Stop your divorce after being unfaithful

DivorceIf you are a philanderer and your indiscretion is caught by your spouse then expect your life to turn into a living hell. Expect that you will be stripped down into nothingness in your own home, you will be mocked and scorned upon by the people in your society, you will be ousted like a criminal and there is a big possibility that your spouse will file for divorce, ending your marriage and leaving you with nothing.

The only good news in this living nightmare of yours is you can actually stop your divorce from happening. It’s going to be grueling and strenuous but you can stop your divorce after being unfaithful. If you want to stop your divorce you have to start from scratch. You have to build your partner’s trust and win the respect if you want to stop your divorce.

This can take a long time depending on the degree of hatred and remorse your partner feels for you but if you want to stop your divorce you have to endure it no matter how long it takes. To stop your divorce, you have to face yourself first before negotiating for reconsideration from your spouse.

What I mean is, before you begin with your tearful, down-on-bended-knee apology, you have to reflect first why you did what you did. Apologizing without really understanding why you did it makes you a faker. If you really want to set things right again, you have to face the facts from within you.

Know what triggered you to cheat- do you feel that there is something missing and lacking in your marriage and in your partner? Do you feel neglected and uncared for? Or you are just a plain “scumbag” that cannot stay put and behave like a decent person. Hear yourself out if want other people to hear you out.

Then commit to yourself that you will do the right thing. If you are done with your self- reflection and enlightenment moment, it’s time to face the music. Saying a sincere apology without promises is a good start on how to stop divorce. You have to remember that when you are caught cheating, your words have no weight or bearing anymore, your credibility and integrity no longer exists that’s why it’s futile for you to make any promises.

When you apologize you have to be human enough to admit your mistakes and the reason why you did it. Saying “I’m sorry I was unfaithful because I felt ___ and I am going to work this out, give me a chance to straighten things out. I’m not going to promise anything, I want to show it to you.” If the reason of your two-timing is your unstoppable compulsion then volunteer to have yourself treated in an institution otherwise find a relationship coach (ehem..) to clearly spell out some miscommunication in your marriage.

Showing perseverance and determination is another great way on how to stop divorce. This means no bickering or arguing when your spouse is guarding your every move 24/7. Relationship wise, you are now officially an “ex-convict” so it’s just understandable if your significant other acts like a parole officer that demands you check in every now and then and imposes a curfew and assigns certain places that you are prohibited for you to visit.

This can be tough but you only have yourself to blame. I hate to say this but sometimes people get what they deserve.

February 9th, 2017 by