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Crystal Chic Wand

Another Sexpert assignment from Cal Exotics. The Crystal Chic Wand is made from Velvet Cote (a phthalate-free) material and is studded with genuine crystals to give it a more elegant look. It features one touch activation of 3 levels of vibration.

On low, the battery will last 12.5 hours.

On medium, the battery will last 9 hours.

On high, the battery will last 6 hours.

Not that you’d need it to last that long in one sitting, but it’s nice to know in general how long the battery will last.


Well, my first thought about the Crystal Chic Wand was that it would be great to stimulate my hubby’s perineum during intercourse. My short little arms can’t always reach the proper spot, so this is a great way to fix that. Spooning is always fun, so we got into position and I tried to position the wand in the right spot. He was able to position it so that it was hands-free for both of us. And because of the angle I had it bent at, the crystal embedded end was in just the right place to give me some nice clitoral stimulation. It was almost like turning him into a rabbit vibe. That was nice for both of us.

Also, if you can bend it just right, you can have the end of the Crystal Chic Wand vibrate your clit while the beads are in your bum.

As for having it in during penetration, the vibes could be felt by my hubby, too.

FYI:When it says that you need to keep the cap closed tightly, it means it. At first, I just thought my battery was dying. I took it out and put in a new one. Still the same pathetic whisper of a buzz. I was starting to wonder if I had a bad wand. I looked at the sticker again and figured I must not have it tight enough and that was it. You really have to screw it on as tight as you can get it to make it work properly.

“Our design team outdid themselves on this one,” observed CalExotics VP/Sales, Jackie White. “The elegance and beauty of the embedded jewels and powerful high-tech motor are a winning combination….and the fact that the graduated shaft pulls apart easily for cleaning makes it as easy to maintain as it is to use.”

Easy cleaning, eh? I’ll have to disagree with that one. Although the Crystal Chic Wand comes with a small slip of paper that details cleaning instructions, I find that it is difficult to sanitize it properly. The problem lies within the beads. Many of the beads are hollow and can easily harbor bacteria even after the wand has been lengthened to clean it. (Unless you have one of those special bendy brushes that look like pipecleaners, it will be hard to clean the cavities of the beads. ) Especially since it’s difficult to dry out the hollow beads. You just have to let them slowly air dry. The problem is, bacteria likes dark wet and unclean places, i.e. the wet spaces in the hollow beads.

So how do I keep it clean?

I’d suggest putting a condom or toy cover over the Crystal Chic Wand before you use it. I would recommend a condom, since I know that stretches far enough. I’m not sure a toy cover would. Boiling just the wand part would sanitize it, but that’s not a good idea for the material that the wand is made of. A diluted solution of bleach may be a good idea, though.

Material: EdenFantasys says “plastic”, but it’s really composed of ABS and PU Cote. It’s phthalates-free.

Lube: Cal Exotics recommends a water-based lube since the product is composed of PU Cote. Lubricants are must have sex accessories – find your own water-based lubricant here!

Waterproof: Yes.
Packaging: No problems. Comes in a plastic box. Be sure to recycle your packaging!
Length:11 1/2″
Insertable length:7 1/4″
Circumference: 3″
Diameter: 7/8″
Weight: 0.4 lb
Batteries: One AA (not included)
Vibration Level: 3/5 Average low, medium, and high settings.
Noise Level: 4/5 Since some of the beads are hollow, they can rattle around quite a bit depending on what angle you’ve bent the wand into and what intensity you have the vibration on.

Pros: No raunchy packaging! No phthalates, easy one-touch activation, long-lasting battery, easily bent, powerful vibes throughout the whole wand, pretty crystals for those of us who have a shiny complex, waterproof

Cons: Could possibly harbor bacteria due to the fact that it can be hard to clean. This is easily remedied by putting a condom on it, though.

You can register your Crystal Chic Wand at Vibetronics! All you need is the code above the UPC label that looks like this SE-0000-00-0

You can get the Crystal Chic Wand from EdenFantasys along with lots of other sex toys, lubes, and lingerie!

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