House of Dreams

house-of-dreamsMelody came down the stairs, which were carpeted in red velvet today, better than yesterday’s white fur, which had been treacherous and slippery underfoot. A busty woman dressed in a frilly, short French maid’s outfit waved her feather duster along a low table in a desultory way, and Melody briefly felt sorry for her — the Master’s interest in maids had been waning for a while now, and the bevy of aproned beauties didn’t have much to do.

Melody checked a couple of likely-looking doors until she found the one where the wardrobe room was hiding today, and stepped into the long low space with its ranks of lingerie-hung rolling racks and triptych of full-length mirrors.

“I need help dressing,” she said, and a handmaiden appeared from among the racks, a young woman with small breasts and red hair cut boyishly short, wearing only a silver chain collar around her throat, with silver rings in her nipples and labia; the latter were hung with little tinkling bells. “You’d be nice to do a scene with,” Melody said. The handmaiden was a good contrast to the taller Melody’s bigger breasts and long dark hair. “I bet you wriggle beautifully.” The handmaiden ducked her head, embarrassed or flattered — Melody had the highest status of any of the women and men here in the Master’s house, and her attention could lead to great pleasure. Melody considered hooking her fingers under the handmaiden’s collar and slipping the fingers of her other hand into the woman’s silver-belled cunt, but the act wouldn’t even penetrate the Master’s consciousness — the wardrobe room was invisible to him.

“The red latex,” Melody said. That was her usual outfit, shed last night for an ambitious shower scene in a locker room upstairs, where she’d lathered up with a bevy of soccer-playing Brazilian women, groping and kissing and sucking on one another until the Master pushed Melody down to the slick, hard tile floor and fucked her in the ass while the others continued making out for his amusement. It had been a good scene.

The handmaiden powdered Melody’s skin and helped her into the skin-tight, wine-red latex bodysuit. An oval opening exposed Melody’s breasts, and the bodysuit was also crotchless and left her ass bare, so the Master could reach all her most delectable parts, leaving the rest of her sheathed in clinging latex, except her bare hands, and her feet in matching high-heeled boots. A snap in back closed a band of latex around her throat, and a silver ring hung in front, so the Master could leash her at will.

The handmaiden looked up at her, and Melody leaned down to kiss the petite woman, biting her lower lip a little and making her gasp. “Maybe I’ll come back later,” Melody said, and flicked the ring in the maiden’s right nipple. “Right now I have a scene.”

She left the wardrobe room, and went back into the mansion proper — which was vast enough to contain dark alleys, tropical islands, and dense woods when necessary — and headed toward the parlor, her latex suit hugging her deliciously, the cool air on her nipples, cunt, and ass making her feel open and available and, even after all these years, titillatingly dirty.

As she approached the parlor, she heard a man say, “That’s right, you’re going to suck all these cocks.”

Melody frowned. The action shouldn’t start without her. The scenes often had plenty of other people involved, but she was the Master’s longtime dream-slut, the perfect vision he most preferred to embrace and debase by turns.

She reached the open doors of the parlor — and stopped, unable to enter. The barrier was nothing so gauche as an invisible wall, just an inability to go inside, just as she was unable to wiggle her ears or stop her heart from beating. Crossing her arms over her chest, feeling defensive for the first time since her creation, Melody watched the new girl in the parlor.

She was struggling, but not too effectively. A blonde, not as tall as Melody, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, dressed in sexy-schoolgirl garb. Her breasts strained against the tight white shirt, buttons pulled taut, almost to the point of popping, and her tiny blue-and-white checked skirt didn’t even reach mid-thigh. White knee socks covered part of her long, tan legs, and she wore polished, improbably high-heeled Mary Janes on her feet.

“You’ve got a lot of dicks to suck,” one of the men said. “I hope you’re ready to spend some time on your knees.”

