Bad Dragon Cum Lube

Bad Dragon Cum Lube

As a nice little surprise with my last purchase of a cum tube-enabled Razor from Bad Dragon’s Adoptions Page, I also received a bottle of their Cum Lube. It’s a water-based lube that is specially formulated to be viscous and replicate the look and feel of real cum, only stickier and easier to obtain in quantity. It comes in either a clear or white-tinted formula, and in 250ml (8oz) bottles.


Water, polyethylene oxide, titanium dioxide, propylparaben, methylparaben

For more information, you can click on any of the green-colored ingredient text.

Unfortunately, EWG Cosmetics Database does not have any information on polyethylene oxide. Titanium dioxide is an opacifying agent, and gives this lube its opaque white color. EWG lists it as a 1-3, which classifies it as a moderate health hazard, depending on usage. Both propylparaben and methylparaben are listed as 5, meaning a moderate health hazard. They’re used as preservatives, but are also suspected to cause breast cancer, due to the fact that they mimic estrogen.

Those who are allergic to parabens, I strongly caution you to stay away from lubes with them in it, even if you don’t plan on ingesting them. Just using this lube vaginally made my body react in the same manner it would if I had taken an item with parabens in orally.

Texture / Consistency

This lube is very slick and really is fairly close to actual semen, and even my own vaginal fluid. It doesn’t feel sticky, but it does produce a spider web of strings, if you touch it and pull away. Below is my hand after I covered it in Cum Lube with my fingers together, then spread them.

This can make it a little difficult to prevent lube from stringing out and getting on other things, when trying to pull away from a toy or something. After a session with this in my Anthro Dragon Dildo, I made a bunch of strings, which wafted in the air and got on more of the sheets and floor than I had wanted to. Have towels/paper towels/toy wipes/whatever on hand right next to you after your session to avoid a mess.


I’ve had no issues with this lube drying out or getting tacky. It even holds up well in water. I figured I would just rinse the excess off of my hands. Wrong! It took some rubbing for about 10-15 seconds under running water to get it off.

Smell / Taste

There’s not smell at all. Even with my nose right up to it, I don’t smell anything.
Since I have allergies to parabens, I had my husband taste test this. He says it tastes like absolutely nothing, and has the consistency of the play slime you’d get in the quarter machines at the grocery store as a kid.


It’s best to use soap and water. Since it’s so viscous, it doesn’t just rinse or wipe off. Be careful about trailing strings of lube, too. I’ve had no issues with it staining. I had a huge mess on the bed after playtime, and it came right out in the wash. I did the laundry immediately after playtime, though.


This stuff is great, but my body just can’t handle the parabens. And aside from that, I’m just not too hip on the ingredients of this lube in general; too many moderate health hazard classifications from EWG. If Bad Dragon were to reformulate it to something more body-friendly, I wouldn’t mind trying another bottle. As it is right now, it’s great for vaginal penetration, and would also be great for anal, but those ingredients…

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