Keep it fresh with new date ideas

1If you’ve wooed your partner with a fantastic first date, you’re going to have to keep that creativity going to show them it wasn’t just a fluke that you chose such a fun activity. Or, perhaps you’re in a relationship that seems to be getting a bit stale. Many couples will often get stuck in the rut of doing the same thing every time they get together, and it can start to feel boring or suffocating even. Adding some spice to your love-life is important.

Fun and different activities to do as a couple

Whether you’re looking to impress a new person you’re dating, or put some excitement into a relationship that you’ve been in for a while, these fun date ideas are sure to please.

1. Volunteer
Use your time together to serve up food at your local soup kitchen. It will be a new experience and you’re helping your community at the same time.

2. Take a tour
Most cities have some sort of factory, whether it’s a brewery, a button factory or maybe a cookie factory. And – most factories offer free or low-cost tours. It’s like watching “How it’s Made” in person.

3. Be a tourist
If you’re like most people, there are tourist attractions in your very own city that you’ve never bothered to go see. Grab your camera and fanny pack and go see the sites in your own town.

4. Go to an arcade
Arcades are fun, but you’ve likely forgotten about them since you were just a young teen. Grab some tokens and take to some friendly competition in a computerized motorcycle race.

5. Batting cages or driving range
Both of these places can show off your skills (or lack thereof) but you’ll have fun doing your best. Make a friendly wager that the person who does the worst has to buy the ice cream afterwards.

6. Adrenaline junkies
If you’re both adventurous, try going bungee jumping or sky diving. The adrenaline rush will bring you guys closer together and you’ll have something to talk about for a long while after.

7. Have a picnic
It’s a simple idea that often gets overlooked. Take a packed lunch and go down to a nice park or find a lake where you can watch the ducks and enjoy the outdoors.

8. Theater
The theater allows you to get dressed up which is a fun element, and unlike a movie – you get an intermission which allows you to chat about what you’re seeing.

9. Karaoke bar
Break out in your favorite ballad together, and then sit back and pretend to be judges on a reality show. You’ll definitely have a few laughs.

10. Museum or art gallery
Going to an Art Gallery or Museum takes some of the pressure off of coming up with conversation, because you have so much to look at and comment on.

11. Watch a little league game
If you’re not close to a Major League sports team, don’t worry about it. Grab some coffee or ice cream and head down to the nearest park that holds little league games. You might be surprised at how much fun they are to watch.

12. Themed restaurants
Going out to dinner can get old, unless you go to a themed restaurant. There are many restaurants that include some type of show or audience interaction to add some spice to a normal dinner out.

13. Go to an art class
There are many one-hour classes that you can sign up for that don’t cost much. Try a ceramics or painting class. And you’ll have a souvenir you can bring home too.

14. Planetarium
It’s dark and cozy, and you can keep the romance going when you leave by finding a nice place in an open area to lay a blanket and try to find the stars you just learned about.

15. See a psychic
If you’re daring enough, find a local psychic and have your palms read or your fortunes told, then compare your future life paths.

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