There were six men — the Master was bisexual, at least a little bit, and he liked group scenarios — and they were smooth-chested, with the blandly pretty faces of underwear models, clothed in gray boxer-briefs. Two of the men had the girl by her arms, half-dragging, half-carrying her to the center of the parlor, beside a white couch on a hardwood floor. Two handmaidens appeared from dark corners, wearing outfits of leather straps that cruelly bound up their breasts, and they knelt to strap kneepads onto the struggling blonde. Then the handmaidens faded back, and the men pushed the blonde down to her knees. The six men closed around her in a circle, and Melody had to shift a little to see what was happening. She let out a low moan when the men pulled down the waistbands of their underwear to let their erect cocks pop out. Melody loved nothing more than taking a cock in each hand, one in her mouth, one in her ass, and one in her cunt — the Master loved that scenario, and played it often — but now Melody was being denied her place in that sticky paradise.

One man held the blonde’s arms behind her back and while another unfastened the first few buttons on her shirt, exposing her tits — bit, firm, with pink nipples — and gave them a slap, making the girl squeal. Melody loved having her breasts slapped, and usually urged her tormentors to do it harder, but maybe the Master wanted a non-consensual scene this morning. As if Melody couldn’t play that role just as well as this blonde could. Everyone here was equally consensual and non, all the Master’s fantasies, living their own lives in his shifting mansion whenever they weren’t immediately in their Master’s thoughts.

The men slapped their cocks against the blonde’s cheeks, and she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to turn her face away. Then the Master appeared, and Melody’s heart fluttered and her cunt got wet, as always when he arrived. A tingle ran through her. The Master was beautiful — intense dark eyes, lean long body, strong hands, a beautiful big cock she longed to stroke and suck. Sometimes she wondered what he really looked like, if his body in the mansion was an accurate reflection, but it didn’t much matter, did it?

The fantasy men parted and let the Master approach the girl. “So pretty,” he said, his voice low and seductive. “Want to suck me off, Valerie?”

Melody moaned. Names were rare in the mansion. She had one, but none of the others did, at least, not consistently. Their names changed often, as did details of their faces and bodies. Most had no names at all, beyond slut and bitch and fucktoy and darling.

Valerie shook her head, and the Master nodded, then reached down quickly and seized both her nipples, tugging upward on her breasts. Valerie gasped, opening up her mouth, and the Master swiftly slid his cock between her lips. She reached up to push him away, but two other men seized her wrists and wrapped her fingers around their own cocks. “Suck me, and jerk them off,” the Master said, rocking his hips, pushing his cock in and out of Valerie’s mouth. “Maybe if you please us all with your tongue we won’t take turns banging your ass, hmm?” She still tried to pull away, and he grabbed her ponytail in one hand and cupped her chin with the other, holding her steady and fucking her face. Melody, watching, parted her own lips and slid a finger into her mouth, sucking her own flesh, aching with longing.

The Master pushed Valerie’s face down until her nose nestled in his pubic hair and his cock filled her mouth and surely pushed into her throat. “Pretty girl has a lot to learn,” he said. “Be good and I’ll let you breathe.” She made a noise. “Jerk those cocks,” he said, and she began sliding her hands up and down their shafts. The Master pulled his cock out, a string of spit connecting her lower lip to the head of his dick, and Valerie gasped for air. He fucked her mouth, almost meditatively, for another couple of minutes while she obediently stroked the other cocks. There were so many men in there — why wouldn’t the Master let Melody enter, and be entered?

“Grab your heels,” the Master said, and Valerie looked up at him, eyes wide, kneeling, her legs tucked under her. “Wrap your fingers around your heels,” he repeated, and she did. The Master beckoned, and the other men lined up, tugging their cocks as they waited, each taking a turn thrusting a few times into her mouth, holding her by the ponytail and pushing against the back of her throat, commenting appreciatively on the tears that came to her eyes; Melody’s own eyes watered in sympathy.

“Get on all fours,” the Master said, pulling her hair, and she obeyed, hands palms-down on the floor, ass sticking out. The Master smacked her ass hard, bringing a cry from Valerie, then flipped her skirt up to reveal a matching blue-and-white thong that did little to cover her up. He pulled the fabric aside and stuck his first two fingers into her cunt. “Pretty girl’s all wet,” he said, and as if that were a signal, the other men began groping her, reaching underneath to slap her swaying tits, sticking their fingers into her mouth.

