How to Test if Your Lube is Latex-Safe?

How to Test if Your Lube is Latex-Safe?

Need to figure out if your lube is latex-safe? Can’t find any definitive informative that says your lube is latex-safe? Does the bottle say it is but you suspect otherwise?

1. Get out a condom and blow it up like a balloon. Warning: Pink condoms sort of look like boobs when blown up.

2. Put a dollop of lube on the condom balloon.

3. Wait…

Is it still the same size, or did it take a little while and then deflate in a matter of seconds?

If your condom balloon had a rapid deflation within a half and hour or so, your lube is not latex-safe. Never use a lube that will eat a hole through a condom when you’re using a condom for intercourse, be it vaginal, anal, or oral.

Even if it hasn’t eaten through it, be sure to check for any signs of change to the surface underneath the dollop. If the latex looks different when you wipe the lube away, don’t use that one with condoms.

January 3rd, 2015 by