…

Tenga, a popular manufacturer of sex toys for men, has come out with a special edition egg for Valentine’s Day, the Tenga Egg Lover’s Special Holiday Edition. This cute, compact, squishy TPE masturbation sleeve just might make the perfect festive little Valentine’s Day present for your lover. It comes with everything you’ll need, inside a plastic egg shell with a shrink-wrap wrapper.

Open the shell, and there’s a soft egg sleeve. Inside the egg sleeve, there’s a plastic tube containing a little packet of lube. Unfortunately, the lube contains parabens. Methylparaben, to be exact. That can easily be switched out for another bottle of water-based lube.

They’re designed to be small and discreet. Who would assume something that looks like an Easter egg would house a masturbation sleeve? Still, people might wonder why you have a plastic egg in your pocket (if they don’t assume the bulge is something else *ahem*), laying around somewhere (after Easter time, with or without the heart wrapper on it), in the fridge, etc… Of course, I suppose you could just pretend you’re eccentric… For more info visit our friends from

The Basics

Material: phthalate-free TPE

This material is porous and will harbor bacteria. These are not fit for sharing between partners.

Lube: Water-based and silicone-based are fine.

Lube Ingredients: water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, hydroxyethylcellulose, methylparaben

Size: About 2.5” Don’t worry, it’s really stretchy.

Cleaning: I would just use soap and warm water. Toy cleaner or toy wipes might be alright, though.

Storage: Make sure your Lovers Tenga Egg is thoroughly dry before sealing it back up in its plastic egg. Keep it away from extreme heat and cold, and out of direct sunlight. It will attract ever bit of lint, hair, and anything it comes in contact with. That being said, be sure to store it in the plastic shell.

Packaging: The Lovers Tenga Egg comes in a plastic egg with a wrapper that’s easily peeled off. It has some pictures of hose to use it, the ingredient list for the lube that is included, and some information about the distributors.

J-List ships from Japan, which means customs forms on the package. You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing there’s a sex toy inside, though. The customs forms just say “novelty item”.


No, I won’t even try a lube with parabens in it for the sake of a review. My husband’s and my health come first. That being said, I can’t really give you any opinion on the lube provided, other than there is only enough for one use, and I don’t feel comfortable using it. I advise you to click on the various ingredients to see their safety ratings.

The Lovers Tenga Egg is very squishy and stretchy. With all the texture it has, that’s definitely a good thing. The hearts are raised enough to provide a wonderful texture, but are also squishy enough so that they don’t start to cause irritation during extended periods of use. We’ve had a couple other Tenga Eggs, and he seems to prefer this one.

It’s crystal clear, and I can see my husband’s penis right through it. Of course, I can see all the heart designs on the inside, too. I think we’re to the point where we prefer clear sleeves, because of the visuals for him (I’m always the one working the sleeves we have. He never masturbates with them. To put it simply, he’s spoiled.).

My Vagina Likes Tenga Eggs

So, I decided to turn the Lovers Tenga Egg inside out and use it as a cock sleeve on my husband. Of course, it really only covered the head of his penis. It was interesting trying to get him in with that thing on. We found out that, apparently, my g-spot loves lots of squishy texture. We’ve tried this with other sleeves, but this one really hit the spot. It stayed on for the duration of sex but, when he pulled out, it didn’t come out. My vagina ate the egg; to which my reply was insane laughter because, let’s face it, it was funny. It eventually did come out.

If you decide to try this, don’t worry, it won’t get lost inside of your vagina. However, Tenga Eggs are not condoms, and shouldn’t be used as such. Also, don’t put this in your butt or on anything that will be going in your butt.

Side Note: Tenga Eggs, when turned inside-out, make a great textured sleeve for the head of massage wands.


The directions are after the promo with all the cute little chickies.

Methods of Stimulation

The first way is to let air be trapped in it (which can be tricky) with the main stimulation coming from the opening of the egg rubbing against the ridge where head of the penis meets the shaft. It feels similar to a pair of lips being there. Stimulation also comes from the head hitting the top of the egg with every stroke down the shaft. Grasp the base of the egg along with the shaft, and the egg bobs up and down sort of blow job style. This can either be done by yourself, or with a little help from a partner.