“Fuck my hand,” the Master said, and when Valerie didn’t react, he laid full-palm slaps on each cheek of her ass. “Fuck it,” he said, and Valerie rocked back, pushing her cunt onto his fingers, moving against him. “Good slut,” he said, then removed his hand, knelt behind her, and slid his cock into her cunt. He grabbed her hips in his hands and pulled her back against him as he thrust forward, pounding her doggy style. He gestured, and one of the men knelt in front of her, shoving his cock into her mouth. “Stroke,” the Master said, thrusting. “Stroke, stroke, stroke,” and soon he was fucking her pussy in perfect tandem with the man fucking her mouth, each thrusting themselves deep on the “stroke.” Then the man in front pulled out his cock and Valerie dropped her head down, gasping. Without missing his own stroke, the Master reached out, seized her ponytail, and pulled, making her lift her face up. The man who’d been throat-fucking her jerked his dick until he spurted all over her face. Valerie squeezed her eyes shut, but couldn’t turn her head away with the Master’s grip on her hair.

Then the next man knelt before her, and pushed his own cock into Valerie’s mouth, as the last one’s come dripped down her chin. Melody wriggled and fingered herself. She was the mess slut, she loved being dirty, so why was the Master playing with this blonde instead?

“Stroke, stroke,” the Master said again, and so it went, until all six men had fucked Valerie’s mouth and shot come onto her face, and her arms and legs were visibly trembling from the effort of holding herself up. When the last man was done, the Master pulled his cock out and said “Kneel up,” tugging her hair as she sat back onto her knees. “Grab your heels again,” he said, and she whimpered, but did as he told her. For a moment, the Master just looked at her as come ran down her chin onto her tits, then he murmured, “So beautiful. Open your mouth.” She did, and he slid his dick in, almost lovingly, and fucked her mouth faster and faster until he moaned and said “Swallow it, swallow it all.” He seized her ponytail, when stiff, and Melody sighed, because she loved the feel of her Master’s hot come spurting against the back of her throat, and this little bitch Valerie didn’t seem to appreciate it at all.

“Good girl,” the Master said, withdrawing. “Later on we’ll break in your ass.”

Then the Master stepped back, and was gone. The other men eased into fresh shadows and disappeared as well. Valerie still knelt, blinking, smeared, trembling. Now Melody could enter the room, and suppressing her jealousy, she walked in, snapping her fingers for the leather-strapped handmaidens, who emerged bearing damp cloths and fluffy white towels.

“Welcome, Valerie. I’m Melody. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

“I — what?” Valerie said, but she took the rag offered and wiped the drying come off her face and tits. She rose unsteadily to her feet, and she was a beautiful creature, Melody had to admit — a sweet face that cried out to be kissed and slapped, gorgeous breasts, an ass that looked like it would turn beautifully pink under the whip. Melody buttoned up Valerie’s white shirt for her — it was damp, but that would fade — then reached down to tug at the strings on the side of Valerie’s thong, pulling them up so they showed over the waistband of her skirt. The Master liked that look in his trashy whores, and Melody refused to believe Valerie was anything else.

“Not bad,” Melody said, noting the taut tanned strip of belly revealed between the bottom of Valerie’s shirt and the top of her skirt. Melody walked around the still-dazed blonde, and saw the word “slut” tattooed in fancy script in the small of her back. “He’s put some thought into you,” Melody had to admit. “Let’s find you a room.” If Valerie was the Master’s new favorite, Melody would just have to work with that, seducing her in public places, maybe ass-fucking her with a strap-on, knowing such spontaneous scenes would enter the Master’s consciousness as brief images that he might want to give his full attention to later on, in a more complete fantasy. Melody wouldn’t simply let herself be replaced.

She reached down to take the new girl’s hand, but Valerie jerked away, startling the handmaidens into hiding. “Who the fuck are you?” Valerie said. “What is this place? I’ve got to get out of here!”

“Out of where?” Melody said.

Valerie looked at her like she was crazy. “I just got fucked by seven strangers. I need to get out of this house.”

