Plus Size Makes Plus Perfect

Princess Babydoll with Matching Thong from Escante

Okay, ladies, repeat after me: plus size makes plus perfect. And it’s true. You should remember that your husband loves you for who you are and not what size you’re wearing. Sure, it would be great to have a 24-inch waistline but not having one won’t ruin your marriage. If you want to be sexy inside the bedroom, that’s easier said than done and you won’t even have to book an appointment with a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. The first thing you have to do is to choose one of the absolutely sizzling lingerie designed specifically to shape and boast your generous curves.

Princess Babydoll with Matching Thong from Escante

Princess Babydoll with Matching Thong from Escante

Every princess outfit must be done in pink and you got that with this set. Pink always makes women pretty, fragile, and feminine and it also inspires men to be more aggressive and protective at the same time. A potent combination in the bedroom, that’s for sure.

But this beautiful two-piece set also includes a transparent black mesh with a lovely pointelle design. If pink makes you sweet, black makes you forbidden, and both equates to forbidden pleasure, which men can never get enough of.

There top also comes with adjustable stretch straps to ensure a perfect fit for every woman, flirty heart embroidery that will tease and tantalize your husband, and a babydoll shape that will show off your greatest assets. The matching thongs are an equal delight, featuring the same pink-and-black combination.

With this set, you can be both the seducer and the seduced.

Leather Lace-Up Corset with Matching G-String from Allure

Leather Lace-Up Corset with Matching G-String from Allure

Take control of your man and everything that goes on in the bedroom with this powerfully sensual leather ensemble from Allure.

Show your man that a timid mouse can also be a tigress in bed with this two-piece set. The corset is made of absolutely genuine leather that’s nice and soft to touch but also presents a tough look that will tell your husband just who’s going to do the ordering tonight. It’s a convertible design that comes with adjustable stretch straps so you can decide just how much cleavage you want to show off. Then again, those straps can also be taken off completely if you want to go all-out. Don’t worry about the corset falling (not that such a thing is a huge problem) and having your breasts spill out: the corset also comes with excellent boning to ensure that your curves are displayed to their greatest advantage.

For a twist, the lace-up closure is done in front while the back offers a quick zipper release if you want to abandon your domineering role and enjoy wild and abandoned sex with your husband right away. The matching g-string is but a tiny triangle that shows more than it hides. This set doesn’t come with thigh-high stockings, but if you’ve got the budget to spare then those are must-have accessories to go along with this set.

Babydoll and Coat Set with Matching Panty from Escante

Babydoll and Coat Set with Matching Panty from Escante

Here’s another failproof babydoll combination from Escante. This time, you can do a bit more torture than usual with the addition of an ultra-sheer pink coat with lots and lots of flowing stretch lace in front and coat cuffs. Let your imagination run loose with this coat. It’s a great accessory when you’re doing pole dancing, lap dancing, belly dancing or just a plain straightforward striptease for your husband. Take advantage of how the coat swirls and sways around your hips as you move. You can also use it for bondage play if that’s what’s on the menu for tonight.

As always, the beautiful babydoll top comes with adjustable stretch straps. It also provides underwire cups to give your cleavage an extra push, which is always something to be appreciated even if it’s not needed. The matching panties are simple and tiny – easy to tear apart if your husband gets deliciously out of control.

Reversible Corset 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl

Reversible Corset 3-Piece Set from Dreamgirl

This fantastic lingerie ensemble offers you two sets for the price of one. The first set is an all-black ensemble that tells your husband without mincing words that you mean business in the bedroom. Reverse the outfit and you’ve got a lavishly sensual all-pink combination that promises an addictive combination of romance and passion.

The corset is made of satin and polyester and completely non-stretch with sturdy boning to shape your body into a perfect hourglass figure. On one side, it’s all smooth and silky satin while on the other side, you get some texture with the scroll pattern. Alluring embroider is stitched along the bust line to draw your husband’s gaze to where it’s needed.  The corset has a lace-up back and a hook-and-eye closure in front.

Also included in the set are thigh-high stockings, matching thongs, and detachable garter straps.

Stretch Lace Babydoll with Matching G-String  from Dreamgirl

Stretch Lace Babydoll with Matching G-String  from Dreamgirl

Finally, offer your piece de resistance when you serve your husband dinner in bed by wearing this smoking hot black lingerie set from Dreamgirl.

Whereas other lingerie sets tease and entice, this set leaves little to the imagination. It follows your plus perfect curves faithfully. It’s completely made of mesh and lace, with a V-neckline that’s deep enough to give your husband a free sample of what delicious sweets you have to offer. Criss-cross detail is provided for the back while the matching g-string panty is a no-fuss garment that’s meant to be eliminated as quickly as possible to get to the main course…or dessert, whichever you prefer to call it.

The Second Element for Success: Confidence

All these outfits are hot, hot, hot, but you can only do them justice if you wear them proudly. These outfits are made for you so own them! Have confidence not only because you’ve got the best ensemble in town but also because you know your worth as a woman and that value can’t always be measured in terms of inches and pounds. If you carry yourself proudly, if you think yourself a beautiful and sexy woman, then anyone who looks at you will think so, too. That’s the power of believing, and you’ll know it when you try it!

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