Another method is to squeeze all the air out, creating a vacuum (this creates a feeling more like a vagina rather than a blow job), which my husband prefers and is much easier to do. This way, the head is making complete contact with the egg, meaning more stimulation.

Since the Lovers Tenga Egg is so small and easy to use, I’m free to use my other hand to give my husband additional stimulation.

Can it Be Re-used?

Well, that depends on who you ask. Tenga says on their website that it should only be used once and discarded. What a waste letting it end up in a landfill after one use…

Tenga Eggs can be reused, but may last for only a few uses. They are designed to be washed with soap and warm water. There’s no reason not to keep using it until it goes kaput.

To make it last longer, you may want to pinch the tip of the egg before you place it over the penis, much like putting on a condom. This will help to prevent tearing and damage. The rougher you are with this, the shorter its lifespan will be.

Keep in mind that, since the material is porous, it could harbor bacteria and start to smell. Make sure you clean and dry it thoroughly. To help prevent this, you could also wear a condom during use.


While it’s not going to last forever, the Tenga Egg Lover’s Special Holiday Edition is cute, festive, and gets the job done. My husband and I both love the texture, and I now have another little plastic egg to set out at Easter. We’ve used it about 4 times now, if you want to count the hungry vagina incident, and it seems to be holding up fairly well, aside from a slight bulge near the top.

Since they’re special edition, I’m not sure how long J-List will have them in stock. I’m assuming it’s just a seasonal thing for Valentine’s Day.

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Tantus Little Flirt
May 11th, 2014 by admin

The Tantus Little Flirt was made to be the perfect anal toy for beginners of any gender. Made of body-safe silicone, the Little Flirt‘s design makes it non-intimidating and very comfortable to use.

At one point, I had a toy much like the Little Flirt, but it was TPR and the base was much more flexible. Aside from having my butt spit the thing out, it also sucked it up once. Yes, I had a vibrating butt plug stuck up my butt, and was trying not to panic. I was eventually able to relax enough to have a bowel movement and get the thing out, but you really have to be careful with anal toys, lest they go up your butt and you have to go to the ER to get them removed.

I asked Babeland if I could review the Little Flirt because it looked like such an improvement on what I once had. Not only is it a much safer and more hygienic material, the base has better flare and is much thicker and more stable-looking. Plus, it’s made by Tantus, one of the very few manufacturers that has my absolute trust when it comes to the safety of material and awesomeness of toy design.


The Tantus Little Flirt arrived in typical Babeland packing; a plain UPS box with the return address as “Mail Order”.

It came in Tantus’ standard packaging. Pretty much all Tantus toys comes in packaging very similar to this. Information about the company and silicone are provided, but there’s nothing in particular about the Little Flirt on the packaging, or cleaning/care instructions. Instead, you’re directed to the Tantus website. The plastic is fairly durable, and you could reuse it as storage. Of course, it’s not discreet.


All Tantus toys are hand-made in the U.S.A. from the highest quality 100% Premium Platinum Silicone (If cared for properly, they will last a lifetime). That means they’re hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate-free, latex-free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable, and completely nontoxic! They are also manufactured 100% green.

Texture / Firmness

The Little Flirt has no texture to it; it’s just smooth, glossy silicone. A matte finish would hold onto lube better, so I suggest a thicker water-based lube.

It’s actually pretty plush and easily bent with just one hand. That means it conforms to my body-shape, and makes it comfortable no matter what position I’m in or what I’m doing. (It may look big in my hand, but I have tiny hands. My size 4 wedding ring barely fits without slipping off.)

Compatible Lubricants

Water-based lubricant is recommended. Silicone lube can be use, but Tantus advises a patch test beforehand.