“Rape scenes can be hard, especially if it’s your first,” Melody said sympathetically. “But it’s just the standard unwilling-slave-becomes-eager-cumslut arc. You can play the role just fine, I promise. I mean, you had an orgasm, didn’t you? The Master always wants us to enjoy it, if sometimes despite ourselves.”

Valerie flushed, and Melody knew she had enjoyed it, but Valerie said, “The Master? Look, I don’t know what kind of sick place this is, but I’m not willing. I was kidnapped, picked up from college, dressed up in this ridiculous outfit —”

“The scene is over,” Melody said, exasperated. “The Master’s not here anymore, he’s watching TV or running errands or working or who knows what, but you don’t have to play this part anymore.”

“Listen,” Valerie said, her eyes wide and intense. “You’ve been brainwashed or something. Maybe drugged. He must have kidnapped you, too.”

“Holy shit,” Melody said, suddenly understanding. “You think you’re real?” This was new. “Sweetie. You’re a sexual fantasy. Tits that big with a waist that narrow? Doesn’t happen in nature without some surgical intervention. The Master made you up, just like he did all the rest of us. You’re in the mansion of his mind. It’s not a bad life. Good food, lavish apartments, all the naked volleyball you want to play. He reads a lot, so there’s a big library. You’ll —”

“God, you’re crazy,” Valerie said, reaching down to pull off her heels. “I’m out of here.” She fled the room, barefoot.

Melody sighed. She’d never met a fantasy who thought she was real before. The Master had imagined her too well. At least this was something different. Maybe it would be entertaining. Melody went in search of Valerie.

Valerie tore off her kneepads, too, and threw them on the floor of the long hallway. This house — this mansion — was a maze with no exits in sight. Walking was hard, too, because her legs were tired from the forced positions. Her cunt felt wonderfully well-fucked, and her lips were deliciously swollen and tingly from all the dicks she’d been forced to suck, and she hated her own body for enjoying the gangbang so much. She was a nice girl, or at least, she had been, until she’d been abducted from — from — her mind skipped away from that thought, and she tried another door at random, and entered a room with mirrored walls. Was it some kind of dance studio? There were ballet bars along the walls, and a pile of mats in one corner. Valerie caught a glimpse of something on her back in one of the mirrors, and twisted to try and see the reflection, but couldn’t, quite.

“It’s the word ‘slut,” someone said. Valerie whirled around and saw Melody seated on the stack of mats. She seemed utterly at ease in her shiny red latex suit, her dark nipples erect, black hair cascading in waves to her pale shoulders, eyes blue and intense. Valerie didn’t know if this woman was a fellow victim or a collaborator with her kidnappers, but right now she was more concerned with the marks on her back. “Slut?” she repeated, horrified.

“A tattoo, in rather pretty script.” Melody shook her head. “Still think you were kidnapped?”

“They — they must have given me this tattoo after they took me.” How horrifying, to be branded a slut, when she was a victim!

Melody snorted. “Honey, tattoos take time to heal. You didn’t get that thing yesterday.”

“They must have drugged me,” she said, reaching down to tug the thong out of her ass a little. She would take the panties off entirely, but running around bare beneath this tiny skirt didn’t sound like a good idea either. “Listen, can you tell me where the exit is? If I can just get out, I’ll be okay.”

“You said you were a college student?” Melody said. “What college do you go to?”

“I —” She drew a blank. “I can’t remember. I must be in shock.”

“Okay, then what’s your major? No? Your last name? Where were you born? What’s your mother’s name? Do you have any siblings?”

“I have a twin sister!” Valerie said — it was the one answer she knew instantly.

Melody laughed. “Yeah, me too, sometimes. The Master likes the occasional sister act. What’s your twin’s name? Which one of you was born first?”

“She — I think —” Valerie’s head hurt. She felt like she was clawing at fog. “Her tattoo says ‘cunt’.”

