My Little Packer | Review of the Soft Pack

My Little Packer

Honestly, I do find some flaccid cocks to just be downright adorable, namely the Mini Soft Pack and my husband’s cock. So, since I tend to get in trouble if I mess with him too much, (He’s busy with video games and I’m told that I get in the way. Pff… Whatever.) I decided to get the smallest of the Soft Pack set in vanilla. At least that way, I could play with a cute little cock without being scolded.

The Soft Pack is made by Fleshlight, and is the same material. It’s soft and squishy, and actually does feel close to human skin, when dusted with cornstarch.

First Impressions

My Soft Pack just came in a plastic bag; no paper tabs or information. The only thing on the package was a little sticker stating which Soft Pack it is and a code to scan. Fleshlight, it probably would have been nice to include at least some information about the product, especially how to care for it!

It was already powdered with cornstarch, so I just set it on my board to take pictures. Well… I found out it left a big, greasy-looking stain. Yay… I figured I’d better try to clean the Soft Pack, dried it, and powdered it with cornstarch again. This time, for preventative measures, I set it on a tissue. Guess what? It went through the tissue and left a second greasy stain! What..the..hell? At least I pulled it up before it got too bad.

I figured it would be best to ask Fleshlight about this. Their customer service had no idea why it would do this, and then told me they’d forward my concerns, along with my email address, to product development so that they could further assist me with this issue. It’s been a few weeks and, at this point, I doubt I’ll ever hear back from them.


Since I’m complaining about the stains, now would be a good time to mention the material. My cute little Soft Pack, and all of the others, are made from Real-feel Superskin. I was told by Babeland Customer Service (which is the absolute best of any company ever!), that it’s some sort of silicone mixture, and that certain companies formulate their silicone with different oils. So, is that the reason my Soft Pack is leaving stains? Maybe. But the Fleshlight website says that Fleshlight Sleeves aren’t made with silicone. So… Yeah, I’m stumped. I’m just going to assume that Fleshlight means that it’s not pure silicone.

Anyway, it’s phthalates-free and latex-free. It is porous, and should not be shared with anyone but yourself. If it’s not dusted with cornstarch, it’ll attract hair/lint/dust/etc.

Cleaning: To clean Real-feel Superskin items, Fleshlight suggests simply rinsing with water and allowing the item to dry. For tough cleaning, you can use a little isopropyl alcohol. No soaps! They’re too harsh on this material!
Care: Once the Soft Pack is clean, dust it with cornstarch to prevent it from being sticky and to keep that “real-feel”. DO NOT use anything other than cornstarch. Just like a real cock, it won’t like sharp objects or anything else that could damage its soft tissue.


I’d say it’s pretty realistic. It’s squishy, yet firm enough to fool people. All of the details are pretty nice. The scrotal sack even has a little of that plucked chicken skin look. I’m not really sure what to call it, but that’s what I think it looks like. The skin looks very realistic. All the wrinkles and whatnot are in all the right places. It looks like they may have cast the mold from a real person. The balls seem a bit pudgy, to me, though. Of course, it’s going to be a little difficult actually mimicking the feel of a real scrotal sack. They’re fun to squish and mess with.

For Packing

My tiny Soft Pack is pretty nice for packing. It does feel quite a bit like the real thing, and I find myself fondling it through my clothing. To the right, you can see it inside my RodeoH Harness (which is really nice, by the way. You can check out the review here.).

Even when I just hold it in my hand, the shaft is sort of perky and wants to stand up a bit. So, since it sticks out like that, it makes a bit bigger bulge than you would expect from my 5’1” 96lb frame.

Please excuse my poofy-looking butt… Those are my husband’s boxer shorts and they’re kind of big on me. See what I mean about that big bulge, though?

You’ll want to keep your Soft Pack protected with underwear of some sort. The material could easily tear due to zipper issues and whatnot.

Back to the Stains

Alright, so I don’t know why my Soft Pack made those stains, and I wonder slightly if it’s leeching anything into me when I handle it. However, it doesn’t smell funny like there are any toxins in it, and I haven’t seen any issue with it leaving a stain in my clothes. If so, it was really light and difficult to see. Plus, it’s never going to be touching my skin while I’m packing, and I’m not going to be inserting it.
I’m not really that worried about the stains, but I am still curious what causes them. I keep it protected in a decent amount of tissues so it doesn’t stain anything again. And yes, it will leave a mark if I set it on some paper or something.


Things I’ve heard of include:

  • Modifying the Soft Pack into an STP device, since the material is soft and easy to work
  • Customizing the Soft Pack by painting it with ground chalk pastels
  • Using it as a stress relief toy, gag/bachelorette gift, etc. (It really is a fun little toy to just play with)

My Opinion

My little Soft Pack is cute and everything, but the staining does bug me, as does Fleshlight’s failure to respond to me. It’s a nice little packer, but I doubt that it’s going to last for the long haul. It should last fairly long with the proper care, but I figure a packer like Mr. Right might be a better choice. Of course, with the Soft Pack, you’ve got various sizes, and I couldn’t resist the cuteness of the mini one, but Mr. Right is actually pure silicone and would be more hygienic and non-staining.

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