Size / Design

  • Length: 3 1/2″
  • Insertable Length: 3 1/4″
  • Circumference: 2 3/4″
  • Diameter: 7/8″
  • Neck Diameter: 1/2″

The rounded tip is about the size of an average pinky finger, and the bulge in the middle is about as thick as an average thumb. Depending on how small of a person you are, or how virginal your anus is, the difference between the bulge and neck may not be enough to keep the plug in.

The rectangular base is meant to keep the toy from going all the way up your butt, and was designed to fit easily in-between butt cheeks. I’ve heard a few people complain about it not being comfortable, but it’s fine to my husband and me. He’s a very large man (6’5”) and I’m a very small woman (5’1”), and neither of us has felt that the base is uncomfortable in any way, be it sitting, standing, walking, or various sex positions. It has the Tantus logo stamped on it, which could use a little more attention during cleaning.

My Experience

Since I’m rather petite, the Little Flirt is a great toy for me. It’s just enough to be felt, and is very comfortable. It’s fine for me to sit on it while I’m writing reviews, or to wear it around the house getting my chores done. If I have my tush in the air, it feels good to have it move in me while I do kegels.

The only downside is I have issues keeping it in during sex. Sometimes, if I want it to stay in, either my husband or I have to hold onto the base. It would be nice to not have to do that.

My Husband’s Experience

He really doesn’t notice it at all. The first time I had him wear it, he pretty much forgot about it. He said he’d probably just wear it for half an hour, but he ended up wearing it for a couple hours, not realizing it was still in.

Since he’s a rather large man and is used to bigger things, the size of the Little Flirt didn’t really do much for him in terms of anal stimulation. If you’re looking for a prostate toy, this isn’t it.


You can boil the Little Flirt for 5-10 minutes, stick it in the top rack dishwasher on a regular cycle, wipe with a 10% bleach solution and rinse, or simply wash with a mild soap and water. Allow it to air-dry, or wipe it with a lint-free towel before storage. Toy cleaners and wipes are also fine.


Keep the Little Flirt somewhere safe from dust and hair, where it won’t get squished or touch other toys. You can keep it in a bag, a toy storage unit, the box that it comes in, or wherever it will stay safe and clean.


The Little Flirt is a great plug for anal beginners, or for those who just want something small and comfortable. If you’re more experienced with anal, or are just a bigger person like my husband, I’m not sure I’d recommend it, as I’m not sure you’d feel it. Also, there is a possibility that it could slip out during orgasm.
I’ll probably be the one using the Little Flirt, since my husband can’t even tell it’s in him. I tend to prefer toys of a smaller diameter for anal when he’s penetrating me vaginally, so this is perfect.

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Let’s be honest, it can be pretty damned difficult to find anal beads that look comfortable, are well-made, and are actually made of body-safe materials. If you’re looking for such a toy, Fun Factory’s silicone anal beads might just be the ticket.

If you’ve never seen or used anal beads, they’re sex toys that are basically a string of multiple spheres that are sometimes graduated in size. These spheres are inserted through the anus into the rectum, and are then removed at different speeds depending on the desired effect. Most often, they’re removed during climax to intensify orgasms.


GoodVibes always ships discreetly. My Bendybeads came, along with some other goodies, in a plain brown box with the return address as “Barnaby Ltd”.

The Bendybeads were boxed in Fun Factory’s typical packaging; a plastic cradle holding the toy with information, a small catalogue, and a sample of Toy Fluid inside a grey and red cardstock box. The two magnetic flaps open from an image of a red version, to the display window of the toy, along with a decent amount of info in various languages. On the other side of the package, the toy can be seen without having to open any magnetic flaps. Although there’s nothing tacky and overly raunchy about it, you can see the toy, so the packaging isn’t exactly discreet.


This toy is made of pure silicone, making it hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate-free, latex-free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable, and completely nontoxic.

Unlike some anal beads, you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up in the material of the bead or connective material. Some anal beads have cotton strings, or other porous materials, that can breed bacteria like crazy. Since this toy is entirely silicone, bacteria can’t penetrate it, but only thrive on the surface. As long as you take the proper steps to sterilize this toy, you won’t have any issues with bacteria. Also, silicone is very durable, which means these beads can last a lifetime.