“The Master doesn’t give us much backstory,” Melody said gently. “Most of the fantasies here are a little vague, a few details dressed up in sexy clothes. Some of us get more attention, he imagines us more fully and more often, and gives us names. You and me, we’re lucky. We have a lot of power here. He imagined you really well.” Melody’s voice had an edge in those last words.

“This is impossible,” Valerie says. “I’m just … traumatized.”

“What are your hobbies?” Melody said.

“Sucking cocks,” Valerie answered immediately, then gasped.

“Do you like taking it in the ass?” Melody said.

“Yes,” Valerie said softly. “But I like to be forced first.” These were certainties, some of the only ones in her mind. She shook her head. “I’m going crazy. This isn’t possible.”

Melody sighed. “I’ll give you proof, okay? Follow me.” Melody rose, all grace, and Valerie felt a sudden urge to kneel before her, hands clasped behind her back, and lick Melody’s exquisite shaved-bare pussy. She shook her head hard, as if to dislodge the sudden urge, but it didn’t help. Melody led her out of the room, down a hall. “The Master imagined me as a dominatrix first,” Melody said. “Scenarios where I flogged slave girls or wore a strap-on and fucked them, things like that. Then the Master would arrive and dominate me, and the other girls, to show us who was really the boss. He grew very fond of me, until I showed up in nearly all his fantasies. Sometimes at center stage, sometimes just to hand him whips or lead in the submissive girls or harness the ponygirls to the carts he likes to ride around the grounds in. You wanted an exit.” She opened a door like any other, and sunlight poured in. Valerie rushed out, into open air, looking for a road or gate, but saw nothing of the sort. Three women in wet t-shirts and scanty cutoff shorts were washing a red sports car, laughing and pausing frequently to splash one another. Eight women clad only in g-strings, sneakers, and knee-high socks played soccer on the large lawn, their breasts all large, firm, and bouncing. Other women lounged topless by a pool, and farther on two naked women stood on tiptoe, their arms tied over their heads to a tree limb, while another woman wearing black leather boots sprayed them with a water hose as they squealed and twisted in their bonds. A woman approached bearing a tray, chains running from her thick black collar to the corners of the platter, a serving girl in bondage. She had a gag in her mouth, and walked with tiny, gingerly steps. “She has on a butt-plug harness,” Melody said, nodding toward the serving girl. She took a tall glass of some tropical drink from the tray and waved the serving girl away. “Do you believe me now?” Melody said. “This is a fantasy land.”

“They … they could be drugged, hypnotized, or hookers, or gold-diggers,” Valerie said stubbornly. Melody sighed, and Valerie turned back and jerked open the door they’d come through, rushing inside.

She stood, disoriented, because the hallway was gone. She was in a classroom, with blackboards, rows of small desks, and a big teacher’s desk at the front of the room. Melody came in after her, the door clicking shut behind her, and when Valerie looked back the door was gone, with windows in its place.

“Twice in one morning?” Melody said. “He must have the day off. At least I’m here this time.”

Valerie frowned, then noticed a couple of blandly handsome men, not unlike the ones who’d violated her earlier, sitting in the back of the class. Where had they come from?

“Make out with me,” Melody said.


“Unless you want to be ass-fucked, which the Master promised you was next, come here and kiss me.”

Valerie nodded and went to Melody, who stood by the teacher’s desk. Melody was half a head taller than her, and she tilted back her head so Melody could kiss her. Valerie parted her lips to let Melody’s tongue in, and the feeling inside her was beautiful, like melting into sunlight. Melody’s arms enfolded her, and Valerie breathed in her scent, baby powder and lean skin, and she sighed and leaned into the embrace.

Without letting go of her, Melody took a few steps, turning in a circle so her back was turned to the classroom instead of Valerie’s. She kissed Valerie’s neck just below the ear, then whispered, “Slide your hands down to my ass and spread my cheeks open so they can see.” Valerie ran her hands down Melody’s latex-covered back, to her bare ass, and took hold. Melody’s high heels lifted her ass up and out, and Valerie pulled the cheeks apart, opening her up. She glanced past Melody’s shoulder and saw the men in the back of the room perk up and lean forward for a better view.

