Watch out for relationship killer

relationship-killerConflicts and arguments are a part of a relationship. It’s unavoidable, no matter how matured or well- aware you are of each other. But there are conflicts that can really shake your love affair. These conflicts can sometimes make you cut your losses and move on. These conflicts are a definite relationship killer if not handled well or done without compromise.

Friends and family are great allies but when they become the dark side of your union that’s when the trouble comes in. Whether you like it or not, you’re not the only person in her life. Her friends and family counts, too and when you cannot stand in one room with her best friend then you better think twice because there is no guarantee that she’ll take your side.

Another relationship killer is stress and anxiety. Stress like everything else cannot be avoided; all you need to do is to manage it appropriately but human as you are, stress can take its toll; it makes you irritated, exhausted and indifferent to your partner. One source of this relationship killer can be money, time, obligations and deep seated issues.

If you are not determined enough to go through your affair then you are not going to last. Being overwhelmed by stress can make you think that you are with the wrong person because of all the heavy load she brings in to your existence. Another definite relationship killer is the lingering ex.

A love – affair should be composed of two people alone, insert one person and mix them together and you’ve got a problem. If you’re partner has an issue about persistent suitors or lingering ex, its best that you stop entertaining them unless you really want to get rid of your partner.

Another relationship killer is too much familiarity. This is when the couple becomes comfortable with each other, way too comfortable. Its great to be friends and lovers at the same time but when the former becomes dominant than the other then you are heading downhill. This is when sex falls out of the plan and the next thing you know the other one acts like a parent and the other one a teenager with a raging hormone.

Another relationship killer is having different goals and ambition. It’s alright to aspire to succeed but when your partner doesn’t get your obsession to your dreams then you have a huge blockage in front of you. When your priorities are different from that of your lover, alienation happens, thus ending your union.

How to solve relationship problems depends upon your acknowledgment of the issue and your faith with each other. If you believe that you and you’re lover can make it through any adversity then you are up to last a lifetime.

October 16th, 2016 by