There’s not a whole lot of texture on the Bendybeads. They have a silky smooth finish, and are connected by a snake of silicone that alternates from side to side, making the beads look much like peas in a pod. I did notice a very slight seam, which seems smoother in some places than others. Although I wish this had been completely smoothed out, the seam is not noticeable during vaginal or anal insertion.

The surface seems to hold onto lube decently. While using it vaginally, I haven’t noticed much drag to it. The snake that winds around the beads provides a little extra stimulation, but not much.


All of the beads are rather dense. They have a little give to them, but it’s very slight. Still, the spaces in-between them are easily manipulated. Also, the handle, though skinnier than the beads, is actually just fraction of a difference in density. The handle is fairly dense, and it takes some force to squeeze the loop closed.

If you want to, you can actually bend the whole toy around easily and secure the top bead through the loop. Lube it up and slip it over your penis, or your partner’s penis, and use it during a hand job or as an addition to oral sex. Just make sure you have plenty of lube for it and be careful not to pinch the foreskin.

The flexibility and density of this toy could make it or break it for some folks, mostly if you’re planning on using these for thrusting. I’ve had no issues inserting these vaginally or anally, but they do bend at the connections when trying to insert them anally. I always have to use both hands to steady these to insert them anally.


  • Total Length: 10 ¼” (26.03cm)
  • Insertable Length: 7 ½” (19.05cm)
  • Diameter: starts at ¾” and goes up to 2” (1.9cm-5.08cm)

To the right, you can see how big it looks in my hand. I wear a size 4 wedding ring, which could really be sized down to a 3.5, so most toys tend to look much bigger than they really are when I hold them.

This may be too big for beginners. I say this mostly with the length in mind. I dabble in anal occasionally, and I can’t get past the last bead comfortably. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not well-practiced, or if it’s just because I’m such a petite girl (5’1” and 98lbs).

Compatible Lubricants

It’s best to use water-based lubricants with silicone toys, otherwise you could risk some negative reactions with the material. Fun Factory advises a patch test, if you plan to use silicone-based lubes. Place a small amount on the base and wait a few minutes. If it gets gummy or tacky, that lube is not compatible.

Vaginal Use

While I don’t find the beads filling, the popping of the beads is nice. Due to the density, though, I can’t insert it too far, otherwise I have issues with the first bead poking my cervix.

Thrusting can be a little awkward, and it seems to take me forever to climax from using these beads as a dildo. Bending it slightly lets the biggest bead hit against my clitoris, which is nice, but just isn’t enough for me. Of course, these beads are designed for anal use, not vaginal use, but who said I was going to think inside the box?

Anal Use

Since the loop can be closed, you do have a slight chance of your butt sucking this toy up. It’s a very small chance, since the loop shouldn’t flatten under normal circumstances, but I just want to put that warning out there.

Insertion is fairly easy for my husband and I, but the flexibility is a little more of a problem for him. I usually end up inserting them for him, but that’s true with more of our anal toys for him. The graduated beads are easy to work up to, and might not be bad for working up to larger anal toys. I can get past the fourth bead, before the strand starts to feel too long. My husband, however, can take the whole strand with no problem.

Worn during sex or masturbation, these beads provide the sense of fullness that I want, and they stay put until I pull them out. Unlike some toys, the beads have stayed in me no matter what position I’ve been in. When I don’t have to Lysol the floor after anal play, that’s a major plus. My husband can actually tug a little at these during sex, and they won’t come out until I ask him to remove them during orgasm. It’s also nice for him when I wear them during sex, because he says he can feel them in me when he thrusts.

Since my husband likes the addition of anal stimulation during oral sex sometimes, the Bendybeads are a nice alternative to our other anal sex toys. They’re best when slowly pulled out as he climaxes, making it more intense for him. This also works nicely during sex, but it’s a little more difficult to pull off at the right moment, mostly because my short arms usually can’t reach that far.