“Smack my ass,” Melody said, then went back to nuzzling her neck, sending little electric thrills through Valerie’s body. Valerie smacked, tentatively at first, then harder, and Melody gasped, then whispered, “Good, now kiss my breasts.” She turned to give the men a look at her profile, and Valerie gently took one of Melody’s hard nipples in her teeth and flicked it with her tongue while Melody ran her fingers through her hair. Without prompting, Valerie slid her fingers into Melody’s warm wet slit, hooked her fingertips up in hopes of finding the g-spot, and fingerfucked her. Melody pulled her up by the hair — Valerie didn’t mind it from her — and said, “Now bend me over the desk and play with my ass. Lube and toys are in the drawer.” Valerie realized that Melody was trying to spare her a hard ass-fucking by making the men pay attention to her instead, and said, “Yes ma’am.”

Melody stood in a wide-legged stance, looked back over her shoulder at the men in the back of the room, and leaned her upper body over the desk so her ass was pointed directly at the watchers. Valerie opened the desk drawer and found a pump bottle of lube and a big metal dildo that sat cold and heavy in her hand. She squirted lube onto Melody’s ass and slipped a slick finger inside her tight warm hole. Melody moaned and rocked, saying “Yes, yes, fuck my ass,” and so Valerie lubed the toy and worked it in. Melody gasped, at the cold, Valerie assumed, and Valerie slapped her ass, enjoying herself now, working the toy in and out as Melody tossed her hair and made short-breathed sounds of pleasure. The men were excited now, standing up, their clothes gone, their cocks hard. “Tell them to fuck me,” Melody said, and Valerie said, “Come fuck this whore.” She put the dildo aside.

One of the men stretched out on his back on the floor, and beckoned. Melody walked over, straddled him, and eased herself down on his cock. Valerie glanced at the other man, wondering if she should make herself available — but where had that thought come from? She was trying to avoid being used! But his eyes were fixed on Melody anyway. Melody straddled the other man as he reached up and played with her tits, tugging her nipples, squeezing and slapping her breasts as she rode him. Then he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her down, making him lay on top of him, her exposed ass now thrust up, still shiny with lube. He reached down and pulled her cheeks apart, and the other man came forward. He was, somehow, the Master now, and his slipped his cock into Melody’s ass. The two men double-fucked her, and she moaned and thrashed in pleasure as they pounded her in both holes.

Valerie suddenly felt very tired, and she sank back into an inviting shadow that offered an end to lust and worry, both.

Melody adjusted her schoolgirl skirt and tugged at her g-string until it pulled tight, running between the lips of her cunt and up the crack of her ass. She pulled on the knee-high white stockings, which were quite comfortable compared to her usual latex outfit. Her tight white t-shirt was cut off so short that it left the lower halves of her breasts exposed, only barely covering her nipples. The word “slut” was written on the t-shirt in black lowercase letters, centered between her tits. The Master’s tastes were changing, but Melody could change with them. She looked hot, now, in pigtails and pink lipstick, even if she did say so herself. She took a last admiring look at herself in the mirror, then gestured for the new handmaiden.

Valerie came forward, dressed only in a thin black leather collar. The Master hadn’t conjured Valerie into a fantasy since Melody had highjacked the classroom scene, but Melody had enough power here to keep Valerie from dissolving forever. It was nice to have someone else with a mind to talk to — Melody’s mouth was usually full when she spent time with the Master, so they didn’t chat much. And everything Valerie and Melody did together in the wardrobe room was hidden from the Master’s view, so there was no chance of him accidentally remembering Valerie, and deciding he liked her best after all.

“Do you still think you’re real?” Melody said.

“Yes,” Valerie answered. “But I like it here with you anyway.”

“You’ll be waiting for me here tonight?’ Melody said, caressing Valerie’s cheek. “Kneeling with your leash in your mouth?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Valerie whispered.

“Kneel and lick my cunt,” Melody said, pushing down on Valerie’s shoulders. “Do that thing with the tip of your tongue.” Melody made a happy sound, deep in her throat, as Valerie complied. “I need to get nice and wet before my next scene with the Master.”

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