Transform Yourself into A Beauty with Sexy Bras

Envy Animal Print Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri

You can never be too old or too plain to wear a beautiful and sexy bra and this is the kind of attitude you need when you come to your marriage bed. Too often troubles arise between married couples simply because of insecurities. If you have been feeling neglected or unappreciated lately, consider looking inward before blaming your husband outright. How about pushing yourself beyond your usual limits and boundaries tonight? Start by getting rid of your unflattering lingerie and putting on some of the world’s sexiest bras.

Playboy Giselle Underwire Bra from Playboy

There’s probably no better teacher on how women should be sexy than Playboy, which is probably the way most men had been initiated into the world of sex and passion. If you want to feel sexy about your body without having to undergo liposuction, sometimes all you really need is a change of wardrobe – and that includes underwear!

Consider the Giselle Underwire Bra from Playboy. There are two ways to look at this. Firstly, you could be cynical and think only someone with a body like Giselle could wear this kind of bra. But then again, you could also think that this kind of bra could make any woman’s body look like Giselle’s. If you try it for yourself, you’ll realize that it’s the latter that’s true.

There are a lot of things to love about the Giselle Underwire bra. First of all, this bra was designed to be worn as a sexy strapless, which allows you to wear this even with tube tops. A strapless bra is also a great turn-on for most men, but if you need something strapped, don’t worry because this also comes with customizable straps which you can wear traditional style or in a halter or criss-cross style, whichever way you think is better.

The lined cups have a seamless design made of stretch nylon for a perfect fit. You won’t have to worry about any show-through either. Also, the Giselle Underwire Bra uses contrasting shades of pink and black that makes you seem like a lovely innocent bride who could turn into a femme fatale in any second. And last but not the least, you’ll notice that there’s a Playboy Bunny rhinestone icon on your bra cup to make you feel at your sexiest. After all, could there be anything – anyone – sexier than a Playboy Bunny?

Envy Animal Print Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri

Envy Animal Print Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri

The brand name should say it all for you. One look at you in this sexy bra and your husband would definitely be singing that tune. There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about this bra. Everything about it is meant to reduce your husband into a slave of passion, ready to do everything you command him to do.

If support is your greatest concern when it comes to bras, you’ll get that. Besides excellent underwire support, this bra also offers foam-lined cups for the ideal shape of breasts, regardless of your size. The front straps are also completely adjustable to ensure you have the perfect fit. And speaking of sizes, this bra can suit anyone between 32B to 38DD.

The leopard print lets your husband know that you won’t be taking ‘no’ for an answer. You want to be the one on top in all ways for tonight, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be willing to negotiate. On top of the leopard print of your bra is a sexy scrap of black criss-cross mesh that’s purely seductive, one that tells your husband you’re willing to be seduced as well.

Enchantment Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri

As this product’s name suggests, it’s the kind of underwear you should wear in a night meant to fulfill fantasies. If you’re out to celebrate something that’s made your dream come true then don’t you think it’s time to come out of your shell and grant another of your husband’s wishes? Don’t you think he’d love to have you surprise him in an alluring outfit for bed instead of your usual cotton PJs? Sure, they’re nice and comfy but you and your husband didn’t marry each other because you found each other nice and comfy, did you? You married each other because there was huge, wild spark between you and that’s what you can have back with the Enchantment Underwire Bra.

The Enchantment Underwire bra doesn’t just offer underwiring but push-up pas as well for an enhanced cleavage to further enchant your husband. If you don’t wish to wear it as a strapless bra, the set also offers a set of clear straps you can use for a halter or criss-cross style.

Although it’s made mostly of non-stretch microfiber, the Enchantment Underwire bra comes in a wide range of sizes so there’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect fit for your size.

Chloe Push-Up Bra from Affinitas Intimates

This kind of bra is something you should wear if you want to show your husband that the girl-next-door he married has a wild side that’s begging to be released…and that’s going to happen tonight.

There are lots of things going on with the Chloe Pushup bra. For support, it has removable pads, underwiring, and side boning. Its hot pink and black colors are a potent combination, especially when you mix it with the lace-up ribbon on the sides. If you want to complete your good girl gone bad look, you can also check out the matching Chloe Hipster.

Beauty Lace Underwire Bra from Oh La La Cheri

If you are thinking of making an all-out transformation then you will need the Beauty Lace Underwire Bra, which is also produced by the wonderful Oh La La Cheri. This ultra-soft and mesmerizing bra is made of sheer stretch nylon lace in the lightest shade of purple, the color of royalty. In your case, you can prove that you’re the queen of your husband’s bed. Darted seams provide all the support you need and the satin bow in the middle nicely complements the crystal pendant on the very center of your bra.

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