Lover’s Tenga Egg

Lover’s Tenga Egg

So, maybe your love has said that he doesn’t want something all soft and cute with little hearts all over it for Valentine’s Day. He might want to rethink that…

Tenga, a popular manufacturer of sex toys for men, has come out with a special edition egg for Valentine’s Day, the Tenga Egg Lover’s Special Holiday Edition. This cute, compact, squishy TPE masturbation sleeve just might make the perfect festive little Valentine’s Day present for your lover. It comes with everything you’ll need, inside a plastic egg shell with a shrink-wrap wrapper.

Open the shell, and there’s a soft egg sleeve. Inside the egg sleeve, there’s a plastic tube containing a little packet of lube. Unfortunately, the lube contains parabens. Methylparaben, to be exact. That can easily be switched out for another bottle of water-based lube.

They’re designed to be small and discreet. Who would assume something that looks like an Easter egg would house a masturbation sleeve? Still, people might wonder why you have a plastic egg in your pocket (if they don’t assume the bulge is something else *ahem*), laying around somewhere (after Easter time, with or without the heart wrapper on it), in the fridge, etc… Of course, I suppose you could just pretend you’re eccentric… For more info visit our friends from

The Basics

Material: phthalate-free TPE

This material is porous and will harbor bacteria. These are not fit for sharing between partners.

Lube: Water-based and silicone-based are fine.

Lube Ingredients: water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, hydroxyethylcellulose, methylparaben

Size: About 2.5” Don’t worry, it’s really stretchy.

Cleaning: I would just use soap and warm water. Toy cleaner or toy wipes might be alright, though.

Storage: Make sure your Lovers Tenga Egg is thoroughly dry before sealing it back up in its plastic egg. Keep it away from extreme heat and cold, and out of direct sunlight. It will attract ever bit of lint, hair, and anything it comes in contact with. That being said, be sure to store it in the plastic shell.

Packaging: The Lovers Tenga Egg comes in a plastic egg with a wrapper that’s easily peeled off. It has some pictures of hose to use it, the ingredient list for the lube that is included, and some information about the distributors.

J-List ships from Japan, which means customs forms on the package. You don’t have to worry about anyone knowing there’s a sex toy inside, though. The customs forms just say “novelty item”.


No, I won’t even try a lube with parabens in it for the sake of a review. My husband’s and my health come first. That being said, I can’t really give you any opinion on the lube provided, other than there is only enough for one use, and I don’t feel comfortable using it. I advise you to click on the various ingredients to see their safety ratings.

The Lovers Tenga Egg is very squishy and stretchy. With all the texture it has, that’s definitely a good thing. The hearts are raised enough to provide a wonderful texture, but are also squishy enough so that they don’t start to cause irritation during extended periods of use. We’ve had a couple other Tenga Eggs, and he seems to prefer this one.

It’s crystal clear, and I can see my husband’s penis right through it. Of course, I can see all the heart designs on the inside, too. I think we’re to the point where we prefer clear sleeves, because of the visuals for him (I’m always the one working the sleeves we have. He never masturbates with them. To put it simply, he’s spoiled.).

My Vagina Likes Tenga Eggs

So, I decided to turn the Lovers Tenga Egg inside out and use it as a cock sleeve on my husband. Of course, it really only covered the head of his penis. It was interesting trying to get him in with that thing on. We found out that, apparently, my g-spot loves lots of squishy texture. We’ve tried this with other sleeves, but this one really hit the spot. It stayed on for the duration of sex but, when he pulled out, it didn’t come out. My vagina ate the egg; to which my reply was insane laughter because, let’s face it, it was funny. It eventually did come out.

If you decide to try this, don’t worry, it won’t get lost inside of your vagina. However, Tenga Eggs are not condoms, and shouldn’t be used as such. Also, don’t put this in your butt or on anything that will be going in your butt.

Side Note: Tenga Eggs, when turned inside-out, make a great textured sleeve for the head of massage wands.


The directions are after the promo with all the cute little chickies.

Methods of Stimulation

The first way is to let air be trapped in it (which can be tricky) with the main stimulation coming from the opening of the egg rubbing against the ridge where head of the penis meets the shaft. It feels similar to a pair of lips being there. Stimulation also comes from the head hitting the top of the egg with every stroke down the shaft. Grasp the base of the egg along with the shaft, and the egg bobs up and down sort of blow job style. This can either be done by yourself, or with a little help from a partner.

Another method is to squeeze all the air out, creating a vacuum (this creates a feeling more like a vagina rather than a blow job), which my husband prefers and is much easier to do. This way, the head is making complete contact with the egg, meaning more stimulation.

Since the Lovers Tenga Egg is so small and easy to use, I’m free to use my other hand to give my husband additional stimulation.

Can it Be Re-used?

Well, that depends on who you ask. Tenga says on their website that it should only be used once and discarded. What a waste letting it end up in a landfill after one use…

Tenga Eggs can be reused, but may last for only a few uses. They are designed to be washed with soap and warm water. There’s no reason not to keep using it until it goes kaput.

To make it last longer, you may want to pinch the tip of the egg before you place it over the penis, much like putting on a condom. This will help to prevent tearing and damage. The rougher you are with this, the shorter its lifespan will be.

Keep in mind that, since the material is porous, it could harbor bacteria and start to smell. Make sure you clean and dry it thoroughly. To help prevent this, you could also wear a condom during use.


While it’s not going to last forever, the Tenga Egg Lover’s Special Holiday Edition is cute, festive, and gets the job done. My husband and I both love the texture, and I now have another little plastic egg to set out at Easter. We’ve used it about 4 times now, if you want to count the hungry vagina incident, and it seems to be holding up fairly well, aside from a slight bulge near the top.

Since they’re special edition, I’m not sure how long J-List will have them in stock. I’m assuming it’s just a seasonal thing for Valentine’s Day.

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