Secrets to a lasting love

Cool-World-Holli-WouldIt is human nature to crave for companionship, so it’s no surprise when most singles dream of being in a relationship. Of course there are some who have a profound fear of commitment and stay with a partner for only a few months or years. But what most singles really dream of is meeting the one person whom they can be with for a lifetime of love.

Even those who are already in a relationship, albeit a chaotic one, still hope for the best and make every effort to spend their whole lives with their partner or spouse. Divorce rates may be high, but a lot of people want to avoid breaking up as much as possible, and so do their best to find a way to work out each other’s difficulties in order to have a lasting love.

Yet most people think that a lifetime relationship is distant and passionless; the scenario is always an old couple living under the same roof, barely talking to each other and having separate sleeping quarters. While this situation happens quite often, it doesn’t mean that all relationships will take this road.

There is always a way to have a lasting love filled with passion, but the road is never easy and requires tremendous courage and determination. Here are some important insights of what it takes to have a lifetime of love: Most couples tend to think that a relationship is ok when they are always happy and comfortable.

However, when difficulties arise and result in conflicts, they think that they are with the wrong person because they are at odds. It is unfortunate that some people think this way, because the truth is, conflicts and difficulties are a normal aspect of any relationship. Locking horns with a partner doesn’t mean that you are wrong for each other-it only means that the relationship is going on a deeper level and problems can actually teach a lot of valuable life lessons.

Sometimes it is easier to shut up and avoid having a fight with a partner than to say what one truly feels. But, looking the other way when we get hurt or don’t like what’s going on can actually be more detrimental in the end. Suppressed feelings of anger and hurt can fester and eventually cause resentments.

This, in turn, can cause friction between couples and more often than not, creates a bigger and deeper conflict when the feelings finally blow over. Speak up when you have to and learn to deal with your feelings right away-unless you want ill feelings to slowly work its way into your relationship and cause irreparable damage.

Being in a relationship and loving a person makes one a part of a whole-two people are united and become one in love. However, it is not right to cease being your own person when in a relationship. A couple is composed of two persons, and they are two individuals with their own hobbies, friends, wants, needs, ideas, dreams and ambitions.

When you love another, it is right to take part and try to love the things that matter to that person. Harmony is not achieved by being a clone of one’s partner—if he/she loves classical music, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw away your extensive CD collection of rock music! Harmony and lasting love is achieved by the meeting of both yours and your partners’ world, all the while enriching each other to become a better individual.

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