Bustiers for Busting Bedroom Boredom

Stretch Mesh Bustier 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl

Only an unimaginative wife wouldn’t have a sexy bustier included in her wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 1, 10, or 20. Everyone looks good in a bustier because they’re designed to mold your body into the ideal shape. It can add curves or give you a trimmer outline, whichever is needed. If you’ve got a special night coming up with your man, there’s nothing better you can do than show up in your bedroom with a sexy bustier. That’s sure to give him enough hints on what to expect for the rest of the night.

Stretch Mesh Bustier 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl

Stretch Mesh Bustier 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl

This three-piece set is one of the sexiest bustier designs you can find that won’t require you to shed your inhibitions too much at the same time. If you’re the modest or conservative type of woman but you also want to show your husband your more daring side then this is the bustier for you.

Unlike other exotic bustier designs, this set from Dreamgirl could practically double as an evening outfit – the kind you’d wear when you’re going to one of the swankiest nightclubs in town. In fact, there are probably many other evening outfits that reveal more than this three-piece bustier set does.

This all-black set consists of a bustier made of stretch polyester to fit most figures and boning to provide structure. The bustier has a low, halter-styled neckline, accented with rhinestones, to reveal a sumptuous amount of cleavage. The rest of the bustier is made of lace embroidery and mesh lining to reveal more tantalizing glimpses of your skin. The back is secured with a laced-up ribbon tie.

To complete the look, you have a simple and tight black miniskirt and matching thongs.

Sheer Strapless Lace Bustier with Attached Garter Belt by Escante

“Bring back that lovin’ feeling…” You probably know the song. Perhaps you’ve even sung it together with your spouse one time or another. Certainly, it’s a sentiment most couples – even new ones – are acquainted with. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. When you get into fights, when you grow old, when you find something that reminds you of the past, there’ll always be moments when you do want to bring back the past. Because that’s how the past is: they’re always lovely to remember and definitely lovelier when revisited…with the right reason and at the right time and place.

Now, if it’s your wedding or honeymoon night that you’d like to revisit or maybe even make over because it was less than perfect, you can do that with Escante’s bustier set.

This bustier set is a sight to behold, the ultimate feminine concoction made of entirely white lace that’s absolutely sheer in the right places. Naturally, it has boning to give your body the same nubile shape you had when you said “I do” to your husband. There’s also ruffled trimming along the bust line for a touch of seduction and innocence combined.

The bustier is very much easy to wear with a side zipper closure. It’s something you can quickly throw on if you’re planning to surprise your spouse at night. The set also comes with a g-string panty and thigh-highs to complete your look.

Floral Garter Bustier with Matching G-string from Elegant Moments

This sizzling hot set must come with a warning: it’s definitely not for the faint of hearted. Come to think of it, there should also be a warning for its user: not for those with even a modicum of shyness.

This all-black set is made of a bustier, thong panties, and thigh highs. Sounds ordinary so far, doesn’t it? But one look at the bustier will let you know that it’s one notch above the rest. This bustier shows more than it hides as it’s made of sheer mesh entirely with a couple of strategically placed floral patterns.

The way the bustier is designed allows the more daring to forego wearing the thongs entirely. You can simply proceed with clipping the garter straps to your thigh highs and you’re all ready to give your spouse the most adventurous night of his life.

If you’re thinking of purchasing this set, please be aware that Elegant Moments only offers this in one size. Thankfully, though, the stretchable fabric used for this set makes it a viable fit for a variety of figures.

Cut-Out Bustier Set with Matching Thigh Highs from Escante

If our third option isn’t shockingly sexy enough for you then what you’re probably looking for is this cut-out ensemble from Escante. From the term ‘cut-out’ alone, you probably have a good idea already of what you’re going to get with this lingerie. But don’t worry – what little that’s there is enough to make your husband desire you like he hasn’t ever done before. In fact, if he sees you in this bustier anywhere outside the bedroom, don’t count on reaching the bed before he starts taking it off you.

The cut-out lace cups are made of exquisitely thin scraps of lace. They hide what needs hiding the most, but…it’s not as if your husband will have a hard time getting lace out of his way, and that’s exactly the idea we’re looking for, right?

The back of this bustier is just as tantalizing with spaghetti straps, sheer mesh covering only the lower half of your back. Your derriere, however, is completely exposed because this G-string is made up of nothing but the thinnest lines of fabric, capable of only holding things in place until it’s time for them to say goodbye. Pull on the matching thigh-highs and you’re all dolled up to make your husband’s fantasies come true.

Suggested Props

If you are using the bustier for a naughty role-playing game in the bedroom, you might want to accessorize your look with a few useful props like a whip, a feather duster, or a pair of handcuffs. Bedroom toys are also ideal to use, but only if your husband won’t view them as a third party in your marriage.

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