Kiss and make up with your man

keep-calm-and-kiss-and-makeupLet’s face it: Couples often argue from the pettiest stuff to a serious issue. Difference in opinion will lead to conflict. You want to kiss and make up afterwards but don’t know how to begin cause you might say or do something wrong. But who wants to fight all the time? Here are some handy hints on how to kiss and make up with your man.

First – Before you start the nagging, take a step back and look at the situation from a different point of view. Sometimes we become tangled up in our irritation over the inability of our guy to comprehend where issues are stemming from, that we fail to see things from his own angle.

Anger they say blows out the lamp of the mind. Give the situation time to cool down and then view all options you have in making your relationship work. By learning to stop, look and listen, you’ll be calmer, more composed and ready to approach your guy, this way he won’t go into defensive–aggressive mode to you either.

Second – Since you’re the girlfriend, you know which approach will work best to reach that mutual understanding between you and him. Try to propose a schedule or a particular setting where the purpose is for a man to listen to his partner’s feelings and understanding her needs. If your guy reluctantly accepts your invitation, bring up the matter cautiously, but firmly.

If your guy appears to be agreeable but still wary, be sweet and gentle. Figure out what sort of approach can you be able to communicate with him effectively. Just as you know which button to push to annoy the hell out of him, you also know how to woo him back.

Third – Don’t expect your guy to know what’s on your mind all the time. Making the relationship work is having an honest, open communication with your man. Though being honest does not generally mean that you have to be brutally frank. You must learn how to share your feelings and needs without resentment.

John Grey, author of Mars and Venus on a date mentioned about man’s and women’s needs in a relationship. The Male Primary Needs are to be loved, accepted, appreciated and trusted. The Female Primary Needs are to be loved, cared for, understood and respected. Fourth – The vital ingredient to kiss and make up with your man is compromise.

Convince your guy that both of you need to reach a resolution to avoid going through the same argument over and over again. To find balance, a person needs to understand, accept, appreciate and respect both sides of him or herself. Though, don’t let yourself do all the work because it’s not considered a compromise, that’s sacrifice.

As long as love is there, the willingness to adjust and make leeway for changes that will benefit both of you to kiss and make up. The bond of your relationship gets much stronger when you kiss and make up with your man. Fifth – Don’t expect your man to change overnight just as you can’t transform yourself into his ideal type of woman.

Once you start resenting your guy for his failures, try to recall why you fell in love with him in the first place. You’ll discover that the thing you most hate about him right now is actually one of the reasons why you started liking him. You have to cope with how your man is, and vice versa.

It’s doesn’t mean lowering your expectations, but accepting him for who he is. If you suppress your control freak tendencies and be honest with your guy, you easily won’t have any major problems when you argue with him and you’re very well on your way to kiss and make up with your man.

October 14th, 2016 by