I prefer to boil this for 5-10 minutes, but you can also stick it in the top rack dishwasher on a regular cycle, wipe with a 10% bleach solution and rinse, or simply wash with a mild soap and water. Allow it to air-dry, or wipe it with a lint-free towel before storage. Toy cleaners and wipes are another option.


Keep the Bendybeads somewhere safe from dust and hair, where it won’t get squished or touched by other toys. You can keep it in the box it comes in, a bag, toy box, etc., as long as it stays clean and dry.


The only thing that really bothers is me that the seam wasn’t perfectly smoothed out. It’s not enough for me to feel during insertion, but it still annoys me, as it’s not the quality that I’ve come to expect from Fun Factory. Otherwise, these anal beads are a nice addition to my toy box.

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March 14th, 2014 by admin

Dragoness Masturbation Sleeve

I had it in my head since the moment Bad Dragon asked me to review the Anthro-Dragoness that I’d try to insert her and become an Anthro-Dragoness for my husband.

Saturday morning after she arrived, I lubed her and myself up really well and went to work trying to get her in. This proved to be somewhat difficult. It was like a little kid trying to fit a cylindrical wood block into an oval-shaped hole. I tried a few positions to get her in, but no luck. Her canal is just too soft, and the opening too blunt. I kept squishing it every time I tried to cram her into me. If you are interested in more fake pussy reviews visit our friends from

Then I figured I could insert a rather stiff dildo into her to make her more firm. Finally! I got her chunky self in! I had become the Anthro-Dragoness! (Does that mean I became a were-dragoness? Transforming more than just my vulva would’ve been interesting. I’d love to have her boobs.)

Really, this might end up being a fun toy for me to use on my own. She’s got a good girth to her canal and actually makes a decent dildo. Plus, the backside of her vulva is nice to rub against. Might sound strange, but it’s true. I kept thinking about her the whole rest of the day after our first use. Still, I love my adopted Anthro-Dragon which is actually almost the same color.

I woke my hubby up. He already had morning wood and was lying on his side next to me. I didn’t let him see what was going on under the covers. I wanted to see what he thought based on sensation alone. He asked me what I had on. “Is it some kind of ring?” (Um..why would I be wearing a ring? I’m not aware of any sex toys that are rings for females.) I told him, “No” and slid him in. I held onto the Anthro-Dragoness with my finger on her clit (partly for pretending I’m her, partly for making sure he moved through her and didn’t just move her in me.) Well, that didn’t work because he said he felt like he was slipping out (No surprise to me. Chubby hubby ends up a little shorter when he spoon-fucks me. That darn tummy gets in the way). So, he rolled over onto me and pinned my wrists. Wow…that..felt..good! I mean, his member is long and girthy, but with the added girth and length of the Anthro-Dragoness canal in me… Can we go again?

He pulled out and took a look at the dragoness vulva, from the side, protruding from my own. “Is it some kind of funnel?” (Isn’t that adorable? He had no idea what it was! He hasn’t had much experience with male sex toys.) And what does he say when I pull it out? “Whoa..that’s big!”. Yes. Yes, it is. For a little lady, I can take quite a bit. And then she leaked cum on his pillow! Ha! (But I got in trouble for it… Figures…)

He said he didn’t feel much and he was unsure of whether he was moving inside it or if he was just moving it inside me. Took him a while to cum, but I’m not complaining about that. If he hadn’t had my wrists pinned I could’ve held the Anthro-Dragoness in place and I’m sure he would’ve felt more. There’s lots of ribbing and texture to give him pleasure. Plus, it narrows towards the end of the canal for that pleasantly tight feeling.

We did end up trying it again this way (but with me holding her in place this time) and it worked out much better for him. I knew he was just moving her and not moving in her the last time! He said the texture was great and me feeling tighter than normal was interesting. No surprise, he came a lot sooner that time.

I’ve also used it on him as a regular masturbation sleeve.

That went pretty well. I had to have both of my tiny hands around her while using it on my hubby. The Anthro-Dragoness is a big toy with a good heft (Well, to me it is since I’m tiny). Guys with small hands may need to use both to hold onto her. However, keep in mind this is coming from a girl who wears a size 4 wedding ring. Yeah, I get teased for having “baby fingers”.


