How to Tickle Your Way to an Orgasm

Playful Tickler

Tickling is one of the most underrated sexual activities and this is unfortunate because many couples with sexual problems could have benefited from it. Tickling is an activity that requires actual contact with a particularly sensitive area in a person’s body. Sexual tickling could be a trigger for arousal or be part of foreplay. In a lot of cases, tickling is also applied as a mild form of torture between BDSM-loving couples.

What to Use for Sexual Tickling

When you tickle somebody, you typically use your hands to do it. That could do just as well when it comes to sexual tickling but if you want to enjoy more satisfactory results then consider using your tongue, a tickler…or all of the above!

Recommended Ticklers for Sex

If it’s your first time to use a tickler then here are a number of well-recommended products to add to your growing collection of erotic toys.

Starburst Fantasy Feather Tickler

Starburst Fantasy Feather Tickler

This is one of a series of ticklers released by Sportsheets, one of the leading manufacturers of erotic products. The tickler’s fancy name is a perfect match for the tickler’s fanciful appearance. It is offered in a wide variety of colors – black, brown, grape, red, rose, and violet – and comes with two types of feathers to offer dual purpose action.

Besides its very affordable price and multipurpose stimulation, the Starburst Fantasy Feather tickler is also a popular favorite among couples because of its easy-grip plastic handle. No matter how sweaty your palms get, this tickler won’t slip out of your grasp, keeping you effectively in control during BDSM plays.

Ostrich Feather Tickler

Ostrich Feather Tickler

This Sportsheets tickler comes in shades of teal, red, purple, burgundy, blue, and black. Its exotic appearance makes it great for costumed roleplaying between the sheikh and concubine.

Whipper Tickler

Whipper Tickler

Another product from Sportsheets, the Whipper Tickler has a dual-headed whip and comes in varieties of pink, black, and red. Just one look at it and you know it’s been designed for the masterful use of a dominatrix. Of course, whether you’re up to the challenge is a different matter altogether.

The length of its plastic shaft is more than sufficient for most couples, ensuring a slip-free grip for all kinds of activities. You can use it to flip from one side to another, depending on your mood. If you’re feeling merciful and your slave has done a good job pleasing you then it’s the tickler for him or her. But if your slave needs a little negative reinforcement, it’s time to punish your slave with a little whipping.

The whip head is made of several rubber tails, which allows for soft and tender caresses as well as hard and sharp lashes.

The Whipper Tickler is also latex and phthalates free as well as made of food-grade and hypo-allergenic materials, making it safe to use with any oral applications.

Fluffer Tickler

Fluffer Tickler

Our last product from Sportsheets is another fantasy tickler: the aptly named Fluffer. As you can guess outright, this tickler works best with a little fluffing and by that, we mean letting the tips and sides of your tickler flutter against your spouse’s body before hitting the most vulnerable spots and causing them to swell beautifully in response.

Playful Tickler

Playful Tickler

Finally, we have the Playful Tickler from Cal Exotics. This company largely owes its success to the fact that it’s one of the few erotic companies out there which is owned and operated by a female (suffice to say, she’s healthily in touch with her sexual side). It’s why all Cal Exotic products excel in producing sexual satisfaction for its female customers. Besides ensuring all products answer the needs of the female psyche, Cal Exotics also prioritizes use of quality materials and state of the art technology to continuously ensure sexual climaxes all over the world.

The Playful Tickler is most suitable for couples who are trying out sexual tickling or BDSM for the first time. The idea of slapping and pinching – as well as getting slapped and pinched – is understandably alarming for both of you so if you want to start things slow, you could do so with the Playful Tickler. It’s just as tortuous but it’s a lot safer and painless to use during foreplay.

Tips for Using Your Tickler

Now that you’re armed with the best tickler, it’s time to learn a few tricks of the trade.

Blindfold your partner.

This will prevent your partner from guessing where you’ll come from and what your next target area is. Also, remember that anticipation in itself is stimulation and any additional stimulation never hurts. If there’s no way to blindfold your partner then switch off all lights until the whole room is plunged into darkness. Yes, it’s going to be tough for you as well, but don’t worry you’ll manage.

Start with overall caresses.

Avoid the ticklish zones of your partner’s body and focus on overall caresses first. Let your tickler brush against your partner’s skin all over. Choose random places. It doesn’t matter where because the sensation will be just as sensitive anywhere.As you make your move, try to keep quiet. Breathe evenly and keep your movements slow and steady to avoid any rustling noise.

Keep it light.

Later, you can torture your partner more with relentless tickling but for now, it’s best to keep things light and fun. Switch the tickler from one hand to the other so that your muscles won’t inadvertently ache.

Use hands and mouth.

Put your tickler to rest – just for a while – and resume with “normal” foreplay using your hands and mouth. Linger on kissing the most erogenous zones of your spouse’s body.

Now do both!

And for your final devastating move that will keep your spouse moaning for more, resume use of your tickler without stopping your oral assault. For husbands, you can stimulate the breasts while applying the tickler to your wife’s G-spot. As for wives, you can perform fellatio on your man while applying the tickler to his balls.

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