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Loving couple holdind on the hands and sunset

The first time was a mistake. I swear it. I was young and foolish and I tell myself I didn’t

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The first item I saw in the Icon Brands Fashionistas line was the Fashionistas Bunny Plug (small and large). One

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Are scabies and public lice the same thing? No, though they have several things in common. Both are parasites that

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So you’re about to have sex, and you’ve made the smart choice to ‘use a condom (aka rubber). In order

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It has been a fact that the major cause of divorce is the infidelity of the husband. We, women, react

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Unfortunately for most men, women are a pain in the ass when it comes to putting out. We are built

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When discussing Kama Sutra, the first thing you’re likely to think is “lots of different sexual positions”. While the Kama

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