If I let my hubby jack off without me, though, he wouldn’t have a problem using her one-handed. She’s 7.5” long, so I couldn’t really suck on his head while using her. He did end up shooting me in the face after he came, though. That’s a first! To keep things clean and to prevent spillage of excess lube or cum, you’ll want to cover the end of the Anthro-Dragoness with a condom. Bad Dragon was nice enough to include some condoms and their own lube with her.

Just an FYI, if you need to jack off discreetly, there can be a slight slurpy noise from fucking her if you’ve got her pretty wet. It’s nothing a little background noise couldn’t cover up, though.

What Do I Think as a Female?

Well, the Anthro-Dragoness really does not look like me. My labia minora actually start about where the clitoral hood does, with creases on each side of it, and mine are really long. I guess if my labia minora weren’t so long and didn’t start so far up, I’d have a prettier pussy like this one. Oh well. At least the lengths they go to and the creases on either side of my clitoral hood make me look like I have a butterfly complete with antennae downstairs. If I were to imagine myself as a dragoness, though, I’d assume my naughty bits would most likely look like the Anthro-Dragoness.

Would She Fit into a Fleshlight Container?

I really can’t say for sure. I mean, there’s a possibility. She definitely does look like she might. There’s also a piece of furniture called the Fleshlight Motion Dog Days that you may be able to use her in, as long as you put a condom over the end to prevent cleaning up a mess. If not, Bad Dragon suggests sandwiching her between your mattress and bed frame and fucking her like she’s bent over your bed.

Any Problems: The only problem I found is small and probably negligible. If you take a look at the opposite end of the Anthro-Dragoness, you may notice that the hole isn’t perfectly centered, but a smidge off. It doesn’t affect play or anything, but it was just something I noticed.

Material: pure silicone
Lubes: water-based only

Giving the Anthro-Dragoness a Bath:

Being the small thing that I am, I was able to stick my whole hand in the Anthro-Dragoness and give her insides a proper scrub down with soap and warm water, then flush her out with a strong blast of water at one end. If you can’t get your hand in (which I doubt many people will be able to do) remember to finger her to get all her nooks and crannies clean. If you really want to get her clean, you can submerge her in a 10% bleach solution and then use a strong blast of water to flush her out. You could also hold one end closed, pour some water and soap in, and then shake her like you’re mixing a drink before you rinse her out (Yes, I’ve done that. Dragon cocktail!)

Careful with those nails when you’re cleaning her! Don’t want to scratch or tear her soft silicone!

Giving the Anthro-Dragoness a Condom:

Well, the condoms that came with her seemed to be a bit small for her. I did manage to get one on, first try and everything. It actually made her a little tighter. Another way to make her tighter is to strategically place rubberbands down her. Remember to take them off once you’re done playing with her!

Condoming the Anthro-Dragoness is also useful if you really want to fill her up with lots of lube and have “sloppy seconds” type fun.

Packaging: The Anthro-Dragoness came wrapped in plastic wrap and then in purple tissue paper. She’s carefully cradled in packing peanuts. Mine came with 2 bottles of clear cum lube and 4 condoms.

General Specs:

1 – You can customize the Anthro-Dragoness to whatever color you would like.
2 – All Anthro-Dragonesses are in the same firmness of silicone.
3 – All Anthro-Dragonesses have a rippled, ridged inside texture, meant to emulate the feeling of the real thing.
4 – All Anthro-Dragonesses are 7.5 inches long, so it can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, regardless of length or girth.

Opinion: It’s a lot of fun to slide the Anthro-Dragoness inside me and pretend I’m her. Makes it a lot easier to let her share the bed with me and the hubby. Otherwise, no other females allowed! It’s a great toy for us to share. Other than having a bit of a problem sliding her into me, I really have no issues with her, and neither has my husband. And I’m sure I’ll get better at that with lots of practice.

