Orbite Pleasure Plug

The box that it comes in is simple and functional, it has a plastic casing inside the box which displays the butt plug through a window in the side of the cardboard, I found that this is also a great little storage box for when the toy is not been used.

I took the Orbite Pleasure Plug out of its box and was surprised at how soft it felt, its got a kind of soft tactile feel to it, it is made from TPE which is a sort of plastic, its not Jelly, but it is pourous so this toy should not be shared, if you are planning on sharing this toy for hygiene reasons I would advise that you cover it with a condom. It can be safely used with any lubricant even silicone which is great for an anal toy as silicone lube is the best lube to use if you plan on wearing a plug for a longer length of time.

61dYprbyQuL._SL1360_When washing TPE toys you should only use hot water and soap or a good quality antibacterial sex toy cleaner, you cannot boil these to sterilize them and you cannot put them in the dishwasher.

The Orbite Pleasure Plug as a flared base which is also a suction cup, it is soft and flexible, in my opinion it could do with been slightly larger than it is, and I am not 100% sure what benefit having a suction cup on the bottom of such a small toy is to anything. However, the suction cup works well, you can stick this toy to any smooth surface and it will stay put no problem, it has a good strong amount of suction.

The Orbite Pleasure plug is as wide as it is long, it’s a lovely round plug, perfect for beginners and more seasoned users alike, it’s nice and flexible and the perfect weight for anyone want to wear it for long periods of time. At just 6cm in length from base to top and totally clear this is a butt plug that is not going to scare your partner if you suggest giving it a try.

Overall, I thought that the Orbite Pleasure Plug was ok, I like that its clear and that it is nice and light and flexible, been able to use it with any lube is also a plus, but I am unsure about the base, I don’t think that it really needs to be a suction cup as it is so small and I would feel better if it was a bit larger.

March 12th, 2018 by