Apollo Power Stroker Review

apollo power stroker

There is a reason that companies are still looking to upgrade masturbation for men. We are buying products and having better orgasms. Our fathers could have never imagined personal pleasure at this level. Who would have thought that a device could feel better than using your hand ? The search for the perfect orgasm has ignited designers to come up with products that offer a realistic experience. We have life like material, textured inner tunnels and ergonomic design. The next frontier is vibration. Calexotics have offered the Apollo Power Stroker as the next generation in male pleasure. It boasts an impressive ‘ 30 Intense Power Functions ‘ with a hands free design. Could this be the toy that changes everything? Could this be the best blowjob machine out there? I had to find out.

The Product

The Apollo Power Stroker comes in a long rectangular blue box that has a picture of the product on the front. ‘ 30 Intense Power Functions ‘ is also on front with a diagram showing how the product can be adjusted. Intensely powerful male stroker ‘, ‘ 30 Functions of intense vibration pulsation, and escalation ,’ Totally self-contained,wireless design’, ‘ Use with our without included suction cup mount ‘ , ‘ Textured chamber for added sensations ‘, Body safe, unscented, phthalate-free ‘ and Easy push-button controls ‘ are on the side panel in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Danish. The opposite side of the box has a diagram showing the entry point and mobility of this product. The dimensions ‘ 8.5 x 3 inch ‘ , ‘ Deep Throat Action with 30 Intense Functions ‘ and ‘ Sleek Ergonomic Shape for Absolute Form and Function ‘ are also located on this panel. On the back of the box is another picture of the power stroker that diagrams its mobility. ‘ Suction Cup Swivel Mount for Hands-Free Multi-Positional Stimulation ‘ , ‘ Use Independently or with Suction Cup ‘ , ‘ Easy-to-Use 2 Button Activation for Power and 30 Intense Functions ‘ and ‘ Totally Self-Contained ‘ are written with the picture for additional instructional. A general instruction sheet is in the box. 4 AA Batteries are not included. There is a notification of this on the bottom side panel.

How it Works

After opening the box, be sure to place 4 AA batteries in the pack. You can then use the small cap to fasten or attach the suction cup for hands free use. Be sure to clean the Power Stroker . Care is advised. There is no information given that indicate it having waterproof qualities. Use JUS lubricant to apply a very large amount inside the tunnel. You will need to place more lubricant on yourself. Insert yourself inside the tunnel. Press the button to turn it on. The other button on the panel will adjust the sensations. Once you have found one that works, enjoy .

My Experience

I was excited at the release of the Apollo Power Stroker. It promised to be a game changer due to its attractive design, vibrations features and packaging. I almost fell out of my chair when I opened the box and saw it. There was someone at Calexotics that were looking out for me. I would waste no time in getting started.

I read the package to learn how to use it. The information on the outside of the box was very detailed. This was a first for masturbation device. I opened the package and put together the Apollo Power Stroker without the batteries. To my surprise, it was easy. The suction was super strong and intuitive. This was going to an amazing experience.

I was ready to get started. I opened a package of batteries and attempted to place them in the device. The Power Stroker didn’t work. What was going on ? I looked at the instruction sheet included but there were not instructions for the Power Stroker. After a few minutes, I was able to get it turn on. The Power Stroker definitely lived up to the hype. There were so many different types of sensations that I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to choose. This was a good problem to have. Now it was time for some pleasure.

I had been on a sexual fast for some time. I was in the mood and ready to get my freak on. I placed a large amount of JUS Lubricant inside the tunnel of the Power Stroker. I then placed more lubricant on me. I quickly became aroused. This was going better than I expected. There was nothing left to do but slide in.

I put my aroused manhood inside the Power Stroker and bumped into the wall of the tunnel. I adjusted myself for more comfort. This didn’t feel good at all. The material of the tunnel was not life like. If felt like I was rubbing against a textured cock ring. The sensations of the bullet still had me aroused. We could work around this issue. I turned on an adult movie and began to stroke. My arousal began to decline. There was a huge gaping space around my penis. I was used to masturbation devices stimulating every part of your body like the one from this website. The Power Stroker was only giving sensation to the head of my penis. Houston was definitely having a problem. The tunnel felt uncomfortable and I was not getting a realistic life like experience. Frustrated, I grabbed the Ivory Girl Next Door Pocket Pal. She was tight, realistic and textured. She helped me forget the disappointment of using the Power Stroker.

The Pros

The Apollo Power Stroker has one of the best boxes I have seen in the industry. The instructions on the box allow you to know exactly how the product works and reinforces the benefits to the customer. The vibration function of the toy is very intense. Having a number of different setting gives you many options. The Apollo Power Stroker is very easy to hold and use. The ergonomic design makes using easy. There is one button to turn on and another to adjust the pulsations.

The Challenges

Unfortunately, this product has some flaws. The inside of the Power Stroker is not comfortable. The material feels a firm rubber. It is textured but is does not feel like human flesh and does not take lubricant well. Men who love to masturbate want a product that feels real. This device fails on sensation. Another draw back of the Power Stroker is that the tunnel is one big gaping hole. There is nothing that grips lovingly comforts the penis. Putting your dick inside this male sex toy feels like getting oral from someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. They open their mouth as wide as possible and you have to find an area for contact. The back of the tunnel is not symmetrical. While using it you feel an awkward tension on your penis. This is a result of the vibration device being placed in the position it is. The challenges of the Apollo Power Stroker could be easy fixed if they would have filled the tunnel with the same material used to make the Dr. Joel Kaplan Stroker . You would have still had the sensation of 360 sensations, an easy to use ergonomic design and attractive case. Calexotics should place specific instructions for the Power Stroker inside the box. The manual didn’t relate to the product.

The Decision

I honestly can’t recommend the Apollo Power Stroker to men who are looking for a realistic oral sex experience. While the vibrations, sensations and pulsations are intense , the inner tunnel fails to deliver an experience that is comfortable. If the inner tunnel was redesigned using some of the innovations Calexotics have already perfected then this device could be one of the best masturbation innovations to come through in years. I suggest that men choose the Ivory Girl Next Door Pocket Pal. It feels like the real thing, is easy to clean, takes lubricant well and delivers a powerful orgasm. The Apollo Power Stroker should be sent back to the drawing board and redesigned. It has the potential to be a game changer.

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