Sensual Massage Kits to Enhance Married Sex

Treasure Trove Gift Tin Sensual Kit of Kama Sutra

Are you looking for a way to enhance married sex? If it’s your first time to consider using anything besides delectable body parts to stimulate each other, how about giving sensual massage kits a try?


Compared to other sexual enhancement products available in the market, sensual massage kits are certainly more affordable and one that could also last several night’s uses…but it depends on how much you have fun with it.


Contrary to popular belief, not all sexual enhancement products are blatantly sexual or sold only in erotica shops. Sensual massage kits, for instance, don’t even have the word ‘sensual’ emblazoned on its box at all times. Some of them can even be purchased from your department store or local beauty boutique.

Easy to Use

There is no complicated sex position to try. There are no buttons or switches to operate in order to make this work. Sensual massage kits work the same way basic massage kits do – get oiled and start rubbing. Now, as to what you use to rub, how you rub, and where you rub…well, that’s another story.

All-Around Purpose

Sensual massage kits are good for all kinds of sexual activities. You can use them for foreplay – especially when you purchase the edible types. But you could also use them while having intercourse. Sex can be pretty amazing when you and your partner are slick and sleek because of massage oils.

Top Sensual Massage Kits for Your Pleasure

Now that you’ve been properly educated of the various reasons why sensual massage kits are popular with marriage couples, it’s time to choose a product to buy. To help you make this all-important decision, here are a couple of highly recommended products that are worthy of your review.

Treasure Trove Gift Tin Sensual Kit of Kama Sutra

Treasure Trove Gift Tin Sensual Kit of Kama Sutra

Here’s a tip: if the product is made by Kama Sutra then expect a wildly exotic night ahead. The colors of the sensual massage oils are vibrant and remind you of cocktail drinks and the varying shades of the Mediterranean skies during sunset. The honey dust powder is contained in a silky pouch, and it’s sure to remind you of pixie dust. Who knows? A little sprinkle of it could create magic in the bedroom. Also included in the kit is a feather duster, which you’ll use to apply the powder. Wear a slave or French maid costume and with the duster in your hand, you’ve just made your husband’s dreams of a harem come true.

The pleasure balm comes with an irresistibly sweet scent that could take you and your partner away in a paradise of your own.
As for the oil of your love – you have the privilege to choose among raspberry, strawberry, and tangerine. Apply it to your skin and you’ll regain the smoothness and texture of youthful skin. Use it to massage your husband’s stressed muscles and you’ll have him moaning in no time.

All these are delightfully packaged in a treasure trove tin can with an authentic Oriental design – a gift fit for his royal sultan and his beautiful concubine.

Weekender Sensual Kit by Kama Sutra

Weekender Sensual Kit by Kama Sutra

Of course, if you don’t have much time to spare but you’d still like to give your partner a night – or a moment – to remember then the Weekender Sensual Kit, also from Kama Sutra, would be more than adequate for your needs.
It comes with an assortment of balms, oils, and edible goodies to serve all your sensual needs.

Contour I + Beyond Euphoric Sensory Set Sensual Kit by JimmyJane

Contour I + Beyond Euphoric Sensory Set Sensual Kit by JimmyJane

If you want something a bit more modern – and naughtier – then you’ll probably enjoy greater sensual delights with the Contour I kit from JimmyJane.

The Contour I is a pristine white tool designed with rounded contours for a smooth and relaxing application during massage. But before you use the Contour I, make sure you rub some Beyond Euphoric cream onto your partner’s body. No inch of your partner’s body must be spared!

Beyond Euphoric cream is glycerin and paraben free, making it safe to use but not to eat. It works mainly as a moisturizer but it also has aromatic properties. It is made from a combination of ingredients such as ylang ylang oil, rose root extract, coconut oil and extract, safflower seed oil, and several vitamins that will make your sensual play not just fun but healthy as well.

After the relaxing massage, you can also use the Contour I for foreplay. But we won’t talk about that here. It’s better to let you explore your imagination and see how things turn out.

Carnal Pleasures Collection Sensual Kit of Shunga Erotic Art

For those who don’t know, Shunga is the Japanese word used to describe 16th to 18th century erotic paintings and Shunga Erotic Art draws its inspiration from these exquisite works of art to create their impressive line of intimate moment products. If you believe that sex is not only an expression of love but also a form of art then the Carnal Pleasures Collection is your first step to being a connoisseur of physical pleasure.

The sensual kit contains a comprehensive array of products to bring your lovemaking to new heights. The Soft Moves massage cream will serve as your appetizer for the night ahead with its pleasantly arousing fragrance and delectable flavor. Add a bit of your cold-pressed erotic massage oil and you and your partner can stimulate each other in levels you have never experienced.
Next is the Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac oil, which is best used for intimate areas and erogenous zones to make sure that the pleasure of your climax will be like no other.

No doubt you and your partner are getting too excited so it’s time to be more playful and slow things down by using the feather tickler to apply some Sweet Snow edible powder, which comes in mint and cherry flavors.

Lastly, use the desensitizing balm to make sure that your pleasure lasts as long as you want it.

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