Kama Sutra and Sexual Energy

176aae9ed9e9a7c8858e448f20ea955fWhen discussing Kama Sutra, the first thing you’re likely to think is “lots of different sexual positions”. While the Kama Sutra is about sex and enjoying it in various positions, it’s also about the sexual energy within each of us. Guess where you can find it.

The Kama Sutra isn’t just about 101 sex positions – it’s about sexual energy as the creator of all life being worthy of worship, as a general guide to the sexual side of life.

There have been countless editions, variations, derivatives and versions of the Kama Sutra printed since its creation over 2000 years ago and while a lot of the ones we get in English translations share only the famous list of positions, there is also something very important about the Kama Sutra – it teaches that sex and sexual energy is sacred.

Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is the creator of every living thing. While I haven’t read even a shoddy translation of the Kama Sutra cover to cover, in my part time reading of various different books that touch on Kama Sutra, this is what I have gleaned. The sexual energy we have within us is a sacred thing, as is sex. Therefore, sex should be considered a sacred act and similarly our lovers genitals should be considered sacred as the living shrine to sexual energy.

My interpretation of my Kama Sutra readings is that our genitals, in sexual activity, should be given respect and are worthy of worship. I love this idea, especially when you consider the importance of a man’s rising cock, balls, semen and a woman’s flowering vulva, vagina and the eggs kept within her. We should respect our genitals, capable of bringing so much pleasure and of bringing life, but also we should pay homage to our partners’.

Worshiping Your Partner’s Genitals

It is important to show respect for your partner and their sexual organs in two ways. Firstly by setting aside time to really enjoy the pleasures of arousing the passion in yourself and your partner, to give pleasure and to receive pleasure, to share love through stimulation of each other’s sexual pleasure centers.

Secondly, by respecting non-sexual time as exactly that.

Building Sexual Energy

When you are ready to take the time to arouse your and your partners sexual energy, you can start with massage to bring the body’s energy to the sexual centers, you can spend some time breathing together and getting your bodies in tune with each other without direct genital contact or stimulation.

When you both feel ready, she should ask permission to touch his cock and he should ask permission before he touches her vulva. This isn’t about power; this is about honoring each other’s pleasure organs as holders of the energy of life and giving these parts of our bodies the respect they deserve.

Asking Permission

Why is this important? By ensuring we respect our partners and that they are ready at this stage of a sexual union, it makes us more aware of our partner. Quite often during sex we lose ourselves in our own pleasure and forget about our partner. Being more aware of our partner’s pleasure can result in a more rewarding sexual experience all-round.

And besides all that, it does feel really nice when your lover asks to touch you or go down on you. It reminds you of how special sex and our sex organs are.

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