Flaming Hot Men’s Underwear to Make a Sexless Marriage Sizzle

Many men make the mistake of vastly underestimating the power of wearing the right underwear to the marriage bed. Being a husband doesn’t give you the license to stop finding new ways to attract your wife. With the right underwear, a common and familiar body could be transformed into something new and exciting.

Tips for Choosing the Right Underwear

Before we get to the fun part and exploring adventurous and exotic choices of men’s underwear, let’s start with the basics of men’s underwear selection.

Choose the right size.

Don’t settle for a good fit but instead, work hard to find a perfect fit. Generally speaking, the best fit for men’s underwear is one that’s tight in all the right places and emphasizes the area that you’re particularly well-endowed.

Consider the type and quality of materials.

Unlike women, men are particularly affected by the amount of “ventilation” they get from their underwear.  Thick, itchy fabrics will naturally make your genital areas feel hot and uncomfortable. Fabrics, however, like pure cotton and silk will feel great against your skin and could even stimulate your desire.

Choose the style that fits your physique best.

More specifically, choose a style of underwear that emphasizes your good assets such as a tight butt, toned thighs, or your manhood if that’s what you’ve got going best for you.

Be Adventurous with Men’s Underwear

Comfort and fit are the two major factors to consider when choosing everyday underwear. But for special occasions, you need to go beyond comfort and be a little more adventurous.

Cyclops MaleWear

Cyclops Malewear

If you’ve heard about Cyclops of Greek mythology and not of the X-Men variety then you probably know them as one-eyed giants created by the gods. In the realm of men’s underwear, however, Cyclops Male Wear has a single significant “hole” to boast of – one that would allow your manhood to rise in all its glory and in full view of your partner.

As it’s made of spandex or nylon, this underwear automatically contours to your body and can even add shape and tone to a not-so-fit physique. Its black leather-like look can also make your lower torso look sexier as well as more manly and powerful. Add in the nickel plated studs and O-rings and you’ve got yourself a bad boy look going.

The back of the Cyclops Malewear is quite unique with its jock-styled design, which allows your partner to enjoy greater freedom when feeling the muscles of your behind flex and contract.

This type of underwear is best worn for one of the most special occasions of your marriage – an anniversary perhaps or a celebration of any major achievement that you or your partner has attained.

S to XL sizes are available.

Heart Throb Bikini

Heart Throb Bikini

Guys like Ashton Kutcher and Jim Carrey are heart throbs in their own right not just because they look good but also because women find their sense of humor both sexy and even romantic at the same time. Women call them ‘cute’ in the nicest way possible and never in a platonic sense.

If that’s how your image works with your wife then you just have to reinforce it with the heart throb bikini and you could be enjoying the wildest night of your life right after. Made of hot, body-hugging black nylon, the heart throb bikini doesn’t expose as much skin as other underwear. Instead, it draws the eyes to your perfectly shaped and toned butt with a large red heart printed at the back of your bikini.

To maximize on this type of underwear, be sure to show only your front as you walk to your partner. And when you reach the bed, turn around to give your partner the chance to fully appreciate the beauty of your behind. Let her know that even though you’ve been married for quite some time, you can still make her heart throb!

Male Power Silver Streak Thong

Malepower Silver Streak Thong

If you like the kind of sexual message that the Cyclops Male Wear is trying to project but prefer a more subtle way of gaining your partner’s attention then this underwear may be more to your liking.

The Male Power Silver Streak Thong is made of spandex or nylon. It’s sleek, sexy, and stretchable to fit all sizes and types of physique. It even has a thin strip of mesh waistband to emphasize your trim waistline – or make your waist look trim – before tapering to one hot pouch that contains the very essence of your virility. Even better, thanks to its silver striped design, your boner is sure to look longer, thicker, and bigger than ever without the use of any additional products!

Adonis Boxers

Adonis Boxers

This type of underwear is more suitable for those with small to medium frames. If you’ve got a lean build – not necessarily buffed – then you’ll be able to carry this off without a hitch. Black and made of polyester, the Adonis Boxers shows off your package with a wet-boxers-look as well as a see-thru mesh area for your manhood to thrust out in full view. And thanks to its stretchy waistband, the Adonis Boxers is also good for a lap dance and have tips inserted into your underwear while you’re playing make-believe with your partner.

Brown Leopard Shorts

Brown Leopard Shorts

Sometimes, women are in the mood to be dominated, subdued, and conquered…sexually speaking, of course. If it’s time to reclaim your control in the marriage bed and show your partner exactly who’s the boss then how about wearing this underwear and channel the fierce strength, power, and grace of a leopard into your sex life?

Roar with passion as you climb stealthily over your partner’s body in this sexy pair of nylon underwear. With the Brown Leopard Shorts on, you’ll feel as aggressive as you can be and your partner will find it incredibly exciting to surrender to your needs!

Whichever underwear you choose, just remember to wear it with utmost confidence and to match its spectacular appearance with an even more spectacular performance in bed!

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