Review of the Naughty or Nice Reversible Plush Santa Hat

Nice Reversible Plush Santa Hat

If you want a cute Santa hat, but you want to only show your naughty or nice side to certain people, the Naughty or Nice Reversible Plush Santa Hat by Leg Avenue is a great find. It’s soft, comfy, and let’s me look as innocent as an angel or hints that I wouldn’t mind getting down and dirty under the mistletoe. It was too cute to pass up, and I figured I could have some fun with it.


There isn’t much to the packaging. It just came in a clear PVC bag. There are some basic warnings about safety, concerning the bag. Those warnings are given in several languages and are printed in black ink right on the bag.

On the front of the tag, which was attached to the hat, there is an image of the model wearing the hat and details including the style/model number, size, product name, and name of the manufacturer. The back of the tag has some of the same information as the front, but also includes material information, care instructions, and the contact information for the manufacturer.

Nice Reversible Plush Santa Hat

EdenFantasys always ships discreetly. No package that I’ve received from them has ever had any information about the contents written on the package, and the company name is nowhere to be found. What you’ll see for the return address is “Web Merchants”. Your postal worker, neighbors, etc. will be none the wiser.

Material – 100% Polyester

Since it’s more or less a novelty item, I was afraid that the material on this hat might end up being rather thin and cheap. It’s actually very nice and thick, though, and I can’t see the base below the fur, like I was afraid of.

The red part has a shorter nap, and is smooth and about the thickness of a typical t-shirt (That doubles up, though, because of the reversibility.). The pompom and white rim are what the typical stuffed animal feels like, in my opinion. I wouldn’t say that the hat sheds, but brushing the white part may make it shed a little. I’ve had a little come out while I was cleaning it, nothing major, though. The entire hat is soft and fuzzy, with the white rim and pompom being thicker. None of the material used to make this hat stretches at all.


  • Diameter of Opening: 12”
  • Circumference of Opening: approx. 24”
  • Length of Hat (Not Turned Double, Excluding Pompom): 18.5”
  • Width of White Rim: 3.75”

This hat is a one-size-fits-all. If your head measures more than 24” around, you’re out of luck. My head is 21”, and my husband’s head is 24”.

Nice Reversible Plush Santa Hat

Design / Construction

When I had bought this, there really wasn’t much information on how exactly this could be reversed. So, I was curious to see how it would work out. The hat is almost like two hats sewn together. You just flip the white rim to whatever side you want and tuck that part of the hat in. It’s easily reversed, and there are no tags to make it look like you’ve got it with the wrong side out.

Each reversible side has a word embroidered in black thread to designate that side as “naughty” or “nice”. The “nice” side has a little heart instead of the dot over the “i”, and there’s a halo over the “n”. On the “naughty” side, you’ll find the tail of the “y” in the shape of a devil’s tail.

If you have the “nice” side flipped out, nobody has to know that you’re “naughty” underneath. It may be just a smidge of kink, but it’s kind of fun to have a naughty little secret underneath.


The construction of this hat looks pretty solid. I’ve checked over all the seams and haven’t found any gaps. There are no loose strings, and none of the stitching is visible. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the quality. Even the embroidery looks professionally done. The material looks like it should hold up fairly well over the years. Since it has shed slightly on me, I’m not sure how much wear and tear would start to make it go bald.

Fit / Wear

I’m just really petite in general, so it fits my head well. The only problem is, I have to pull it down a decent amount on my head to get the writing to show if you were to look at me straight on. With my husband, that’s not the case. However, he’s a big man with a big head. I can barely get this around his noggin, and it’s a pretty tight fit.

So, since I’m the only one it really fits, I’m the only one that wears it. It’s nice and warm. I’ve found it to be very comfortable, and it’s easy to style the little dangly ball wherever I want it to stay at. If you want the hat to have a little more body, don’t fully reverse it, just kind of stuff the other half inside, and it’ll look more puffy.

Cleaning / Care

This hat is to be washed by hand in cold water. Do not put it in the washer/dryer. I got lazy and made that mistake. So, now my hat is covered in dryer lint that I’ve had to remove with packing tape. Most of it is off, but I’m still going at it. Let this hat drip dry. Do not iron it. Use non-chlorine bleach only when needed.


The PVC bag that it came in really isn’t suitable for storage. I’d say just lay it in a drawer, chest, or wherever you think it would be safe. I would keep it out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time to avoid fading the brilliant red.


This is such a cute and versatile hat. My only complaint is that it’s not suitable for a trip through the washer/dryer. I really wish I would have followed the instructions, but I got in a hurry. It’s still a great hat, aside from lint that got stuck on it from the dryer. I’ll just have to keep working on that. If you treat it right, this hat could last for quiet a few years. The quality of the material used is nice, and the construction looks flawless.

So, I’ll be wearing the “nice” side out to everyone else, and the “naughty” side out to my husband this Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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