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Crystal Chic Wand
February 2nd, 2014 by admin

Another Sexpert assignment from Cal Exotics. The Crystal Chic Wand is made from Velvet Cote (a phthalate-free) material and is studded with genuine crystals to give it a more elegant look. It features one touch activation of 3 levels of vibration.

On low, the battery will last 12.5 hours.

On medium, the battery will last 9 hours.

On high, the battery will last 6 hours.

Not that you’d need it to last that long in one sitting, but it’s nice to know in general how long the battery will last.


Well, my first thought about the Crystal Chic Wand was that it would be great to stimulate my hubby’s perineum during intercourse. My short little arms can’t always reach the proper spot, so this is a great way to fix that. Spooning is always fun, so we got into position and I tried to position the wand in the right spot. He was able to position it so that it was hands-free for both of us. And because of the angle I had it bent at, the crystal embedded end was in just the right place to give me some nice clitoral stimulation. It was almost like turning him into a rabbit vibe. That was nice for both of us.

Also, if you can bend it just right, you can have the end of the Crystal Chic Wand vibrate your clit while the beads are in your bum.

As for having it in during penetration, the vibes could be felt by my hubby, too.

FYI:When it says that you need to keep the cap closed tightly, it means it. At first, I just thought my battery was dying. I took it out and put in a new one. Still the same pathetic whisper of a buzz. I was starting to wonder if I had a bad wand. I looked at the sticker again and figured I must not have it tight enough and that was it. You really have to screw it on as tight as you can get it to make it work properly.

“Our design team outdid themselves on this one,” observed CalExotics VP/Sales, Jackie White. “The elegance and beauty of the embedded jewels and powerful high-tech motor are a winning combination….and the fact that the graduated shaft pulls apart easily for cleaning makes it as easy to maintain as it is to use.”

Easy cleaning, eh? I’ll have to disagree with that one. Although the Crystal Chic Wand comes with a small slip of paper that details cleaning instructions, I find that it is difficult to sanitize it properly. The problem lies within the beads. Many of the beads are hollow and can easily harbor bacteria even after the wand has been lengthened to clean it. (Unless you have one of those special bendy brushes that look like pipecleaners, it will be hard to clean the cavities of the beads. ) Especially since it’s difficult to dry out the hollow beads. You just have to let them slowly air dry. The problem is, bacteria likes dark wet and unclean places, i.e. the wet spaces in the hollow beads.

So how do I keep it clean?

I’d suggest putting a condom or toy cover over the Crystal Chic Wand before you use it. I would recommend a condom, since I know that stretches far enough. I’m not sure a toy cover would. Boiling just the wand part would sanitize it, but that’s not a good idea for the material that the wand is made of. A diluted solution of bleach may be a good idea, though.

Material: EdenFantasys says “plastic”, but it’s really composed of ABS and PU Cote. It’s phthalates-free.

Lube: Cal Exotics recommends a water-based lube since the product is composed of PU Cote. Lubricants are must have sex accessories – find your own water-based lubricant here!

Waterproof: Yes.
Packaging: No problems. Comes in a plastic box. Be sure to recycle your packaging!
Length:11 1/2″
Insertable length:7 1/4″
Circumference: 3″
Diameter: 7/8″
Weight: 0.4 lb
Batteries: One AA (not included)
Vibration Level: 3/5 Average low, medium, and high settings.
Noise Level: 4/5 Since some of the beads are hollow, they can rattle around quite a bit depending on what angle you’ve bent the wand into and what intensity you have the vibration on.

Pros: No raunchy packaging! No phthalates, easy one-touch activation, long-lasting battery, easily bent, powerful vibes throughout the whole wand, pretty crystals for those of us who have a shiny complex, waterproof

Cons: Could possibly harbor bacteria due to the fact that it can be hard to clean. This is easily remedied by putting a condom on it, though.

You can register your Crystal Chic Wand at Vibetronics! All you need is the code above the UPC label that looks like this SE-0000-00-0

You can get the Crystal Chic Wand from EdenFantasys along with lots of other sex toys, lubes, and lingerie!

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